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  1. I am starting to get tired of all the panic and doom and gloom. The Twins should be a great team next year, once our front office fills some holes in the offseason and we stop getting hurt. Stop advocating for trading Arraez, Berrios, Kepler, or Buxton. That is extremely short sighted!
  2. I wonder if they can just play the series with no fans. The riots aren't going to storm TF.
  3. It makes sense to postpone, given that the courthouse is so close. Its only like 2 LRT stops away from TF. I hope it doesn't spiral into something bad like before. It sounds like it was far far less intentional than the incident in June. Pray for peace!
  4. We are essentially still undefeated. All our losses have essentially been the MLB equivalent of overtime. What I would like to see is move the runner on 2nd base rule to start after the 11th inning. Let the boys play it out for 2 innings, but once you get past the 11th, then things get boring and long, so start adding dome spice with a runner on 2nd. Or maybe, start the 12th with a runner on first, the 13th with a runner on 2nd, and the 14th and beyond with a runner on 3rd.
  5. Let a guy try to make history, no matter what time of the season it is. Berrios has no injury history anyways to be worried about. And all that stuff about not pitching much last year, that should mean they have more in the tank this year right? When a starter is that locked in, you ride that horse till it drops.
  6. Pitchers may be good, but there is always an increased risk when you go to the bullpen for so many pitchers. All it takes is one guy having an off day. Oh well. Let's not let Rocco's Obsession with stats get in the way of how amazing Jose looked today. At least he threw a no hitter.
  7. If they don't let a guy who is nearly perfect through 6 with a good pitch count complete the game, they won't let an old guy play the outfield. Because statistics... :'(
  8. I understand if Jose had a high pitch count, let the bullpen take over and preserve the No-No. But pulling him so early just takes the fun out of it. It takes the show away from someone who has worked so hard to earn it.
  9. Its still a No-No. Plus, what indication do you have that Berrios was going that way? He still has plenty of pitches left. Let him go for history. He has never thrown that good in his life. Likely as not will never again. Plus those bullpen guys can warm up quick.
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