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  1. I was really excited about Simmons’s arrival and loved the prospect of enjoying an elite defensive shortstop out there. So yeah, it’s been a disappointment. I still have some hope things will turn around before he’s gone.
  2. Or, you could be like me and turn it off after 3 hours and before the 10 minutes...
  3. Definitely have been missing your regular presence, Chief.
  4. Sometimes I really like to face the lights-out reliever because I know the odds have to change at some point. Witness Jason Kubel’s grand slam against Mariano Rivera.
  5. I went to sleep in the 8th. Reminds me of the time I went to sleep in the 10th on the day the rookie Kent Hrbek made his major league debut at Yankee Stadium. It’s okay. I’ll take it!
  6. Yeah, but I really liked Mauch as a manager. I thought he brought some outside professionalism and class to the organization. He did well with Carew, too, who stopped being a “moody” player and really reached his potential.
  7. I think because Ford was talented, but his head wasn’t always in the game. He famously let the runner behind him pass him in touching the plate, and the run was lost. And Mauch was the manager, so you can imagine how that went over.
  8. Griffith would let anybody over salary. And I think Lyman had Scott Boras or someone similar as an agent.
  9. Disco # 15 Hisle #9 Rodney #29, of course Bostock # 10 Landreaux I dunno; 31 game hit streak
  10. That guy killed us. I know it was a long time ago, but…
  11. I’m in New York and not ready to say that, but it’s not just Trevor May: there’s an inordinately large number of Twins who have been Mets (and vice versa) over the years. It makes for a great trivia question.
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