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Just stuff that I feel like writing from time to time. 

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One Guy's Review of Globe Life Field

Having completed my trek to visit all 30 current major league stadiums a few years ago, the Rangers threw me a curve by opening a new park, even though the old one wasn’t that old. My hope had been to visit the new Globe Life Field when it opened in 2020, but then this thing called COVID happened. Next up was to catch the Twins in Texas last year, but they had the nerve to schedule their series the weekend of my son’s wedding. I love baseball, but they ain’t topping my son. And I would hav

Pastor/Former Twins pitcher Tom Johnson's perspective on baseball, church

I'm an ordained minister and this is Good Friday, but this is intended as a sociological post, not a theological one. Tom Johnson was a favorite relief pitcher for me as a kid, though he had a pretty meteoric rise and a similarly quick fall, perhaps at least in part to Gene Mauch using him for 146.2 innings in relief in 1977. He was also the winning pitcher in the most exciting game I've ever been to, the "Rod Carew game" on June 26, 1977, when he threw 6.2 innings in relief (really!) in a

If the bird isn't the word, what is?

Too many Larry and Sue Capital One commercials, I guess. But I've been thinking: now that Opening Day is just eight days away, what's the one word that best describes your perspective going into the season?  I'm writing as an eternal optimist, but I'm going to go with "intrigued."  I'm intrigued to see what lineup combinations Rocco will try, especially at the top of the order. And I say "combinations," because there will be many. Last year, there were 149 different lineups in

Is this heaven? No, it’s the all-time baseball movie lineup

Hey, it’s the Christmas season and there’s no real baseball on TV. Nor is there any real baseball news, and I don’t want to discuss one more time whether the Twins are in rebuild or retool mode. But it’s a wonderful life, and there are movies to watch. On a recent road trip with my son, we tried to come up with the starting lineup on the All-Time Baseball Movie team. These are the fictional guys. It would be too easy to insert Lou Gehrig from Pride of the Yankees and Babe Ruth from any numb


IndianaTwin in Baseball movies

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