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  1. Arraez may not be in the same category as Albies, Acuna, et al, but he is in a highly desirable category of his own. He won the dang batting title and he's a fighter at the plate with some truly remarkable at bats. He did just fine at first base. He worked hard last off season to get stronger. His work ethic is outstanding and he's well liked by his teammates. He's not a conventional ball player, but he's a special player - in the best sense.
  2. Tough to watch -- when your team is one run down and it feels like an impossible hill to climb.
  3. Demoralizing. Leaving Gordon in there to get pounded made it all feel worse.
  4. A few games back, I thought, maybe - just maybe - the Twins are getting hot. But the air appeared to go out of the balloon quickly, when Correa hit into the double play in the 9th inning in what became a loss to the Red Sox. And now here we are...
  5. The last couple of games the Twins have made a game of it - exciting to watch and fun to root for. The trades for pitchers raised the quality of the staff and are really important to the psychology of the game -- the Twins batters feel the pitching staff is in this thing with them. Wish the call had gone their way today, but this can fire up and unite the team. It sure fired up Rocco, and I'm sure the players felt supported by him, too.
  6. I guess they see something in the analytics for Pagan, but the eye test says otherwise. So does the score. And every game when the starter is pulled early (which is literally just about every game), I feel a sense of existential threat when it could be Pagan time. It diminishes a bit when we're leading by seven runs or more.
  7. Such a promising talent. Best wishes to him and for his full recovery.
  8. We got some new bullpen arms, so it was pretty sad to turn the game on in time to see Sonny exit in the 6th and watch runs score against Pagan and Duffey. I know the offense needs to find some consistency, but wish the management would change up their pitching strategy.
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