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  1. What stands out to me is that he'd better have a great big league career or it was another failed trade.
  2. PROOF is a scientific fact. You have none. Just your opinion. Which you're welcome to. Doesn't PROVE anything.
  3. Should never have left their old team. There was no adequate PROVEN replacement. I'm not terribly interested in what your uninterested in pursuing.
  4. Would have been plenty of ABs for Eddie & Cruz. What they did elsewhere is not necessary an indicator of what either would have done here. But, hey, If you're good with Kiriloff & Larnach on the 60 day and Cave hitting .224 and Contreras hitting .111 who am I to argue?
  5. There has yet to be a metric developed that measures heart. If there was one, this regime would not have moved on from guys like Eddie Rosario, Nelson Cruz and, soon, Carlos Correa.
  6. Not quite sure how this year PROVED that rest days don't help prevent injuries......
  7. This team has a "no heart" policy. Rosario had to go. Nelson Cruz shortly thereafter. Carols Correa's pretty much the only guy with heart this year. We'll do whatever it takes to ensure his departure.
  8. Cute article but the players will NEVER agree to a cap.
  9. If he played 90% of the games that contract would be $250 million and he'd have a different address.
  10. Just glanced at the sentence about Larnach & Kiriloff being hopefully fully healthy and didn't see the word "hopefully" at first. Thought: That's funny **** right there. Then I saw the word "hopefully" and then I remembered that "hope is not a strategy"......
  11. Lots of guys come back from TJS as starters. Would have been worth the shot. Not like we were flush with dominant SP while he was here.
  12. Um, mostly the fact that you listed them all as guys who expected to be starters ahead of him and if that's the expectation, innings go with it.
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