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  1. I’m glad we can have a civil conversation here. I’m also an ordained pastor. I don’t think the Church needs to change. There are institutions that must change, because they exist to follow and serve the culture. I believe the Church and her message transcend culture. We deal with issues that are perpetually relevant: death, sin, brokenness, guilt, shame, etc. We answer these issues with Jesus Christ, crucified and risen to forgive us and give us life. Instead of adapting to what our members want, we try to teach them why we are the way we are. Then they can learn to appreciate it. My congregation won’t shape the culture. But we are shaping our members. Young and old appreciate this. If it turns out that our message isn’t perpetually relevant, the Church will die, as it should. But if our message does actually address the deepest issues of this world, it will survive any cultural change and continue to transcend culture, as it has for 2000 years. Any religion that thinks it actually has The Answer should stick to it.
  2. Yeah, it is cool. Absolutely the best show people have never heard of
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