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  1. Can't be worse than the # 5 back of the rotation types that they've been running out there since, basically, the advent of the 5 man rotation....
  2. I have pretty much the same response to trading Berrios, Rogers or Buxton. Trading any of them immediately puts you in the position of needing to find a similar level replacement. Something we do not have in the pipeline any time soon.
  3. If the offer does not include TWO of those top three it's not a godfather offer and no further discussion is needed.
  4. You don't get better when your best players a playing for other teams.
  5. 4 years removed from being sellers in 2017 and not a single player acquired is currently making a big league contribution. Sold in 2018 and the only player acquired currently making a big league contribution has a NEGATIVE WAR.
  6. Berrios IS our best pitcher. If you trade your best player and you get better, he wasn't your best player.
  7. You don't get better when your best players are playing for other teams.
  8. This is what happens when you don't give up on a talented player too soon---David Ortiz.
  9. It's almost like the guy who kept this type of thing from happening for the last half decade will be in the other dugout tomorrow night.
  10. He had BETTER be the savior. Or SOMEONE had better be. If not, it's going to look a lot like something is missing with the year's group. Something that can't be measured. Heart. Miles and miles of heart. Almost as if someone whose value to the team could never be measured in measurable things is no longer here. Someone in another comment mentioned that we need a spark. If only we some guy who for half a decade always seemed to be around to provide that spark when we most needed it were here to provide it.
  11. If he'd hit in the spring he might be here. Expecting a kid who doesn't hit in the spring to make the big league club in April is ridiculous.
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