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  1. I said a year ago that they should have moved on Gabriel Moreno instead of this guy. That being said, and with no seasoned help on the farm, I only move Vasquez if I can bring back a Moreno type of ready to plug and play guy.
  2. I was pounding the table to take a shot at Senzel at the deadline given the versatility you mentioned as well as the fact that he had an OPS over a thousand against lefties in 2023.
  3. Not even sure that your best (maybe only legitimate) CF prospect should even be considered a dark horse. It's a different world now but when the team brought up a young CF in May of 1984 most Twins fans had never even heard of him. THAT was a dark horse. And played out pretty well.
  4. I'm just happy to see Martin finally making it look like there might be a return on the Berrios trade.
  5. My biggest concern is that Julien / Wallner / Varland don't take the Miranda / Larnach or even, to a certain extent, Kiriloff route.
  6. There is absolutely value there. Just a matter of finding it. If everyone could do that we'd have 30 teams winning the World Series each year.
  7. Folks on this and other sites have been moving on from these two for years. I guarantee that at least one of them, and likely both will be around for 2024. It's great to have guys poised to replace other guys. Even better when those guys don't perform like Larnach and Miranda. The risk of moving both of them will not be something this FO will take. And rightfully so.
  8. Big difference between having a plan to replace that revenue and actually having someone to stroke that check. Until someone does all bets are off.
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