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  1. Well, I doubt if we would've chalked up a win with my old arm LOL
  2. Sat with a bunch of school aged girls behind us. Boy, do they love Kepler and my ears are still ringing from their screams for him. Great day to see the Twins win!!!!
  3. Just got home from a Twins Win!. I told my Son I'd break the losing streak! Good game and survived that lead off double in the 9th. Phew!!!
  4. GREAT OPENING GAME POST!!! And glad I read above an eight-grade level in reading .
  5. He appears on the Garage Logic Podcast regularly and I find him and that show well worth a listen. That podcast is a "child" of the Kstp sports talk.
  6. The game is on YouTube for all us non-cable types!!!
  7. Kinda early to celebrate a Twins win, right??? LOL LOL LOL
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