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  1. This guy HAS to be the closer. Sure, he's somewhat raw and he'll have some hiccups and blown saves along the way, but you can't teach what he's got. In the big picture, he's the one.
  2. If someone could just go yard, we'd be right back in this thing!
  3. Ober comes off the IL...pitches great for the most part...and takes it up the you-know-what because his manager decides to brain fart his way through the entire game process today. Thanks Rocco!
  4. Have a holly jolly Christmas...or whatever the hell they've got going on there.
  5. Ober is pitching a nice game, and it looks like he's done now, but I hope not getting some runs for him in that 1st inning doesn't come back to haunt us. We need to get the "B" team on the board somehow.
  6. These damn GIDP's have got to stop! Kep cues one to 3rd and the guy doubles us up again!
  7. Must be some kind of minor epidemic...yesterday it was Winder to the IL with a right shoulder impingement. Today it's Stashak with the same thing. Maybe they can infect Bundy or Archer with it next!
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