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  1. It has been said that Correa wants at least 300 Million. I believe Gleeman and the Geek set their over under at 286 Million, 9 years to sign him. This got me thinking what would it take to get to 300 at 9 years? I also came up with a front loaded contract but not so big of a drop off... 35, 35, 34, 34, (Opt Out) 33, 33, 32, 32, 32 = 300. If you want to beat Seager, add one more year at more than 25 Million (Player Option of 26 Million? You pick...)
  2. I was thinking something along this same line. If you can lock him up for 3-4 at a very reasonable cost because of his knee concerns then sure but I would be very wary of any contract longer than 3 years. I just do not see him having a long career because of those knees. It is sad because he is such a fun hitter/player to root for.
  3. How old was her dad when she was born? The Civil War ended 65 years before she was born?!?! (Sorry, not sorry for being off topic…)
  4. Let’s look at these transactions this way. We traded Urshela and Legumina (An A ball reliever) for Farmer and an A ball starter, saved 2-3 million, freed up a 40 man roster spot, gained positional flexibility and added a bat that destroys lefties while clearing a log jam at DH/1st. Remind me why we are upset?
  5. First I see the FO ripped for trading Urshela for a Minor League lottery ticket “how does this help the MLB team?” Then I see them get an MLB player while freeing up a roster spot and we get “this FO has to go!”. Yeesh!! It’s November! How do you sign Rodon, Correa, and/or Contreras? Have enough money. We will easily be able to judge this FO in March when we see whether or not they spend all this capital they have kept free. Farmer is the perfect Super Utility player a playoff team needs. I see this as an insurance/depth move and I like it in tandem with the Urshela trade. It sets the plate well for eventually signing Correa or another big name SS while also still having money for Rodon. Now let’s trade Pagan and Kepler, resign Fulmer, and then put an exclamation point on it with Contreras! The plan is ALL coming together!
  6. I think he seems like this huge disappointment because his minor league career and rookie year caused us to get overly excited. I do not think someone that has had a career like his can be called a bust when compared to top draft picks that never made it at all. But the question is biggest disappointment not bust. Disappointment is more about our feelings changing and in this case, it is a big disappointment because we were excited! That Grand Slam in Cleveland? The potential was so there! Sano had his moments and yet he just never fully got to that consistent success we all could see was potentially in there. Yeah, VERY disappointing but I still enjoyed the ride. Biggest disappointment? I'm not sure I'm that far with it...
  7. I think his status has improved a bit from his experience in the AFL. This has been a launching pad for quite a few under performing top prospects in the past and I believe it could have the same effect in this case as well. As Dr. G said, I could see him up mid-season after proving himself at AAA. I wouldn't expect an every day role at first but more of a get the feet wet and see where things work out.
  8. His answer to the question about what he likes to do with his free time suggests to me that he will be a lifer in baseball. He is probably a future coach/analyst/front office guy. It would be interesting to know if he is already thinking in those directions or is just obsessed with playing at this point.
  9. It all depends on one thing... Will the Twins make a deep playoff run or two with him? If he is a World Series hero for us, he will be more popular than Joe Mauer will ever be and will go down as one of the top 5 all time Twins. If not, he will get a lot of hate from under appreciative fans that don't really understand how baseball finances work and we will have to put up with all the annoying whining of the bandwagon folk
  10. I do not think Arraez is physically able to handle being the regular 2nd or 3rd baseman which relegates him to 1B or DH. Therefore, no, he should not and will not displace Polanco. As DocBauer said, the more likely Twins thing to occur is Polanco being replaced with cheaper Julien/Martin/Etc... as they come up from the minors. I could even see Gordon playing his way into being the everyday 2B if our normal outfielders keep themselves healthy enough to not need Gordon in the outfield. Also, Martin may push Gordon as the Super Utility player sooner than later, meaning someone will fade into Twins history shortly after Urshela.
  11. Jorge Polanco has been a core part of the Minnesota Twins infield for years now but over the past year or two, he seems to be an overlooked or at least under discussed part of the team. I believe he is an under appreciated star of the team overshadowed by the super star talent in CF. The often discussed Center Fielder and his injuries take the spot light off Polanco. He was locked up early with a contract that runs through 2024 with a team option for 2025 meaning there is just less to talk about with him. We just know he is there making solid production and glove work and we move on to other topics. His salaries the next 3 years would be $7.5 in 2023 and $10.5 in 2024. The 2025 option is for 12 million dollars and comes with a 1 million buyout. Today Polanco is 29 which means he will be a free agent at age 31 or 32. Jorge has been a Minnesota Twin since 2009 when he received his signing bonus and became a professional baseball player. He made his first appearance in the show in 2014, and again in 2015 before becoming a regular part of the team with the young core of players that emerged in 2016. Since then he has been an all star (at short stop) and a reliable middle of the order player at 2nd base ever since. I know we’re still a couple years away but now I’m wondering if we can, should and/or will make him a career Twin. When discussing a career, the biggest question is always “how long will he play” which runs side by side with “how long will he be effective”. Questions that arise in markets like Minnesota also ask “how long can we afford him” and “should we find a cheaper prospect and trade him”. So even though we are still 2-3 years away from him becoming a free agent, How do you envision the remainder of his professional career progressing? Will we lock him up for life? Will we eventually trade him and go younger/cheaper? How old will he be when he retires? There is little science in answering this question but what do you predict for the remainder of Polanco’s career?
  12. How long is your Correa contract? I Doubt you can get Correa for 30 unless you are at 10+ years but you also have room under your budget to come up some.
  13. Actually, that was Jeffers dressed up as Miranda since he already got caught doubling up on a previous payroll thread...
  14. Then that would be Willson Contreras. As for your lineup, I believe the Twins would send Gordon to SS before sending Polanco back to SS... Just based on casual observations made over the past year...
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