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  1. There is no arguing they did not get enough production out of the corner OFers. That is a very different argument than suggesting letting Rosario go was a mistake. He was horrible last year. He clearly would have made the team worse. The players they put out there were all better but got injured yet somehow your conclusion is the FO made a mistake. That conclusion sounds like you developed an opinion when they let him go and then just ignored what actually happened.
  2. Rosario had a negative 1.1 WAR last year. How is it a problem they moved on from a guy who was one of the worst corner OFers in all of MLB?
  3. The better option is not necessarily another single player. The question is could they spread $300M to alternatives that yield greater production. Can they come up with a DJ LeMahieu who in 2019 produced more WAR for 1/3 of the money or another Nelson Cruz who produced more than double per dollar spent compared to Correa or can they extend a player like the Guardians did in Ramirez and get equivalent production for a $20M / AAV and not have the end of contract burden which almost always means very little production for a lot of money. Who will be better next year. Who knows? When you are at the very top of the pay scale there is a good chance someone produces the same for less but Correa is as good a bet as any. That’s not the real issue. If he gets a 9-year deal, who will be better for the last 5 years. History would suggest a lot of free agents will be better for less but the even better alternative is extending players like Ramirez, Acuna, and many others. That’s likely the much better investment.
  4. If it's true that there is considerable trade interest, why is everyone assuming they tendered him a contract because they want to keep him? Isn't it possible the trade interest has them believing they can get something back so they chose to tender him a contract rather than non-tendering him?
  5. This link has their payroll ... The amount being the same is not remotely relevant. $35M to the Dodgers and $35M to the Twins represents a very different percentage which is the issue. In this case, those players represented 20% and 18% respectively. Do you not understand this concept or did you just ignore it because it negates your argument? I would add that the Nationals incremental revenue would pay for both of those players. I would also add they are pitchers which is where I am advocating the money go.
  6. I agree they have enough money to sign him. That's not debatable. What's in question is the relative merit of a plan to spend 25% of the budget on one player. So, don't tell me they can afford it. Give me examples of teams that have spent 25% on one player and won. The fact is that teams just don't do this. Do you really think you understand this better than all the executives who refrain from this practice. The only way this would be feasible is if the team had a bunch of internally developed front line pitching which is not the case with us. Cleveland had a $70M payroll last year. They could easily afford a top free agent. Do you think they sign one. I bet a lot of their fans said they were doomed when they traded Lindor. Twins fans said we were sunk when we let Berrios go. What did he do last year? Texas could afford to sign to elite free agents. Did they win their division. The Angels signed a superstar free agent while already having arguably the best player of this generation. How many division titles did that get them? It takes 26 players to be successful and you are obsessing over one player. I will take Lewis at 720K and Rodon at $27M and $7M on a BP arm over Correa any day.
  7. We just don't agree. Other teams in similar revenue positions never spend this high a percentage on one player. Do you think all of those executives are incompetent? The one thing we can be absolutely certain about is they have to produce significantly greater value per dollar spent when compared to top revenue teams. That's not conceptual, it's an absolute certainty. High revenue team's operate on completely different principals because they can sign 3 or 4 elite free agents and have the twins budget left over for 22 instead of 26 players. They don't need value. They can spend the incremental without the need to get great value. Lots of people loathe the need to get value and that's the disconnect with the front office. Every FO of modest revenue teams understands that value is the driving force of bulding a successful team and many fans just accept this premise. Tell me how the Twins can spend the same amount per WAR as a team with 50 or 100% more revenue. Obviously, it's not possible. BTW ... If they don't win the division it will be because they did not draft and trade as well as Cleveland or Chicago. Exactly how many big names free agents does Cleveland have. I think fans are focus on the wrong elements of building in a winner.
  8. I hate the idea of spending $35M on a free agent when your top prospect and your second best prospect plays the same position., especially when it's SS because moving a player to 3B diminishes his value. I might sound like a broken record too but I will take Lewis or Lee at SS and spend the $35m on pitching. The answer is not they can afford a top pitcher and Correa because they also need a catcher and BP help and they might also need 1B. It just does not work to put almost half your payroll into two players. Even the Yankees who have literally double the revenue of the twins appear to be opting to wait on their SS prospect. Obviously, that could change but it sure looks like they are not in on any of the top SSs.
  9. How would the retention of a 3.7M player suggest a $20M increase in budget. Revenue determines budgets. Attendance was down. Did they get a bump in revenue from a source I am not aware of?
  10. It seems pretty simple. I really liked Urshella but they got a guy with more defensive flexibility and an extra year of control for $3M less plus a prospect. How can this be a bad move?
  11. The irony is there were a lot of people who did not like the trade that brought him to Minnesota. I remember some insisting that it was certain this stupid FO just made the team worse. The net of that trade is now Miranda vs Donaldson and $21M to spend this year plus a decent prospect and $16M next year or an $8M buyout. Absolutely fantastic trade in concert with the other moves that were made so perhaps we will need to wait and see what else transpires.
  12. I watched quite a bit of Miranda at 3B in St. Paul and I don't agree. Miranda was not great but he was what I would call perfectly adequate. I would also assume he is working on defense this off season. I guess we will find out who the Twins think has more potential at 3B but I would bet Miranda gets the majority of time there..
  13. Does this move mean they will pick-up a rule player? Not that it would be part of the reason to do it. Just curious.
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