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  1. 1972 - 1986 were pretty lean years - but those late 70's teams were fun to watch, and Gene Mauch was terrific. We currently have one of the youngest rosters in baseball, and next year needs to be the year we see some young pitching rise up. I'd like to see a better brand of baseball. More contact, more running. Rocco seemed to make less in game mistakes later in the year, than earlier. I agree on a new bench coach and a new pitching coach. This front office will be fine if we win our division and make the playoffs. Sign Correa - bring back Cruz as a player/bench coach, and sign Rodon after he ops out.
  2. Correct! He is clutch and tried to put the team on his back, and performed exceptionally when it counted. The last 30 day drive for a playoff spot. Results this year are not his fault. If we would have made the playoffs I am betting he would have been our star. Great players play great when it counts. He's been surrounded by our AAA this last 30 days.
  3. I like everything about this comment except you are dismissing Urshela. In hindsight, he was perhaps our most consistent player this year from start to finish, both bat and glove. His stats vs Donaldson's make that trade a huge winner for the Twins. Love Urshela. Would not surprise me if he is our SS to begin next year when Correa signs elsewhere. I do not see us in the running for a long term $300+M dollar contract for anyone.
  4. I wonder what he really thinks about our chances to get to a world series in the next 2 years? I think we are in trouble. Correa said this is Buxton's team right from the start. I wonder about the situation we find ourselves in when the guy who's team it is cannot stay on the field? My opinion is - we need players like Correa if we are to ever make a world series. I also wonder what his real take is on Rocco, and our organization? High caliber pitching covers a lot of ills. Let us all hope we redirect Correa's salary into a high caliber pitching staff right from the beginning of 2023. We have talent to cover the infield that isn't the issue. The issue is leadership. Leadership in the front office, leadership from the dugout, and leadership on the field. Correa was unquestionably our on field leader this year.
  5. Agree - not wise to have a $35.1M shortstop with poor pitching - and we knew in March we had a sketchy pitching staff. I am all for keeping Correa if he chooses to stay - but the pressure is on the FO to make sure we don't go into next season with a sketchy potential staff.
  6. Perhaps hype vs results is in play here. Ryan was never given the budget Falvey's been given, and Ryan never had any hype behind his reign. Nostalgia perhaps also in play - old people like me tend to pine for what was vs what is. Human nature. It is ok to be old and have the opinion of an old timer. We're right sometimes, and sometimes not. Ryan also came onto the scene during some of our hardest times as a club, and did indeed make major improvements. And he was a very nice man. Sat and chatted it up with me on occasion. A nobody fan. He didn't have to, but he always did. Very loyal Twins man, and family man, kind to one and all.
  7. I guess I was playing off my earlier comment about missing out on Wheeler and Rodon, after telling us we were in the mix for both. We failed on Wheeler, and signed Donaldson. We failed on Rodon, and signed Correa. I couldn't tell you who may be available this winter either through free agency or in trade - but we've chased those 2 - and we would have been correct in that either one of them would indeed be our #1 today. I assume Falvey could answer your question. My input is - get the deal closed this time whomever you deem as a #1 this winter.
  8. I hope they make better decisions this winter. We supposedly were in the running for Wheeler a couple years ago. We were supposedly in the running for Rodon last year. Things would have turned out very differently if we had closed those 2 deals. We settled for pitchers like Shoemaker/Happ/Bundy/Archer - We signed up Dobnak when we didn't need to - we've gone into the last 2 seasons adding the wrong bullpen guys - no pitching pipeline yet. Looks to me like we have a nice supply for '23 of #3-#5 starters - Ryan, Gray, Mahle, Maeda, Paddock, Winder, Ober - this winter we need to go get a #1 and a #2.
  9. We are in agreement - we want to win. You are correct in that so far no appreciable progress on developing #1/#2 starters and there is NOT much difference in performance between the Ryan vs Falvey regimes - I do like the older brand of baseball, scrappy and fundamentally sound - and my favorite type of field manager is more in the Francona/Gardenhire/Kelly mold. Everyone's perspective is skewed toward their taste's, background and style. This is where we can respectfully disagree on future direction and future staffing decisions.
  10. To clarify - I guess I was speaking of Buxton, Polanco, Kepler, Gordon, Sano, Duffy who were all on the initial 26 man active to start the year. Not thinking of Kirilloff, Arraez who were acquired originally by the Ryan/Smith regime. Just making the point the 1/4th of the 2022 squad were core picks and players prior to Falvey/Levine. Not sure anyone gets credit for Kirilloff. This wrist thing is very bad, and if you read up on the particular surgery he had, it is quite experimental. I worry about him at this point.
  11. No one here is ragging as you put it. I want to win. Your response to me was quite aggressive. I am older than you and have been watching this team since the '60's and I expected Falvey would build a team like the Guardians. He should have, but he is smarter apparently. Sometimes young and cocky isn't the best solution. He blew the last 2 off-seasons totally & Rocco is no Terry Francona. Zen master is getting us nowhere. In-game management is still a problem. Fundamentals are still a problem, but Rocco is a super nice guy with great conversation skills, so we've got that going for us. Cleveland is always right there. Look at the player turnover and they are still right there. Pitching and fundamentals. I tire of hearing about 2019 - that was Molitor and Ryan's team. 2020 was a ridiculous situation. True colors of this organization are on full display in 2021 and 2022. I don't like what I see.
  12. Playoff victories and world championships are the difference - and to this very day Falvey and Rocco are still relying on Terry Ryan's players. Should have gone all the way in '02 - most of our squads between "02 and '10 were very competitive - and again, Macphail and Kelly won 2 championships. Small market Minnesota just isn't going to be competitive for 25 straight years no matter who is in charge. I think we've given the boy wonder duo 6 years now and Rocco 4. So far zero playoff victories. Francona and the Guardians are the kind of team we used to be before the stat masters took over. I like that team from Cleveland. Scrappy. We used to be scrappy. We're still playing bombs away like its 2019. Look at our pitching and catching. Falvey did that. Look at our contact rate - our batting average with runners in scoring position - our lack of a running game - our trades - 3 starters traded for in the last 2 years, all on the DL - after going into the last 2 seasons signing bupkis for starters. Where is the pitching pipeline? Everyone has injuries. I say no excuses. This team fell flat on their face since early June and is still tanking to this very minute. It is certainly someone's fault. I not suggesting anything other than frustration with how this season has gone, and wanting someone held responsible - and a big change to the off-season pattern of the last couple years. Sign an expensive bat, and take a flyer on a couple starters. This is what we've done 2 years in a row. Cleveland still has a far superior pitching staff. This was why Falvey got the job. Where is the pitching development, and adept trading skills we hired him for?
  13. Not sure about this? Smart business people for sure. Smart baseball people? Andy Macphail and Tom Kelly were smart baseball people and were the reason for our late '80's/early '90's success. Terry Ryan and Ron Gardenhire were smart baseball people and were the reason for our early 2000's success. Pohlad's may want to cut bait on this front office and manager in my opinion.
  14. Replacing Zimmer with O'Connell seems to have mattered greatly. Replacing Spielman with Adofo-Mensah seems to have mattered greatly. We've gotten so far away from classic Twins baseball. Where are the piranha's? Love the way the Guardians play/ love Francona and the way he manages. Don't love this Twins team. Don't love Rocco. This Front office totally mis-managed the pitching staff in '22. Firing Rocco, but keeping this front office would be a mistake. Keep them both or fire them both in my opinion.
  15. Kepler should not be batting 5th please. Especially against left handers.
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