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  1. Larnach has the potential to be a real good hitter…more than the above players.
  2. This game was blown by the manager. Baldelli is not a winner..his object is to follow a game plan and doesn’t deviate. Lacks a winning feel. When you have guys in the bullpen who throw 100mph…bring them in and win the game.
  3. Not high on Celestine from what I saw last year. Maybe a 4th outfielder at best.
  4. Personally, the player of the past that most closely resembles Mike Trout is Mickey Mantle. Over the years when a new phenom would appear on the scene the sport writers would usually say, “he might be the next Mickey Mantle”. The Mick was one of the fastest players in the league, hit the ball the farthest, and won the triple crown. However, I do think that Buxton is in that category and if he stays healthy he could. take over as the best center fielder in the game. And most experts rank Mays as the best center fielder of all-time……which I agree with.
  5. Todd Walker was a really good player. His problem was Tom Kelly. They didn’t get along…if I remember right.
  6. I think Roger Maris should be in the Hall for achieving a monumental record in baseball. The Babe held the record for 30 some years and Roger held the record longer than Ruth. That’s a remarkable achievement. And he was one best players in his era.
  7. I don’t expect much from Celestino. Mainly a triple A player….IMO. Just from what I’ve seen.
  8. Mark, excellent analysis!
  9. Not impressed by Dobnak at all. When our front signs a Uber driver to pitch in a big league game it shows you how far we have fallen.
  10. It could be that his level is AAA not the big leagues.
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