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If the bird isn't the word, what is?




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Too many Larry and Sue Capital One commercials, I guess.

But I've been thinking: now that Opening Day is just eight days away, what's the one word that best describes your perspective going into the season? 

I'm writing as an eternal optimist, but I'm going to go with "intrigued." 

  • I'm intrigued to see what lineup combinations Rocco will try, especially at the top of the order. And I say "combinations," because there will be many. Last year, there were 149 different lineups in 162 games. Part of that was injuries, but flexibility in roster and lineup construction is a hallmark of this administration. 
  • I'm intrigued to see what it's like to have Byron and Carlos hitting back-to-back, at least on occasion. I've been wondering, but haven't seen anyone note whether this is the first time that the top two players in a single draft ended up as teammates. 
  • I'm intrigued to see exactly how tiny the Bermuda triangle between Buxton, Correa and Polanco is going to be. 
  • And while I'm at it with the Byron and Carlos lovefest, I'm intrigued to know what the laundry bill is going to for cleaning the shorts of opposing pitchers if those two get on a roll at the same time, especially if Sano happens to hit one of his hot streaks at the same time. Not sure I REALLY want to know that answer, but sorta intrigued in a macabre sort of way.
  • I'm intrigued to see if either Bundy or Archer is able to reclaim their prior highlights.
  • I'm intrigued of what this notion of a Gray-Bundy-Archer-Ryan-Ober rotation might actually pull off. 
  • I'm also intrigued at what looks a little like a hodgepodge of relievers, and how there seems to be different skill sets represented, and how they could conceivably turn into a unit where the whole is significantly better than the sum of its parts. 
  • I'm intrigued to see how Rocco works with that 10-man bullpen. Some (many) of his decisions look wacko on the service (and get lambasted in the Game Thread), but my experience has been that very often when I drill down to consider the rest patterns, pitcher availability, the likelihood of actually winning the game at hand, and how things set up for the next day, there is almost always a logical progression. Doesn't always work, but it's logical -- that's the nature of the beast. And that's why I'm sitting at home on the Game Thread instead of being in the dugout.
  • I'm especially intrigued with how Rocco meshes that bullpen with a starting rotation in which day-to-day consistency may be severely lacking. Each of the five starters (make that 10-12 by year-end) have the potential to be really good on a given day. Or really bad. As the self-proclaimed inventor of the bullpenning strategy after riding a three-man rotation and incredible cards from Mike Timlin and a bunch of guys I can't remember to the 1992 Northern Indiana Offseason Strat-O-Matic regular-season championship, I think it will be fun to see the mixing and matching.
  • I'm intrigued to see how long the leash is going to be on pitchers, both starter and reliever, and which order other guys come up, both in terms of 26/28-man roster and 40-man roster decisions. That includes the guys on minor league contracts that will have to wait their turn.
  • I'm intrigued to see if Sanchez can simultaneously regain his power stroke and become something more reliable than a cement block at stopping pitches. 
  • I'm intrigued by Larnach. At my one and only College World Series game, about two weeks after he was drafted, he jacked a long home run, and I thought, "Oh, my -- this could be fun."
  • While I'm at it, I'm intrigued by Kirilloff too.
  • I'm intrigued to see how Lewis bounces back. I'm intrigued to see if Miranda is indeed legit and whether he's able to force the issue. And Winder and Enlow, etc. See three bullets previous.
  • I'm intrigued to find out the taste of Killebrew Root Beer, and I'm looking forward to trying it at a Saints game in a couple weeks.
  • I'm intrigued to see if, and when, they pull off a trade for a pitcher. This front office works under the radar, and I can easily imagine waking up some morning to a May Day present (and I don't mean just Trevor) of somebody's No. 2 starter that they got for Jermaine Palacios. Or a second present, when they re-sign Palacios after he's been DFAed by his new team and then trade him again! Okay, probably not Palacios, but I wouldn't be surprised if they pull something off when we least expect it, at the cost of only a lottery pick.
  • I'm intrigued by how many of us will be in Cooperstown on July 17 to see Tony O and Kitty Kaat. 
  • I'm intrigued by whether they'll go with the powder blue or the Dairy Queen red in Game 1 vs. the Dodgers in October. (See line 3 and the statement about being an optimist.)
  • I'm intrigued by the forgotten man, and whether Kenta Maeda might sneak back for some late-season usage, either with a few starts or in the bullpen, where he's had some past success. (See previous bullet for a hint of what I'm talking about.)
  • I'm intrigued to find out what a Godoy is. And whether we'll be waiting for him.

So, "intrigued" is my word. What are you intrigued about?

And what's the word that captures where you're at with this team?



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I find myself "emboldened" going into the 2022 season.

I am emboldened by the signing of Carlos Correa, and the way the front office pulled it off, especially outmaneuvering the dreaded NY Yankees in the process.

I'm emboldened that Miguel Sano will make a new 40/40 club popular to Twins fans - the 40 HR & .240 batting average club - I think we'd be satisfied with that from him.

I am embolded that not one, but multiple young pitching arms will step up and contribute substantially this season - Joe Ryan, Josh Winder, Bailey Ober, just to name a few (there are more waiting in the wings - Duran, Balazovich, Woods-Richardson.)

I'm emboldened that Alex Kirilloff will become the Minnesota Twins version of "Kirill the Thrill" (of MN Wild fame) and offer up weekly highlights as he plays his way towards 500+ ABs, a .300 BA, and 20+ HRs.

I am emboldened that "intrigued" above inspired me to dream, ask "What if?", and write these comments.

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2 hours ago, nclahammer said:

...I'm emboldened that Miguel Sano will make a new 40/40 club popular to Twins fans - the 40 HR & .240 batting average club - I think we'd be satisfied with that from him...

Nice. I haven't seen much spring stuff, but in seeing a highlight from yesterday, I thought he looked goooood in that slimmed-down physique. Methinks we're going to be able to add "400 feet" as a descriptor to a lot of those homers. 

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I am "thankful", for another spring. Thankful for the warmth and the promise of new life and Easter. I am thankful for the renewal of preseason optimism that arrives in bits and pieces during the long time of darkness, called "the offseason". It  arrives slowly at first, sometimes with a trade or a free agent signing, but it usually begins on  a cold, dreary February day as I read that in Minneapolis, the  trucks have started loading equipment for Fort Myers.  I'm thankful for the relaxed easing into the season at the back fields of the Hammond Stadium complex. Ah, Spring Training. I'm thankful for green grass, the murmur of a crowd at a ballpark and the shouts of the vendors, selling cold beer and peanuts and nachos and cheese with jalapenos. I'm thankful for new Twins tee shirts with the name "Correa" or "Buxton" on the back. I'm thankful for the constant of Dick Bremer, and being able to enjoy watching games with him and conversing about baseball with him and his fellow announcers and guests. I'm thankful for Tony O. and  Kitty being selected.  And then there are the games themselves: throw the ball, hit the ball, catch the ball or kiss it good-bye; a quick 6-4-3 double play to end a Yankee threat in the ninth; a low scoring pitchers' duel where every pitch and every grounder matters; a Buxton triple; Kepler hitting an rbi single to left field to beat the shift; second guessing a pitching change; an Arraez single to center; Sano scooping a low throw at first base for an out; a Twins reliever being given the game ball after striking out the last White Sox batter; catchers; dirty uniforms; dozing in my recliner while watching the Twins rout the Red Sox at Fenway; planning a trip to Minneapolis for the playoffs; a 35th anniversary reunion for the 87 World Champion Twins; I am thankful for the civility and knowledge and accessibility of Twins Daily. "Thankful" is my word for Twins baseball this year and every year.

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I am "Excited".

I am an optimist and easily excited. However, I think this will be a fun year. The lineup and defense will be a genuine pleasure to watch. I am very excited to see Buck and Correa in the same lineup, feeding off each other. 

I am excited to see how our young pitchers develop. We have a good enough lineup to keep the team competitive if not downright great, so the pressure is off for the young arms (both on the team now and in the system) to develop and get experience. Should be a fun year and one to be excited about! Go Twins!!!

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My word is “Cautiously ”. I am an eternal optimist but also a 53 year old Minnesota sports fan so…

I am cautiously hoping for a season that ends with at least one playoff win.

I am cautiously optimistic that Archer will rediscover his form and with the help of our pitching gurus reprogram himself back into a number 2-3 starter.

I believe in Buxton and cautiously hope for a healthy season and MVP votes.

I cautiously believe this team will only get better as the season progresses.

I am cautiously excited to see Correa wearing #4 in baby blues.

Iam also cautiously excited to see what Kiriloff can do in a full season healthy.

I am cautiously optimistic that some of these young starters will push their way up and emerge as a front line starter

I am cautiously hopeful that Maeda will return to full health and lead us to the post season promise land! World Series Baby!!

ok, now I am losing my Caution… better quit… this is Minnesota Sports still…

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