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Just stuff that I feel like writing from time to time. 

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You Helped Design My Man Cave

Thanks, folks.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog inviting feedback for some paint schemes for the wall in a room that has transitioned from our youngest son's bedroom to our office. Alas, he got married and moved to North Carolina -- we like the married part, just wish he didn't live so far from northern Indiana. That post is here: https://twinsdaily.com/blogs/entry/23701-help-design-my-man-cave/  The goal was to combine a Fathead with some shelving to create a space to display the set

Playoff Scenarios -- How they look Friday morning

Regretfully, a few things have come into focus.  Thankfully, that makes this shorter.  Specifically... The East is settled. The Twins are locked in to the 3 seed.  But here goes: Current standings: Baltimore (100-59), Tampa Bay (97-62), Texas (89-70), Toronto (88-71), Houston (87-72), Seattle (86-73), Minnesota (85-74) Tiebreaker procedure: If there is a three (or more)-way tie that involves the division leader and wild card position(s), the division leader

Playoff scenarios — How they look Thursday morning

The snapshot has gained a smidge more focus from Wednesday morning, but not much. Here’s an updated look at things heading into Thursday’s action.  Current standings: Baltimore (99-59), Tampa Bay (97-62), Texas (89-69), Toronto (87-71), Houston (87-72), Seattle (85-73), Minnesota (85-73). Tiebreaker procedure: If there is a three (or more)-way tie that involves the division leader and wild card position(s), the division leader tiebreaker will be resolved first. Then, remaining ties wil

Playoff scenarios -- what they look like Wednesday morning

Here's a snapshot (though perhaps a blurry 8x10) of how I think things are sitting as it relates to the playoffs and seeding in the American League:    Current standings: Baltimore (98-59), Tampa Bay (96-62), Texas (88-69), Toronto (87-70), Houston (86-72), Seattle (85-72), Minnesota (84-73). Magic numbers/seed scenarios: Baltimore and Tampa Bay will be the 1 and 4 seeds. Baltimore's magic number to win the division and be the 1 seed is three. Because Texas and Seattl

Help Design My Man Cave

Alrighty, folks.  Mrs. IT thinks I spend too much time on TD, but I tell her it's a community worth trusting. I could use your help in proving me right.  Here's the deal. When Tony O got elected to the Hall of Fame last year, I took it upon myself to collect each of his baseball cards, including the All-Stars, League Leaders and other special cards, from Topps, Hostess, Kellogg and a couple more. There's a total of 38 cards, including two which are oversized.  Then I decided they


IndianaTwin in Odds & Ends

One Guy's Take on the Roster Makeup

The end is in sight. While I'll have one eye on Caitlin Clark and her Iowa Hawkeye team's amazingness the next six weeks (hopefully), it's great to see Spring Training starting this week. Much speculation has been made about the roster, so I'll add my read on how I see things shaking out. Here goes:  Offensively, I see the Opening Day roster as: Group A: C - Jeffers, Vazquez Group B: 2B/SS/3B - Polanco, Correa, Miranda, Farmer, Gordon Group C: 1B/LF/RF/DH - Kirilloff, Ga


IndianaTwin in Rosters

One Guy's Time at the Hall of Fame

TD didn’t have gobs of coverage and discussion around last summer’s Baseball Hall of Fame induction weekend for Tony Oliva and Jim Kaat. With the announcement coming on Wednesday for this year’s selections by the writers, I decided to share something that I put together. I had attended Kirby Puckett’s induction week with a dear friend, but had generally assumed I wouldn’t attend another. Though I’ve been to the Hall several times since then, it was always at another time of year. If you’re

IT's Offseason Blueprint

The idea of taking a shot at an offseason plan is always a fun one. Here's my attempt. As best as I could, I used the arbitration projections cited elsewhere. I also used the free agent projections at MLBTradeRumors as starting points. And I had the advantage of being able to include the Urshela and Farmer moves and other action that's happened to date.    First, the sunk costs – options that didn’t get picked up: Bundy $1M, Archer $.75M and Sano $2.75M for a total cost of $4.5M N


IndianaTwin in Rosters

Short starts wasn't "The Plan"

Quite a number of posts have railed about “The Plan” for Twins starters to make short starts and never face the Third Time Through the Order, but I did a fairly deep dive into looking at box scores and would offer a different analysis of their starter usage this season. Here’s an alternative take for consideration, arguing that The Plan was not the plan:  From Opening Day until about May 31, the Twins tried using starters in a “normal” pattern. If you look at starters across the board (exc


IndianaTwin in Rosters

Marty Pattin Rocks

This date in baseball history. On July 13, 1974, Aurelio Rodriguez’s fourth-inning single broke a 2-2 tie, propelling the visiting Detroit Tigers to an 8-2 win over the homestanding Kansas City Royals. Woody Fryman (4-5) went the distance to pick up the win for the Tigers, scattering 12 hits and two walks while striking out five. Starter Paul Splittorff gave up four runs, all earned, over 3.1 innings, falling to 9-9. Splittorff gave up eight hits and a pair of walks before being repla

One Guy's Review of Globe Life Field

Having completed my trek to visit all 30 current major league stadiums a few years ago, the Rangers threw me a curve by opening a new park, even though the old one wasn’t that old. My hope had been to visit the new Globe Life Field when it opened in 2020, but then this thing called COVID happened. Next up was to catch the Twins in Texas last year, but they had the nerve to schedule their series the weekend of my son’s wedding. I love baseball, but they ain’t topping my son. And I would hav


IndianaTwin in Ballparks

Pastor/Former Twins pitcher Tom Johnson's perspective on baseball, church

I'm an ordained minister and this is Good Friday, but this is intended as a sociological post, not a theological one. Tom Johnson was a favorite relief pitcher for me as a kid, though he had a pretty meteoric rise and a similarly quick fall, perhaps at least in part to Gene Mauch using him for 146.2 innings in relief in 1977. He was also the winning pitcher in the most exciting game I've ever been to, the "Rod Carew game" on June 26, 1977, when he threw 6.2 innings in relief (really!) in a


IndianaTwin in Odds & Ends

If the bird isn't the word, what is?

Too many Larry and Sue Capital One commercials, I guess. But I've been thinking: now that Opening Day is just eight days away, what's the one word that best describes your perspective going into the season?  I'm writing as an eternal optimist, but I'm going to go with "intrigued."  I'm intrigued to see what lineup combinations Rocco will try, especially at the top of the order. And I say "combinations," because there will be many. Last year, there were 149 different lineups in 16


IndianaTwin in 2022 Twins

Is this heaven? No, it’s the all-time baseball movie lineup

Hey, it’s the Christmas season and there’s no real baseball on TV. Nor is there any real baseball news, and I don’t want to discuss one more time whether the Twins are in rebuild or retool mode. But it’s a wonderful life, and there are movies to watch. On a recent road trip with my son, we tried to come up with the starting lineup on the All-Time Baseball Movie team. These are the fictional guys. It would be too easy to insert Lou Gehrig from Pride of the Yankees and Babe Ruth from any numb


IndianaTwin in Baseball movies

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