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  1. Sure we don't know what Royce Lewis is. But we also don't wait for him for 4 years and then move him before we find out.
  2. They beat him like he stole something in this deal. Maybe. Most guys who sign a long term extension play out like Mauer and Pujols. They outproduce their contracts prior to hitting free agency. For the most part they earn their money during the first part of their long term extensions and on the back half of those contracts they are an albatross on the back of the team. Buxton's gonna be a little different. Essentially, for the next seven years his pay is likely to mirror his production. We should be lauding Falvine on this one. And yet, Buxton has the potential to make $23.5 million in any given year. If he does in any year, everyone wins.
  3. Turns out Semien will become a 2B in a couple hours not seasons.
  4. I'm hearing there are PA bonuses too starting at half a million for 502 and going up in half million increments topping out at $2.5 million for 625 PA
  5. Electronic strike zone would be the point at which I would STOP watching the game. Look at the box they show on television that purports to be the strike zone and then look at the rules defining the strike zone. Not even close.
  6. He's not making any contract demands. He's simply willing to take the best offer made to him. Sadly, the local nine appears unlikely to be the team that will make that offer.
  7. Sadly, we're going to be sitting here 15 months from now and Buxton will be elsewhere and he and Berrios will have signed new deals elsewhere for a combined amount less than Carlos Corea will be playing for and we'll be "hoping" for prospects to pan out.
  8. What's sad is that we could have probably signed both Buxton & Berrios for less than Carlos Correa's gonna get.
  9. Time will tell if you're wrong or not. Not all prospects pan out. This past season we were 3 and 4 years out from having been sellers in 2017 & 2018. The only asset acquired in all those deals who even sniffed contributing this year was Gilberto Celestino and his contribution consisted of a negative WAR.
  10. Please note the word "top." "Top" free agents are getting contracts that start with the numbers 2 or 3 or even 4. $100 Million may not be inconsequential but it's not "Top."
  11. Don't recall saying anything about Simmons rebounding to any major league average. Just don't think Goodrum is going to give you anything that's going to elevate the play of the team.
  12. Really don't need a case against this team signing the top free agents. Just need to deal in reality. This team will never sign top free agents. The hope is that they just re-sign their OWN top free agents. Sadly, that's starting to look like a pipe dream as well.
  13. Highly unlikely to get more production from Goodrum than from Simmons.
  14. Since the Tigers just did the opposite of that that would seem unlikely. Minor League deal maybe. And the Tigers are a team looking to take the next step. Shouldn't we be doing the same?
  15. Then put Gordon as SS for the first half of 2022, or resign Simmons (far more likely to bounce back offensively than Goodrum is to suddenly become Derek Jeter) push your cards to the middle of the table and call it good.
  16. He's a career .230 hitter. Not sure what world that is average in. And, no I have no evidence that $800k is a bad contract for a 4th OF I DO, however, have a firm belief that having a .230 hitter as a 4th OF (or anywhere else you choose to put him.) is a recipe for another disappointing season in 2022.
  17. Not sure that bringing in a career .230 whose presence would mostly serve to block guys like Lewis, Martin, Gordon and maybe even Cavaco, Soularie & Steer would accomplish.
  18. Braves and Astros thrived with below average catching because they had World Series caliber teams surrounding them. Not sure that applies here.
  19. You don't get the angst?? Here, let me clear it up for you: Jake Cave.
  20. I question whether your bank account could handle the needed number of drinks.
  21. If they trade Buxton for prospects one of those prospects better be ready to play CF cuz I damn sure don't want to see cave (or Garlick or Refsnyder) playing there and I don't see any of our current other options (possible exception being Celestino taking a step forward) as being ready.
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