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  1. Mark, excellent analysis!
  2. Great player! One of my favorites but not a good announcer.
  3. Not impressed by Dobnak at all. When our front signs a Uber driver to pitch in a big league game it shows you how far we have fallen.
  4. It could be that his level is AAA not the big leagues.
  5. Morneau is so dull and speaks in a monotone voice. I turn the sound down to where it is just a mumbling sound. Doesn’t matter now that I’m going to quit watching and just check the score once in a awhile. This team and management is so bad. The real reason they hired Johnson was so they could pick up reclamation projects and he can develop them. Save the Pohlads a lot of money. And what was the reason for not signing May? Can’t remember.
  6. Rortvedt might be the weakest, or one of the weakest hitters I’ve seen in the major leagues. I know it defense,.....but?
  7. When we were winning Falvey was giving interviews constantly. Maybe he is in hiding now. Unless he gave one yesterday.
  8. When things are going good Falvey is doing interviews constantly and in the news. Where is he now?
  9. Duffy’s problem appears to be conditioning. Does the team ever work on conditioning? Appears not with Rocco’s to each his own philosophy. Country club atmosphere...Lucky the Wild is playing tonight.
  10. I find this baseball unwatchable. Lucky the Wild is still playing and golf is enjoyable. Does front office think their the smartest guys in the room now? And the Pohlad’s trying to cut corners with a potentially good team. And too much analytics....just play the best players. And I don’t think Rocco thinks like winner.
  11. He is proving that he is a 25 million a year player. Yes, he’ll be back in Georgia some day.
  12. Ashbury...very good analysis . IMO the front office blew this one.....prediction: he’ll be back in Georgia, his home state.
  13. Are they taking on the personality of the manager. Laid back and no emotion and fire. Really miss Eddie. Really unwatchable.
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