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  1. His injury was in no way comparable to being "impaled by a forklift" on the job. He injured himself. The injury was sustained in the course of celebrating. And it was after the game.
  2. Crushing news for Lewis. A terrible break for such a promising young talent. Very sad to see this news.
  3. Polanco is perhaps THE Twins player in recent years who remains on the field, quietly playing through injuries. It would not be surprising to learn after the fact that he is trying to stay on the job with a bad ankle. He has made some sparkling defensive plays at second and earlier in the season he had some clutch hits. I respect Polanco and I think this article underestimates him and his value to the team.
  4. Funny! A good fan base roots for the team and also should feel it's ok to question things. It's understandable Twins fans are a little sensitive given the playoff history of local teams at this point. But yes, the level of vitriol is high (society-wide, not just baseball).
  5. One thing to add to the discussion: I have loved reading that the club this year enjoys playing together, that they are meshing. My impression is that the vibe and energy changed when Donaldson left and Correa arrived in the clubhouse. Sanchez was the price we paid, but it's no surprise - Yankee fans couldn't stomach his poor defense or his strike outs (before Sano's injury, I winced when I saw lineups with both Sanchez and Sano). Urshela has made some great defensive plays. Overall, I'm just excited to see the young talent emerging - Royce Lewis looks really sharp right off the bat.
  6. Rocco Baldelli, the Twins manager, put these words by his name: "George Floyd should be breathing right now. We have a lot of progress to make. A lot. Remember his name. Remember what happened." Good for him. I personally don't think any arena of life, including sports which is so deeply shaped by race -- gets to declare immunity from involvement when the society is in such distress. I am glad the manager weighed in and hope that readers of this column who are complaining here about what they see as the "politicization" of sports appreciate that he is speaking out of a sense of our common humanity (not tribal politics). That's where our attention needs to be.
  7. Thank you Nick, for writing on this subject. The history of sports is inalienable from the history of politics and race. With regard to this moment, basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabar explained in the LA Times: "African Americans have been living in a burning building for many years, choking on the smoke as the flames burn closer and closer. Racism in America is like dust in the air. It seems invisible — even if you’re choking on it — until you let the sun in.”' Athletes and sports writers who are helping to let the sun in deserve respect, not condemnation.
  8. Looking ahead to the post season, the Yankees SP rotation looks like it could include Cole, Severino, Paxton, Tanaka, and German. To be competitive at that level this year, we need more depth in the rotation. Could we make up some of that ground if a younger pitcher really comes into his own? Sure. But it would be nice to also have another tried and true starter. It will be a fun season with our offense, regardless.
  9. Can't wait for this upcoming season. What an offense! And while this signing doesn't address the need for SP, it gives fans hope because the FO is spending more competitively.
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