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  1. Wait. A .350 batting average is not sustainable? Wow. And the sky is blue and the grass green.
  2. Why give up something to get the same player you already have? Except Bell's NOT the same player. The difference is not huge but the edge does go to Sano. The only edge that Bell has is that, as of today, he's healthier.
  3. I don't think "figuring out how to stay on the field" is something that a ball player has control over. Either you do or you don't. Not really something that can be controlled. Guy can be totally healthy all season and still get hurt at any point. I do like the possibility of playing him less earlier in the season and more later, hopefully in the post-season.
  4. Not paying for past production. Paying for future production. If he plays 700 games over those 7 years, $100 Million is a steal.
  5. If only there were a way to keep his bat in the big league lineup without having to worry about him learning a new position in the middle of the season at the big league level. Difficult I suppose with Nelson Cruz entrenched in the DH spot.
  6. everybody wants change but nobody wants change......
  7. Suggesting Donaldson for Price only works if the Dodgers are interested in such. Guessing they'd not have been.
  8. Actually the organizational philosophy change occurred when Ryan took over for the second time but few of the players manifested it at the big league level until after he was gone.
  9. Ryan's second stint signaled the change in philosophy from "pitch to contact" and hit to the opposite field to power pitching and hitting. Most of the results of those changes came after his departure.
  10. The only Twin who I stop whatever else I might be doing when he's at the plate since 3.
  11. "to succeed with his stuff he would have to pitch very well with good command and also not get rattled if there are misplays or cheap hits" would seem to apply to every pitcher. Some do, some don't, some will, some won't. Nobody will every time out.
  12. You know you're posting this comment on a "fluff" website right? The nice thing about power rankings is that they mean absolutely nothing. You want something to make you feel good about your team? Watch them play. Power rankings will be sorted out in October.
  13. The Twins are always rich in potential something. You can't make soup out of potential.
  14. Coulombe has one fewer appearance and 2/3 fewer IP than Duffey & Pagan. Maybe I'm thinking of a different meaning of "invisible"?
  15. Don't know but I'm willing to bet that such a move will be fairly quickly followed by the team falling out of contention. The good news is that we DO have a guy with an .059 BA guy waiting in the wings. Of course he's only played five games since July 19.
  16. If they preferred Sisco more I'd have thought they'd have brought him up. More likely that it becomes a 4 man OF than Kepler becoming 4th OF.
  17. So the cavalry consists of a SS who might take half a decade to become as good as the current guy, a 3B who might be as good as the current guy, or might not, and a guy who along with Arraez will give us two no power no glove guys. Trying to be positive here but struggling to do so.
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