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  1. Just say goodbye to this "product" that is way overpriced for the Twins. Let alone as to this "products" drop-off, at the end of a long contract.
  2. 1987 Twins had heart, fire, and desire. The 2022 Twins appear to lack a bit of all three of those.
  3. I'm listening to Rocco's presser, he sounds beaten and not being avoiding any "blame" or reasons for pulling players and "not talking to the batters" re: the opposition pitchers domination! WOW! Just WOW!
  4. And if one loses the no hitter in the 9th, to the best, current hitter in the Major Leaugues...no reason to feel bad.
  5. I was 9 when Twins came here and now at 69, watching that bush league move by pitching Gordon, to breakup/delay/chill their pitcher, probably the most embarrassing move by my team since 60 years ago.
  6. I think Rocco was playing to prevent a no-hitter with an embarrassing delay move......that is not Twins baseball! EMBARRASSING!!!
  7. I'm with you until the last thing about the Rogers trade. I think that trade was fine.
  8. No heart and no fire in the Twins bellies....sad.
  9. I never had to pick a team as I was 8yrs. old when the Twins arrived here. MLB baseball was regularly on TV and it was our sport. Football and basketball were secondary to baseball. It was exciting to have MLB in Minnesota and my Dad took me to many games at Metropolitan Stadium. I have been a Twins fan from day one and always will be. Ohh and your "football" our soccer wasn't in sight back then.
  10. No, as it is Noon to some somewhere. And "morning" to some somewhere.
  11. Hopefully those trades will make Correa more likely to stay. We HAVE to win this one Twins, do it!
  12. It will soon be Sano Who, he's done being a Twin. So much potential talent that never came to be.
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