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  1. Of course, not entirely true: there were those wacky games with the White Sox and Tigers earlier on.
  2. When I read through the thread, it seems I missed a lot of hair-pulling garbage, too.
  3. Tuned in for the bottom of the 10th with some optimism. I’ll take some credit!
  4. I’ll just add that Tony-O gave a plug for Luis Tiant going to the Hall of Fame. That went over very well with the Red Sox fans who far outnumbered us. Most wore number 34 jerseys, so it was cool that Ortiz noted that he wore number 34 as a tribute to Kirby Puckett! (I was never sure if that was true, and now I heard confirmation of it live).
  5. I was much more sympathetic when I learned that Stanton was from the LA area and went to Dodger games as a kid. And the FOX broadcasters stopped to interview Buxton after the game as a sort of consolation prize.
  6. Broadcast said 4th Twin to hit an All-Star homer: Is it Killer, Puck, Dozier, and Buck, yes?
  7. My exposure to live Twins games was limited to sometimes picking up Herb on static-filled WCCO after 11 P.M. in New Jersey (just in time to hear the bullpen blow a game it would seem), frequent losses to the Yankees (even in those days), and the NBC Game of the Week. NBC showed the Twins fairly often in the 1970s. I also felt that Tony Kubek kinda liked the Twins (or maybe he just liked some of the players, many of whom were really good guys).
  8. Just got home from work to this pleasant news. Hope you all had a good time.
  9. Thanks for the company, everyone. Life can be brutal here in New York.
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