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  1. 'Tis a sad thing indeed that a.Minnesota professional sports fan can find joy only in the performance of an Iowa-based affiliate this weekend. Lynx excepted as usual, of course.
  2. I celebrated Twins Mathematical Elimination Day yesterday. I'll do the same for the Vikings on Sunday.
  3. I was most impressed today with the Twins' resilience. The 9th inning could easily have led to a letdown, but they fought through it. 9-and-4 in the last two weeks shows plenty of fight left in them -- and maybe with nothing at stake they go to the Bronx and Fenway without intimidation.
  4. Martin and Lewis will hopefully reveal a less turbulent brilliance together than that other namesake partnership (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_and_Lewis)..
  5. 5 and 2 against the Astros and White Sox. Bring on the Ya...oops, got carried away.
  6. The point was made that the Twins need to show that they can develop their considerable talent. Can they? Will they? I'm not knowledgeable enough on advanced baseball metrics as many of you. I am a frustrated Minnesota sports fan who sees former Twins make the All-Star team and draws potentially specious conclusions about the farm system. I also live in metro Houston, where the Astros continue to grow great talent to the majors notwithstanding their recent cheating. And so, I'll wait and see, but with diminished expectations...my roots are Minnesotan, after all.
  7. Apologies to the beef promotion board, but it needs be said: Tanking. It's what's for August.
  8. Someone may have pointed this out already, but since May 12 the Twins have been between minus-9 and minus-15 games in relation to .500. No higher, no lower. That's an amazingly narrow band over ten weeks of play.
  9. So the collective Twins and Tigers bullpens will be flown to Denver at no expense. Home Run Derby needs their arms.
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