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  1. Yes, I know there’s some nostalgia associated with the baby blues (the young Hrbie and Kirby, etc.) but, overall, there are too many really bad, sad memories that come along with them. Someone once listed them all in a previous thread.
  2. Those grays were really short-lived, I believe. I think the Twins switched to baby blues on the road, and white pajama style at home.
  3. Wait, I was agreeing with you all the way until you insulted the old “Twins” script. I love it. For some reason, I always picture Jim Perry in that uniform.
  4. I know we are not supposed to link to stories with a paywall, so I’ll just say that The Athletic has a story today about what a good acquisition J.A. Happ was for the Cardinals. Can you believe it?
  5. I was wondering who was so honest when I tuned in mid-game.
  6. The mediocre Twins of the 1970s were pretty bad against the mediocre Yankees of the early 1970s. I went (as a Twins fan in the New York area) to some doubleheaders where the Twins would lose both games.
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