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  1. You're a right. Jeffers has not lived up to his offensive upside. He has shown glimpses at times. I think it is in there somewhere. I remember Tori Hunter who would swing at the same down and away breaking pitch for like 7 straight years and then he said he started watching how Joe Mauer would take pitches and be patient and then suddenly a light bulb went on inside his mind. Tori was a much better hitter later on in his career. My hope for Jeffers is that he adapts much sooner. 

  2. I like the move and personally would rather strengthen the bullpen. Povich does have upside but he's not a top 10. With Lopez in the 9th, you have Duran in the 7th or 8 and Jax before Duran. Two areas of opportunity for the Twins now will be helping Pagan get right in early relief because he really does have elite stuff. Second opportunity, if we can get Kenta Maeda healthy, he is nasty in the bullpen. He proved it with the Dodgers. I like this trade simply because we can't give up on this season and we didn't move any tier one prospects. Now if Povich wins the Cy Young some day than I was wrong.
  3. Also remember that Maeda might be able to help toward the end of the year in the bullpen and I'm hoping Jorge Alcala as well.
  4. Rather than decimate our prospect pool, I think the Twins should trade from a position of strength. We have a lot of depth in the outfield. I might use Max Kepler as a centerpiece to the Yankees in a 3-way trade with the Reds. Mahle comes to Minnesota and the Yankees send prospects to the Reds. I like the Bednar kid from the Pirates and Joe Mantiply the lefty from the D-Backs. I think trading guys like Cole Sands and Bailey Ober make more sense to me. I might even move Gio Urshela and give the keys to Jose Miranda. Miguel Sano is another guy we could hang out there. Notice we have been winning since Sano went away. I really don't think we need to blow up the farm. I think we just need to be a little creative who we trade. There certainly is a market for Max Kepler and a young pitcher like Ober there is a market. Gio Urshela to a contender makes sense. We need pitching. We also need prospects for future cause elite free agents don't usually come to Minny. Correa was a Godsend.
  5. I think the Twins should be engaging teams now instead of waiting to the trade deadline for bullpen help. We really need to stop the bleeding. Pagan is falling apart, Duffy has been suspect etc. We could trade from outfield depth such as Gordan or Kepler and I think we could trade Sano if anyone wanted to role the dice. Once Larnach returns from IL we will be pretty deep at outfield with Matt Wallner waiting in the wings at Wichita. 

  6. There are 3 prospects I like in the Twins system that might be under the radar but I'm really intrigued how they will do this year. Cade Povich - Pitcher with nice mix Edouard Julien - Super good eye at plate. Really good on base .pct. Will play 2nd base at 2A to start season. Christian Encarnacion - Strand - Lots of pop in the bat. Comparable might be Jose Miranda.
  7. This trade makes no sense. You get an elite shortstop and with Donaldson has really good defense. Then you trade them for a couple of guys who are washed up and probably have inflated stats because they play in N.Y. And you give them Rortvedt as well. I can understand removing the Donaldson contact but what did we get. Just junk. The Yanks destroy us on the field and now destroy us in this trade. I was so excited about the trades we had made before this one. You give up a catcher (Garver) with elite OPS to get an elite defensive shortstop and then you flip him for a has been catcher. This is miserable. Is Falvey on NY's payroll?
  8. In 1987 we had Viola and Blyleven on the mound. In 1991 we had Jack Morris. The reason these modern day Twins don't win is because we do not have an ace. Berrios was far from an ace and case in point he was shelled in the post season. Yes 2019-2020 was a fluke because we were good in the regular season. How long has it been since we won in the post season? I won't answer that but enough said.
  9. I like Donaldson as a player. Very good fielder and has pop at the plate. That said, i think he is at the age where he will struggle to stay healthy. If they could move that contract off the books we might better spend that money for pitching. We need to find players that are more athletic and pitchers who can miss bats. I might even consider moving Buxton for the same reason. He can't stay healthy. Lastly, you have to win a trade or think you are going to win a trade to even make it. If the trade does not make you better it is not worth making.
  10. The one thing I really enjoyed about the Tom Kelly teams was how well the team played on defense, and running the bases etc. If just don't like the defense now. I think Kirilloff would be a big upgrade over Sano defensively. In fact, unless Sano starts to swing the bat better I don't see what value he brings to the team. I'd like to think a healthy Donaldson, Simmons, Polanco and Kirilloff would be a good infield.
  11. For me the Kepler fielding play was horrible. There are softball players in the beer leagues making that catch. He is a pro. It's not the playoffs anymore, it's ok to win.
  12. Arraez might be able to spell Donaldson quite a bit at 3rd. Frankly, I like Arraez more than Polanco at 2nd base. I'm going to give Polanco the benefit of doubt with his injury last year but he was terrible. Lounging at pitches, slapping the ball the other way etc. Either he just completely forgot his fundamentals or his injury was causing him not to apply proper balance and weight transfer hitting. I think he had like 3 hits in his last 50 at bats and his error (throwing) caused us a game in the playoffs. I'm glad we are getting back to a concept of defense. Simmons is a stud and so is Donaldson if he ever decides to consistently show up for work on the field.
  13. I agree with you guys. Yates at 5 million plus was well worth the risk. Not sure what we're doing on our bids?
  14. Marwin was terrible. Even with the glove. Mis-handled two plays at 3rd in the playoffs verse the Astros. He was still benefitting the Astros after all these years. We need to move on. Twins need better Defense. I'm thinking Marcus Siemen and moving Polanco into that utility role.
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