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  1. That’s because Shelton had a +24.2 WAR in his time here off setting Rocco’s - WAR. With Wes Johnson leaving ( +8.5 WAR/yr average) we will really see the holes in Rocco’s management… But seriously, what mangers/coaches do to lead and prepare teams for success is 90% or more NOT what happens during a game but in preparation. At the professional level this is also more Mental preparation than physical…
  2. Who knows, the front office surprised the world once already but yeah, this isn’t news even. Someone needed to fill space on a newspaper page.
  3. Actually by definition 0.0 WAR is scrub level and if you read all of my comment I expressed support for replacing him with someone that can put up 2.0 WAR or better… which he has done in the past… and is about what he did in the 2nd half of last year… As I said, I understand the frustration just no need for the hate.
  4. Creating a narrative of Sano not being good based solely on Ks is not fairly looking at the stats nor is looking at last years first half and declaring it a bust when his second half pushed the overall to a positive 1.0 WAR with 30 home runs. Overall, the last 8 years of Sano average out to that same 1.0 WAR. That’s not great but that’s better than replacement level. The problem is it’s not what fans hoped for or expect and if we can find someone that is consistently 2.0 WAR or better we should go with it. But these hate filled narratives get old when they are not fully supported by all the stats. Sano is streaky, inconsistent, and for many, very frustrating. I am glad he has been on our team and I have enjoyed his good seasons and his hot streaks. I have enjoyed many memorable moments, incredible bombas, and a few exciting walk offs yet I too am ready for this to be his last as a Twin. Even though I think it’s time for him to move on, I will also be sad to see him moving on because I like him despite my frustration with his inconsistency.
  5. I am not hearing much about Alex Isola but he seems to be doing pretty well. Is this guy a sleeper prospect or are the numbers lying to me? https://www.mlb.com/player/alex-isola-684576?stats=career-r-hitting-minors&year=2022 https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=isola-000ale
  6. And then you have 2018 which has 3.0 War already with Larnach, Jeffers, Sands and Winder. If I remember right, 2017 Falvey and Levine didn’t change a whole lot and they really reworked the organization the following off season.
  7. I am going to go against the trend and say I still like that we signed Donaldson. It broke our trend and signaled an era of signing guys that we used to think were off limits to poor old Minnesota. Here are some things I remember hearing from the last couple of years: He is a great example to the younger players who are taking BP with him. We especially heard this story in Spring Training. He worked with young players on swings and and encouraged them to pay attention to the high tech data. We heard he was an example to Buxton about taking extra time pregame/day to day to take care of his body, pre game warm ups and stretching and how to stay on the field. Staying on the field can be more important than single outs/games. He brings a fire to the team/club house that we needed. He speaks the truth even when people don't want to hear or don't like to hear it. Some even liked that it was one of our guys that was calling out the sticky stuff even if others on the team didn't like that he was calling it out. And then, Suddenly when he is gone, "Oh, he was so terrible" really? "It's so great now" What are they gonna say next year? I don't believe he was as good as they made him sound last year but now I also do not believe it is as good as it sounds now that he is gone or that it was all on him. In summary, I am glad they signed him. I am glad they now traded him. I enjoyed some of that fire (especially the dirt on home plate ejection. I LIKED that! Funny stuff there) I am happier they have Correa now. PS Doesn't seem to be hurting the Yankees...
  8. I'm a guy that grew up playing cards. In a deck of cards, the Ace is the 1 just like the jack is 11, queen is 12 and 13 is king. This means every suit in every deck has an Ace. Ace is number 1. With this thinking, there is an Ace in every deck, therefore there is an Ace on every team. (#1 on a team = Ace Argument) When you play various games with a deck of Cards some hands have more than one Ace, and some hands don't have any but there are always the same number of Aces in the game. (Set number of Aces argument) An Ace has these stats vs those stats and varies from year to year whether or not they are an Ace? I don't like those types of arguments. Use an analogy other than "Ace" if that is how you're defining it. (HOF or All Star Starter or something) All of this to say, however this argument is settled I hope that it is determined that there are a set number of Aces in the league. Back to the Decks and Suits, I like the 30 total argument (Some teams have more than one) I like the 15 best argument, I like the whoever is best on your team is your Ace (Not all Aces are made the same)
  9. 1) Where do you follow the Twins from? Elko MN 2) What's your jobby job? Sped Teacher 3) How 'bout hobbies? Besides Twins Geek? (Listened to Wind Surge Podcast this morning...) Home improvement (DIY), Cabin, Grandkids, Fishing 4) How long have you followed the Twins? Since Kirby started chasing the home run title in '86. He hooked me for good. Only casually before that. 5) How many games do you attend a season? 1-6 depending on time and finances. 6) Who is your favorite all-time Twin? Kiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrby 7) Who is your current favorite Twin? Buxton from the day he was drafted 8 )What is the coolest/craziest/most absurd/etc thing you've seen in person at a Twins game? Coolest: on a snow day, I scalped 3rd row seats behind the visitors dugout for the first game of a double header. Oswaldo Arcia hit his first home run. 9) What is the most memorable thing you've seen in person at a Twins game? First game I ever went to June 6, 1987. I sat in the nose bleeds with 5 kids and their parents. I was a male Nanny. Viola pitched 7 innings in a no decision. Frazier pitched the next 3 because in the bottom of the 9th, Salas hit a game tying pinch hit home run sending us into extra innings. I took a picture of the bases loaded in the bottom of the 12th with Puckett on 3rd, Hrbek on 2nd and Gaetti on first and Unfortunately Davidson at bat with 2 outs. He had pinch run earlier in the game for Larkin (who was 3 for 5 on the night). Davidson struck out. With a baby along, we needed to call it a night. Reardon got us through the 13th (his 2nd inning of work), so as we pulled out of the parking lot, Lombo walked us off in the 13th with a base hit and Bruno scored the winning run. 10) What is your favorite all-time Twins moment? What the hell, it's only the World Series
  10. Confirmed on MLB Twins Transactions Page... https://www.mlb.com/twins/roster/transactions Welcome to the Show Mr. Contreras!!
  11. Don't Forget we also got Brayan Medina!! We won't truly know the full impact of this trade for a long long time lol
  12. I have never been that upset with losing either Wade or Badoo but I have also been mildly irritated that we clung to Cave and Garlick. In the end, Cave and Garlick may be the better talents to be fully honest but I usually would prefer to err on the side of young prospects over borderline waiver claims. In the end, hind sight is always 20/20. When Big Papi was sent packing, there were plenty of us fans willing to help him pack. But me? I'm the type of guy that enjoys seeing Mientkiewicz catch the final out or Rosario win an MVP. Big Papi? that one just kept hurting...
  13. How Dare You.... Lol
  14. Having you join the TD family has been one of my favorite things about the Twins being in Cedar Rapids. Your first hand accounts and knowledge of the game is so appreciated. Thank you!
  15. Garlick also to IL, Miranda and Moran both called up https://www.mlb.com/twins/roster/transactions/2022/05
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