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  1. Is it time to get down on our pitching coach? Is it time to get down on our FO? If it's not broke don't fix it sound familiar? Considering all the many whiffs on off season signings, on rule 5 losses, on DFA's ending up on other rosters and being effective - I'll place the Dobnak blame on someone besides Randy. Hindsight is easy, but Dobs should have started the year in the rotation. My untrained eye says he is much better as a starter, than coming out of the pen. He was our best in ST. As explained above, the slider change is killing him, that probably wasn't his idea - and the contract - w
  2. Since your original posting it seems "The Baldelli narratives live on", and are stronger than ever. I see no evidence since this post began of any improvement on the part of Rocco. He isn't getting any better in my opinion.
  3. Hard to believe tonights lineup. 6 of 10 spots to rookies. It's fun in a way, and to see 4 of them look so promising at the plate. Larnach and Kirilloff batting over .260, Gordon and Jeffers really playing confident - awesome news (duh) bench Shoemaker in favor of Over. I think we start winning more than losing. Bold statement maybe. Last night was huge.
  4. Certainly not. The whole thing is dumb. They treat him like a china doll. Play him at Target and let's try to win.
  5. And the Cubs just cut Chalmers and have a week to trade him. If they do.... we are, well you know.
  6. How is he less likely to be injured playing tonight for St. Paul?
  7. It would be a total joke if he doesn't. What else does he need to prove in St. Paul? We obviously need him in the lineup. Another matter - Giants just traded Wisler to the Rays. Why didn't we think of that?
  8. I'm with you - but reality says what it says. Will hope Donaldson and Cruz keep banging. Brewers just put their 3Bman on the IL - looking to me like Robles will bring back the most? Fire sale may be in our best interests. If not for the injuries and the meltdown we'd never have seen Larnach and Gordon at Target this soon. Kirilloff and Jeffers look great - Refsnyder is a 4th OF find for us and I'd like to see Simmons moved quicker than the rest so we can play Gordon. It's time for him to get this chance. I'd like to see an infield of Arraez(3b)Polanco(ss)Gordon(2b)Kirilloff(1b) the rest of the
  9. Last week I was re-tool. This week I am re-build. I am on track to be Absolute cleanout by next week.
  10. I wonder how much more in return we would get for Buxton and Berrios trading them next month vs over the winter? Is it significant? Same question for Rogers. I wonder how the impending negotiations and the strike potential of 2022 plays into trade decisions? Will there be a normal season? Does the FO hedge there bet against this and go rebuild for 2023/24? I wonder if Pohlad gets squishy, and insists on a financial purge considering this years results and next years potential partial/compromised season. I am guessing the Donaldson contract is in his crosshairs.
  11. 2023 in mind means signing or trading Berrios and Buxton. I think we can compete in 2022 and would be afraid to move these 2 this summer. You're not going to see a Berrios or Buxton extension in the next 6 weeks. I do not favor a total rebuild pointing towards 2023. Get what you can for Cruz and Simmons - maybe move Garver or Kepler if you can get a top 100 pitching prospect for each, but let's not give up on next year for heavens sake.
  12. I needed this article. I do love Mitch, he is what I would call a gamer but, I also think if we are indeed way out of contention a month from now, Mitch is one of the key pieces to cash in on and move for a stud pitching prospect. I want the retool, not the rebuild - in the retool we are going to have to give up more than just our expiring contract veterans, to get back some stud potential help. Cruz/Simmons will both go, and we'll get something - but the bold retool moves a stud for a stud. Which of our studs should be traded? Garver is the least risky and painful I think - maybe Kepler as we
  13. Now is not the time. Maybe 45 days from now, but I think I am taking the other side of the argument and keeping him. He is the main mentor among the players in the clubhouse. We most obviously need all the mentors we can get. I'm looking for some meaningful, move the needle trades. Trading Cruz doesn't bring us help next year.
  14. Exactly. The answer to the trade Donaldson question is do you intend to compete next year? My take is, he is coming on right about now. He usually does. He will mash from here on out I think, and probably start slow again next spring. We should be dealing others barring a miracle in the next 3 weeks.
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