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  1. Agree classless is a little much, but it sure would have been nice - and I think it would have been ok to be nice in this case. I will only hope Rocco gave him a heads up, and told him it would be quite unlikely, barring injury that he would get into a game. Hope we had the class (the nice) to prepare him in this way. I haven't heard of any busloads of parents, family and friends that made the long journey to Toronto, so maybe its all good here.
  2. I will hope the FO is humbled, and makes some adjustments. Thanks for the chart - lots of Aggressive - Reach - and Huge Reach on this chart. Not much performance thus far to validate the aggressive - reach and huge reach. Leads one to believe Falvey and Levine bought their own hype and came in a little too big for their britches. The Pohlad family has always had a super long leash. I think so many on TwinsDaily aren't necessarily eager to keep this duo, as they are resigned to the fact that the duo isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Humility is now required to right this ship in my opinion. They know it hasn't gone the way they planned. Let's hope they can fix it. Frustrating to see both Greene and Baz debuting this week. I'd like to have gone starting pitching with both the Lewis and Cavaco picks.
  3. Baez also makes sense in attempting to lure Berrios back when he hits free agency. More likely we sign Simmons back for 1 year at $2M, and hope to see a prospect by the middle of the season. I think they go cheap and temporary at SS. More likely make a splash at starting pitching, after trying to go cheap and temporary last winter w/Happ and the Shoeless one.
  4. Simmons put on the restricted list yesterday? Does he have covid again?
  5. Totally fair argument. I disagree, but your side has merit. I am probably more upset with the end of the season, no games for 6 months, and a suck year, after barely any ball last year. So many unknowns, and zero confidence this front office nails it this off season.
  6. I guess I am asking too much from our front office to trade the Jays Stewarts Gonzalves's of the org and not the Ynoas & Gils. C'mon man. This is why they get paid. Trade the Alex Meyers when the Nationals traded him to us. You are making my point. We seem to be on the wrong end of many of these. We should be trading the Smeltzers, not acquiring them. We should be trading the Caves, not acquiring them. I can't name a diamond we uncovered for a bag of balls. We've certainly received some bags of balls for some diamonds in recent years. The only good returns we've received is from trading good players. All of us fans with no front office experience could have gotten good returns for Pressly/Escobar/Cruz and Berrios.
  7. Why do you advocate for trading minor league pitchers? I'd say our organization has no business trading minor league pitchers until we field a group of 5 starters that can keep us in games. I mentioned Ynoa because he was another very young pitching prospect we traded for what turned out to be nothing. As you say - you trade pitching like Tampa - or how about the Dodgers dealing us Smeltzer. For whatever reason we've accumulated way too many 25-26 year old AAAA guys - potential maybe 5th starter guys. We then compounded the Gil/Cave error, by choosing to keep Cave over Wade, and here we are watching the Yankees giving Gil a starting rotation position at 23 years old. Same age as Balazovic. The Yankees see something they like very much in Gil, that is obvious or he'd be in the minors.
  8. Gil is still 2 years younger than Ryan - 3 years younger than Barnes and Ober - is there an "eye" test anymore? How about trading Ynoa? Same mistake. No, these are not the type of pitchers you trade for bench players. Strotman we just got in the Cruz trade is 2 years older than Gil right now. He is the type of pitcher you trade. Not electric, not 19, not for a bench player.
  9. Gil has quite an arm. This kind of arm should not be traded at 19 years old, especially for a 4th outfielder. Not sure any of us needs hindsight to make this claim. Live young arm for a 25 yr old 4th outfielder. Wasn't wise then, and looks worse now.
  10. Good comment. I do agree with Guns in that the current FO inherited a decent squad of talent. It had the makings - and up until this off season, and this year, the new FO team was on a good trajectory. We'll see where they take us from here. Need to really hit on a couple youngsters. Ryan & Ober look for real. Hope for a couple more to rise up next spring.
  11. I guess I am ready to agree with both sides of this argument, and I'll let next year decide for me what I think of the front office. So far, I am not a fan of this front office and I am not a Rocco believer, but I was as ready as anyone to replace TR - and was just as stumped by some Molitor decisions as I am of Rocco's.
  12. Not to mention we'd have lost last nights game if not for Rortvedt blocking balls. No way Jeffers blocks 100% of those. I love the defensive catcher. Rortvedt blocks everything and has a cannon.
  13. Simmons continuing to get SS everyday is a mystery. Not least valuable, but perhaps the greatest disappointment to me is Max Kepler. Just awful stats this year for him.
  14. Envisioning a good rotation in 2022 is a dream of mine as well. Reality is - on paper, last winter envisioning a good rotation in 2021 seemed more plausible. A 1/2/3 of Berrios/Maeda and Pineda sounded a whole lot better than the potential 2022 rotation of Ober/?/? Seems as we look at it today, the foundation of our vision for the 2022 rotation is hope and good fortune. Hopefully we hit on 2 or 3 of the young prospects. 2021 was a bust on that front (Smeltzer/Dobnak/Thorpe). Hopefully we hit on the FA market. 2021 was a bust on that front (Shoemaker and Happ). Hope and Good Fortune. Here we go again.
  15. I do not understand the shortstop agenda here - we continue to play Simmons, and we apparently have long given up on Gordon or he'd be getting a chance. You'd think Palacios or Javier would get some sort of shot - both needing to be added to the 40 man. I do believe both these kids get picked off this winter if not protected. Javier had former hype (like Baddoo) - Palacios will hit 20hr's, and has the glove potential. What are we doing in this organization at this crucial position? I see nothing. I take it we hope to resign Simmons to a team friendly deal for next year? ugh ugh and more ugh. I have an idea, give some youngster a shot, right now, why not?
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