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  1. For me it all depends on what is offered back in a trade. This team needs to developing pitching if we are ever going to seriously contend. That's not happening by the start of next season. 2022 is a long shot even with good free agent signings. Buxton has to play the way he has this year and stay healthy. Donaldson has to play better and stay healthy. They need to do something at SS. Replace 3 SPs and rebuild the BP. Sano needs to get his act together and I can't see them bringing back Cruz. That money would have to be allocated to pitching. That's not a situation that is likely to
  2. How has Miranda done defensively this year? Fangraphs rate his fielding below average. I just got Milb TV so I can see these things for myself but I have not seen him play yet. He is going to have a nice move up prospect boards especially if his defense has improved.
  3. Josh Winder looks the most ready to me. Perhaps they give him an audition. It seems from the chatter Barnes could get a shot too. I have watched a couple of his starts and his stuff does not look like it will play at the MLB level but I would love to be wrong.
  4. The Mets would be a better trade partner unless St. Louis was willing to give up Liberatore. I doubt they would. He seems to be close to major league ready. A prospect like him would make me feel quite good about are chances to rebuild/retool and get into serious contention soon.
  5. 3 of our 4 top SP prospects out really sucks! The development of these 3 is a big factor in "re-tooling" our roster.
  6. Why should one company have to give revenue to a competitor so that competitors employees can get get paid more? How is that even remotely fair to the large market teams. Why is it so hard for you to understand this is a business? Why don't the highest paid players share their income with lower paid players? That makes about as much sense. Player compensation has risen at an incredible rate for 50+ years. Things are just fine as is. Raise 1st year salary to 800K, 2nd year to 900K and 3rd year to $1M. Leave the rest the way it is or perhaps make the 3rd year arbitration eligible. I don
  7. What they do with service time is going to be very interesting. The big market teams might not mind from a competitive standpoint but revenue from gate sharing is going to be hurt if parity gets worse. Oakland and Tampa have managed to field competitive teams but the rest of the league is putting more value on prospects. I would think the small market teams would absolutely dig in there heals on keeping something close to what we have now. If those teams lost a year of service it's going to be even harder for them to compete. In our case, Buxton and Berrios would be gone next year.
  8. His contract has bonuses for innings and starts which make the $9M very probable unless he is injured a significant portion of the year. When forecasting the proper methodology is the most likely number.
  9. I could see them moving him up after the deadline if by some miracle they trade Donaldson. I am assuming he would not start the season at the MLB level. That said hopefully the undertone of this is my hope came through. A man can dream.
  10. I like it but there is one other thing I would love to see. That's Miranda here early in 2022 to take over 3B. He hit two more HRS today and his OPS is now 948. I am really cheering for this guy to continue his current success and get even better. He looks like the Twins minor league break-out player of 2021. That would be a real boost. It would great if Gordon continues to push him for that honor and DeLa Trinidad is all the sudden a hitting machine too. He is batting .328 with a 946 OPS. We could also have a fantastic bench with great flexibility next year. If Miranda did take o
  11. The best trade they did was Odorizzi for Polacios, Especially given they resigned Polacios and he is doing well. You could argue the Maeda trade was their best trade but that one could still go the way of great for us or bad for us. The one with the most upside is probably Duran given he was traded for a rental but it's also possible he could bust. Of course, they got DeLa Trinidad in that deal. He has not looked like much until this year but he is hitting 319. We also did not give up much for Valimont or Rijo. They may not ever see the big leagues but those trades could also be very po
  12. It's probably about 100 days too early. The relative progress in developing starting pitching and BP options for that matter are likely to weigh heavily into how much the spend and what they spend it on. Next year is sunk IMO if they don't develop two SPs that can be mid rotation types or better and they will need to be relied on next year. I don't consider Dobnak to be a reliable option to even fill a spot but he certainly could become a decent back of the rotation option. If they don't develop two SPs this year I think they have to hope Maeda bounces back and they land an free agent
  13. I have been thinking about that too. Just let Cave go. I don't expect Refsnyder to continue to play at the level he has played but I still like him. I thought he was better than Cave or Wade in CF and he has position flexibility. Garlick is the one that is tough. Maybe they find a trade partner but I am torn because he fits well with our LH corner OFers. If they could get a good return for Kepler that might be ideal.
  14. We as fans tend to look for the perfect solution in the moment. This is a lost year. What really matters is managing assets and roster construction for 2022 and beyond. A 3rd catching option means squat in the grand scheme. They also don't know exactly who they can trade. So, there are a number of players who will be on the roster for the sake of auditioning them for other teams as well as our own team.
  15. No way they are giving up on Sano. Its a lost year. They are not flushing that money. Plus, stranger things have happened than Sano finding his 2019 form.
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