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  1. Rod Carew. We all tried to get in the Rodney batting stance in 3rd grade, which was my banner year in baseball. Our little league in St. Paul, circa 1973 featured Joe Magrane on the mound (former Cardinal) - of course I was at 2B. We had one other pitcher who rotated with Magrane. When one pitched the other caught. Joe caught with his own glove because our catching mitts were right-handed. I remember my finest play of the season was catching a flamethrower from Magrane behind the plate to throw out a runner at 2nd. My Dad ended up following his career after sitting in the stands with Joe's parents all year. He still talks about it to this day. It wasn't hard to tell at 9 years old Magrane was going pro someday. Easily 3 times as good as any kid in our little league. I don't remember him ever giving up a hit.
  2. Do not extend a player before you give him an everyday position. Who gives an extension to a bench player? I hope they give him a full time position, or trade him if we can get a good return. With our current lineup, I'd like to see him start the season leading off and at DH. Great eye, Great contact. I wish Rocco would settle on a more consistent lineup this year, beginning with Arraez leading off 140 games.
  3. I will hope the Escobar trade and the Pressly trade make this list by mid-season. Duran in the starting 5, and Alcala closing games. The James Rowson hire, albeit didn't stick, but that was an excellent hire.
  4. I think the 2020 season is working against us. Owners learned how to function with no games and no game revenue. Manfred's relationship with the players union is not good, and they don't trust him. Players are more likely to cave than owners, meaning owners will likely push them too far. Fans, concession workers, ancillary businesses and communities get hosed. Money is a divisive force do doubt.
  5. I hope we are not in full-blown rebuild, but I am speculating we are, and if we are, why would JD make sense on this team? If we go into April with our current starting pitching, signing or trading for no one, than we are in re-build in my opinion. You'll never get Falvey to admit rebuild. Bundy doesn't exactly signal we're going for it. Not giving Berrios the contract the Jays gave him doesn't exactly signal we're going for it. Not competing for any free agents in Oct/Nov doesn't exactly signal we're going for it. I gather we are rebuilding, and/or preparing for a partial season.
  6. Trading JD isn't about the bring back, it is about salary relief on a team rebuilding with youth. If we aren't signing or trading for some quality starting pitching (and it looks like we aren't), then you move the old and overpaid. If Donaldson struggles or gets hurt early, you get zero for him at the trade deadline.
  7. The Berrios trade coupled with no interest in free agents this Oct/Nov tells me we are going with what we have. If we are going with what we have, we try to trade JD - and with a universal DH - I think we find a National league taker. I keep Arraez, and he bats leadoff - and he primarily DH's, and backs up 2nd and 3rd. Youth movement for us, especially if we have a partial season I think.
  8. Happy New Year Brock! Thanks for the great and awesome Twins site! There is nowhere better to go to learn, communicate and follow my beloved Minnesota Twins.
  9. I blame them. They chose Cave over Wade. Turned out to be a mistake - and we compound mistake by signing Cave again. Lamont was an on base machine in his brief call up. They had to pick Cave because we traded Gil for him. Good for Wade. I am happy for him. I am sad for us.
  10. Point was - they should have let him fly as a starter in April after the great spring training run. 2nd point was - if he throws like a stud this spring, we might have something. He didn't get the chance to translate to games that actually count last year. Not on him.
  11. He was by far our best starter in spring training last year. He should have been in the rotation to start 2021. Hindsight says he was mismanaged. He deserves a spot in this rotation. He will have a good spring in my opinion. I am a Dobber fan, and still believe - as does the front office. He'll get every opportunity to begin the year in the rotation.
  12. The talk last night on MLB tonight was how in todays game it is a must that the FO and the manager are 100% together. Kotsay in Oakland / Showalter in NY examples. No daylight between field manager and front office. The only way Rocco gets fired is if the front office also gets fired. This won't happen in 2022.
  13. Paying up for Story reminds me of paying up for Donaldson. We supposedly don't land Wheeler (like we tried?) - and we settle for offense/defense in Donaldson. We need quality pitching as a top priority. If we pass on Donaldson we are in better shape today. I say pass on Story. We seem intent on running out a bunch of kids on the mound. I'll bet we also are intent on running a kid out to shortstop. They got their Buxton signing done. Not sure they sign a big deal for anyone else as things stand today? Let's see how Nick Gordon looks at short this spring might be the thinking until we get to Lewis or Martin.
  14. My definition of a fair way to assess this deal - to me, it means we are trying to win. I want to try to win. That is what this means. I am also happy with this deal because it means Byron likes us and wants to stay and win here. This is all good.
  15. This is only a conundrum for us. Based on the hindsight provided by the Jose Berrios saga, I believe the FO has always been set on a team friendly extension, or a trade. Trading the 2 most valuable trade chips left over by the TR regime is consistent with most front offices desire to create their new team in its own image. Falvey would have taken a world series championship with Ryans players, but now here we are. I think they are trading Buxton.
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