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  1. More than likely, and hopefully, this move has been in the works for a while now. The "effective immediately" is surprising. No matter what anyone thinks of Jim Pohlad, I'm sure no one would want it to be health related. In my opinion, I'd want Joe Pohlad to be more involved than his uncle seemed to be, more interested in the success of the team, and in more touch with the fan base. Yes, it's a business for them, and their family is in it to make a profit, but we're a long way from our two WS titles. I'd want him...to WANT to win. I guess in general...be as much a fan of the Twins and MLB baseball, as he is an owner. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Ok...but does he have control of the double zip-loc bag with all the cash, and is he willing to spend any of it?
  3. Once again...I apologize for posting the incorrect info yesterday. All the reports I saw said Johan, not Jair.
  4. Interesting...everything I'm seeing still says Johan Camargo. CBS Sports, various MLB sites, etc. Nobody has changed it yet.
  5. The report I saw said Johan Camargo, so if it turns out to be Jair Camargo, I stand corrected and apologize for posting the wrong info.
  6. A minor league deal. No specifics yet. Plays mostly SS and 3B, but has also played 2B and OF. Good utility type guy. Had a big year for Atl back in 2018. Was with Philly last year. Only 28 years old.
  7. CRF


    Is going to the White Sox. He isn't a top end starter any more, but he's a good back of the rotation guy. A decent move by the pale hose.
  8. The floor? The floor is what someone is going to be picking me up from, if we actually do sign one or more of these FA's out there...including CC.
  9. I'd just like to see him healthy and put the wrist issues in the rear view mirror once and for all. He has talent, it would be great to see it on display with the big league club.
  10. I think he'll be ok. He won't be as good as Gio was last season, but he'll be serviceable. I'm assuming that he'll really work on his fielding, footwork, and throws to 1st. He'll improve as time goes on. I'm almost more concerned with his hitting. Will that at least be on the same level as this past season? Or will he regress at all? He was definitely slumping at the end of the season, and struggling with the low outside stuff. Can he adjust and hold his own at the plate?
  11. It's all about the moolah. It has nothing to do with Baldelli.
  12. I definitely could live with Swanson...he's a damn good SS and swings a pretty good stick too, but I'd be shocked if Atl lets him get away. There's a lot of time before ST, so it might be a while before stuff starts to happen.
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