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  1. I feel like this doesn't get talked about enough. I've seen him use the skip throw a lot when trying to make a tough/close play. Agree with everything you said, I think it also allows him to give a little extra "mustard" on the throw while staying relatively controlled when he has to throw off-balance. It's really fun to watch and I don't see it being used that often from other shortstops around the league (don't watch a lot of baseball outside of the Twins so maybe others do use it).
  2. Varland, Julien, Garlick, and Wallner all played in the first yankee series, while Stanton and judge did as well. We were just as banged up, if not more. Last place in the AL east is at least 2nd place everywhere else. Not even sure how to address your point about the weather. You seem determined to discredit the Twins while giving every other team the benefit of the doubt (see point about weather above), so I’ll concede.
  3. Cleveland is beatable, Cubs are fading quick, Angels are inconsistent, Giants aren't that good, we've already won the first series against Houston. Sure we could realistically lose all these series, but is it crazy to say we could win all of these series as well? With our rotation I like our chances vs. anyone.
  4. I was also at the Heights last night! Awesome to be able to see that movie with the full theater experience
  5. Not able to watch or listen to the game, just have the play by play pulled up at my desk. Is there a reason Gray left after 5? I see he only threw 78 pitches
  6. Solano hitting 3rd? Understand the logic, tough to swallow. Willi Castro bless your heart, but I cannot wait for Kiriloff/Polanco to get healthy. That being said, 4 wins a week will get us 100 so can't be too upset with our start. Played 2 really good starters. Having to play 4 bench players two days in a row is a little worrisome, maybe we start emphasizing stealing/small ball to manufacture more runs with our weak lineup?
  7. To your point about taking Lopez out early, I'm wondering if the off day today had something to do with it. Seemed like we dipped into the bullpen earlier knowing that the arms we used would have a built in day of rest. As for the rest of it, I'm with ya. Would like to see us try to manufacture more runs this year, play more small ball.
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