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  1. Here's a different question. My recall is that the Twins are consistently above the MLB norm in player days on the injured list. If the data of the last three years support that, then what are the Twins NOT doing in terms of conditioning that needs be addressed pronto?
  2. Bundy at 57 pitches through four. That's 100 through 7 if this pace continues.
  3. Right now, the third-best team in the American League is unquestionably, and stunningly, the Baltimore Orioles. They have a better chance of severing a Yankees-Astros ALCS matchup than anyone.
  4. Not sure I agree with the order, but the top six in tonight's lineup have the ability to generate some big innings offensively. Good to see Correa's HR tonight and Arraez's bat returning to scorching productivity over the last week.
  5. Shutout wins tonight for the Twins, Guardians and White Sox. Mahle, Urshela, Miranda and Duran were all fantastic tonight.
  6. Injuries have been a Twins problem for several years. If they're consistently above the MLB team average of player days on the disabled list (for which confirmation or refutation is appreciated), some fundamental changes to conditioning strategy are essential.
  7. Several people jumped on me yesterday for suggesting Correa merited a day off. Now I see several people trying to explain that Correa is a bust, which if true suggests that a day off might actually help both him and the Twins. Is it worth this much emotion to see-saw wildly about our vicarious connection to a baseball team, or its players, or their salaries? Or their launch angles? Or their BABIP aberrations? Some folks apparently need the Twins to "succeed" to make their lives mean something, but if that success comes up short of an American League pennant then it's "not successful enough". It's baseball. A game.
  8. Both got the opportunity at the plate to start the 9th and the tying run came across. Buxton is evidently far from 100%, and this was Correa's first off day since the All-Star break. Robots they are not.
  9. Outstanding effort by Cole Sands today to keep the Twins in the game while much of the pen got needed rest. "Spahn and Sain" in Chavez Ravine Tuesday and Wednesday, I reckon. Let's hope they can each go at least 7 innings.
  10. 73 bullpen pitches Friday. 73 bullpen pitches Saturday. Lopez used in a non-save situation after a save opportunity last night. This is not sustainable. But we're 4-2 against the Jays. Six cylinders of a V8 engine tonight instead of the usual four. Awesome to see 7 extra base hits, a 3-hit night for Piranha Luis, and insurance runs in the 8th. Never boring and never quitting, our Twins of '22.
  11. Serious question: Would a less chummy manager get more out of this underperforming offense?
  12. Winning run on first to start the inning (thanks, Gio). Arraez, Correa, Polanco, Miranda and Gordon to follow. Nothing. A loss, if it happens, is due to the offense tonight.
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