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  1. You're right about the "fun" thing. 29 teams are NOT gonna win the World Series every year. Those teams had better be fun and entertaining to watch or you get what we got this year.. P.S. How "Twins" is it that Twins Daily named a pitcher who is no longer a Twin as our Pitcher of the Year. Ouch.
  2. So Eddie's WAR 1.1 Now look at Kirillog, Larnach, Garlick, Refsnyder, Celestino & Cave. Could very easily have kept their leading run producer from each of the three prior seasons. I even remember a time when management would have been ridiculed for allowing that kind of production to leave rather than pony up for $8-$10 million. Could have kept Eddie. Brought up Kiriloff whenever they thought was best to game the system and divided OF starts between, Eddie, Buck, Kep and Kiriloff with someone getting a start at DH every week to 10 days. Second most plate appearances by an OF in 2021 was Larnach at 301. Would have been plenty of ABs to go around. When those injuries come you throw Larnach into the mix and never have to lay eyes on a guy like Cave again. You don't get better when your good players are playing for other teams. And I haven't even mentioned the one thing Eddie has always brought to the party that can't be measured -- HEART. Which, let's be honest, outside of half a season from Polanco, NOBODY on this team had this year.
  3. Twins have a long history of getting guys to the big leagues and deciding they need to play a different position. Often making a less than spectacular choice. Danny Santana came up as a SS and they promptly decided he was an OF. Affected his bat and he was never the same player. Eddie Rosario was a 2B playing OF. Remember when they tried to make a certain slugging IF an OF? Oops. Luis Arraez is basically a singles hitting DH that they've tried to shoehorn into a number of defensive positions. Leave Lewis at SS
  4. "stat" guys can't measure heart
  5. "great in the clutch." Still waiting for the advanced analytic that measures that.
  6. If they offer ENOUGH money he'll stay. If he doesn't stay, it will because they didn't offer ENOUGH money. Same as with Berrios.
  7. And the Twins will still lack heart next season.
  8. Suppose they're not thinking about Eddie's 4th hit tonight being a walk off either.....
  9. C'mon man. You're completely forgetting Cave, Refsnyder & Garlick. Said the day the moved on from Eddie that they would miss his heart, something you can't measure and doesn't show up in the box score or any analytic. If this team did one thing this year, it was play without heart. Jorge Polanco being the one exception.
  10. Not a single name in this article better than Jose Berrios. And I know, I know he wasn't resigning here. Question we have to ask is WHY? The answer is simple. We didn't blow him away with the money. Sadly, we most likely won't with the other fellas in this article either. And I'm OK with that. IF a couple of the kids on the farm are ready to perform at a Berrios like level. Any chance of that?
  11. Trevor Story. Sign him to a 1 year prove himself deal and hand off to Royce Lewis in 2023. Even advocated trading for him at the deadline. Of course folks thought I was crazy. Sometimes you gotta zig when everyone else zags.
  12. Remember that if the arms we've accumulated on the farm are as good and as close as we've been lead to believe, every veteran brought in via free agency and / or trade is blocking one of them.......
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