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  1. Who really expects MLB to not cash in huge on this? $$$ Currently, because BSN is bundled in with my cable, the cost is spread across lots of subscribers, many of whom pay for it without using it. I now expect to have to pay for whatever MLB comes up with and do not expect my cable bill to drop because of the loss of BSN. Greed will, of course, be the big winner.
  2. Excellent article! Sadly you used the term economics and too many will be confused by the lack of a lazy, false argument about 'cheap Pohlads'.
  3. OMG! Cole Sands is not going to get you someone who was recently in the top 10 of all minor leaguers. The Angels (as always) need real MLB-ready talent (like maybe Jo Adell??) and have absolutely no incentive to trade him for a box of pencils.
  4. There was an article early last year that talked about Jeffers making major changes to his batting style/approach. Is there anything more recent about the status of these changes?
  5. Excellent point about Kirillof's baseball IQ. I recall multiple times when he was on base and reacted immediately and decisively taking the extra base in a ball in the dirt. This is instinct not learned behavior. Big hopeful fan!
  6. Why would you think about trade any asset for a 4th outfielder when you have a glut of outfielders (even if you trade one)? If you make any outfield trade, it should be for a quality starting right handed bat without discounting the young outfield talent. Treat the youngsters as real talent. If you don't get fully valued in a trade do not do it. Or trade for a quality pitcher???
  7. FYI: Please fix your Austin Martin B-R link in the article. It brings me to martin006aus not martin004aus.
  8. Always felt over-rated as a manager to me, but everyone with a little success as a Yankee is over-rated. 10 years in NY, most of those with Derek Jeter and A-Rod and company, but only 1 AL Championship. 7-0 in the postseason against the Twins. 21-24 against everyione else.
  9. He is the WORST. "Back in my day...we did everything better."
  10. NOOOO! ANYONE but Jim Kaat. I missed the beginning but bet it took him less than 2 1/2 minutes to tell us how badly pitchers are handled. I turned it in in the 4th inning and 4 minutes in he was telling us that pitchers do not train their legs the right way. The only way for pitchers to train their legs is to pitch. Because that is "how we did it 50 years ago". And pitchers now don't throw as many pitches...blah, blah, blah... Please Bally Sports? You got rid of Burt who had toned down his "back in my day" rants. Can we retire Kaat?
  11. 1. Awful damn weather, though they had 20,000 in yesterday's cold rain!! 2. COVID carry over/Disappointment of 2021 season. Fear of crime? If you are afraid, you can park in ABC right next to Target Field and walk to your car with 10,000 other people. Just like always. Inflation fears?? maybe... I have not heard people talking about making major changes due to inflation. Just talk about the price of gas. Wolves and Wild did obviously take away attention.
  12. The weather has been mostly miserable. Personally, I was ready to write off baseball with the off-season labor crap. They did absolutely nothing for months. They saved it for me by beginning the season at a date that makes more sense than the recent start dates. But the health effects of the delay on players seems to be larger than I thought it would be. Players, owners and officials do not seem to grasp that they are losing audience or are clueless about how to reverse that trend. There is nothing more boring or agonizing than watching a pitcher walk around the mound or the batter rearrange every piece of clothing after every couple of pitches, if not sooner.
  13. Upton has not been even ok for a long time for someone who will be in his age 34 season. Please no.
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