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  1. I wish him all the best, but I will miss him! Class act guy from day one!!!!
  2. 68 here and once warmed up (provided my pitches get to the plate), HELL yes "sit down Sano".
  3. With Buxtons inability to stay on the field (as exciting as he can be) I would NOT build a team around him.
  4. Well, so many things that I hate to the new rules and this is a minor one. I HATE 7 inning "ball games...as much as I HATE, putting a runner on 2nd base in the extra innings. I'm losing my love for baseball, simply go back to what it was in 2019. But, Rocco should have known.
  5. I'm on my last year of MLBTV.com, as Twins games are blacked out. I will watch some after they are over, but WHY can I watch it live on YouTube free today??? If, baseball ever wants to reach a bigger fan base, give up the "have to pay to watch". And fer God's sake get the games back to less than 3 hours!!!
  6. Haven't been here much this season, just glad to see the humor hasn't changed
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