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  1. I agree with this and would like to see the statistics on starting pitchers by team, and pitches thrown. The naked eye test says we don't allow our starters to throw as many pitches as they should/could be throwing - especially considering the troubled bullpen of ours. Is this universal, or do we baby our starters more than most?
  2. A proper adjustment he can make today is no more high leverage for Pagan for now. 7 earned runs in his last 2 attempts, and the walks. The Taylor Rogers opening day trade was not Rocco's fault. Next man up please.
  3. I wish this was true but he has an agent, and Boras got Falvey to pay exactly $100K more than the highest paid SS for a reason. Boras will not allow him to be paid less than any other SS. I am more inclined to think he re-ups with us for another $35.1M in 2023.
  4. I know it is still early but I'd like to see a statement made. Start our best line up every day and take 7 out of 8 from them these next 11 days, and 2 months from now look back and say this is when we buried them and took the division momentum for good. Let's go Rocco. Play to win every inning in every game!
  5. I completely agree with you. The big red machine was my Dad's favorite team and I was fortunate to see them play in person. The automatic strike zone is coming which will make pitch framing irrelevant. This is a very dubious stat, and I was never a believer in this measurement to assess a catchers value. At the end of last season, I was a fan of giving Rortvedt the catching nod over Jeffers - I loved Ben's arm, his quickness, and hoped he could become a hitter. Johnny Bench was the gold standard because he was a defensive minded, blocking and tackling hard throwing backstop general who could hit with the very best and led his team to multiple championships. I am not sure this caliber of player chooses to play catcher in this era? Here is an outside the box idea - After hearing that Miranda is our emergency catcher, I wonder why we wouldn't give a guy like him an opportunity to be the next Johnny Bench? 3B is the closest training ground to becoming a catcher, and we have plenty of 3B options on this current team. I understand this is not a mid-season possibility, but his bat would be nice in that spot.
  6. We have created depth from which to trade from here. Infield and corner outfield. One more Sonny Gray, and one more Jhoan Duran would go along way to post season competitiveness this year.
  7. Exactly. This is precisely why the opening day trade of our closer was confounding - AND we paid his salary to boot. Still don't understand this trade - and by making this trade, it tells me our front office would indeed trade Correa under certain circumstances.
  8. When I saw this topic my first thought was the trade possibility brewing. With Larnach taking LF, and Arraez taking 1B Kirilloff doesn't exactly have a clear path to the starting 9. No question we must give up someone great, to get back someone great. We are very deep this year at corner outfield, and I do not see Miranda going back down. I don't see Kirilloff coming back up unless we have a starting position available.
  9. I do not understand the logic of signing Correa if we aren't going to go all in THIS year. Going all in means trading someone painful like Lewis. I would be more inclined to not do that. In fact, I would deal Correa. There are 5 teams on his trade list. I move him, and stick with and build up the young pitchers for next year. We are way more than 1 stud starter away from the promised land in 2022. Now, I probably don't move Correa until I am convinced he won't sign here long term, so I am having those conversations now. Don't really understand the Correa signing if we don't go for broke THIS year?
  10. Cannot say enough about Trevor Larnach. He has arrived and left field looks to be in good hands for the next several years! Now if Rocco would just position him better
  11. He is the best trade chip from our perspective because we wouldn't miss him. Our best trade chip is the guy we would miss the most. It is likely our potential trade partner wants high upside youth, unless we pull a deal with a contender. I don't have high hopes for this front office to go for it this year. The deals we've made have been on both sides of the "appearing to want to compete scale". The Gray trade says we want to win now. Correa signing says win now. Garver trade says, hold on we need a shortstop and here is our best catcher. Yankees trade says here is our biggest signing ever 3Bman, please take him off our hands, oh and give us that catcher you don't want. Rogers trade says we want controllable players going beyond 2022 and we'll figure out the back end of the bullpen later. Seems we are trying to do both things simultaneously, win now, and build for the future. Front office of the year if they pull that one off.
  12. I'll answer yes to your question because he makes contact. I love to see a young prospect who doesn't strike out. This young man will be quite dangerous when he starts taking pitches better. Kind of a right-handed Eddie Rosario. He is up to stay in my opinion.
  13. Very promising next wave coming in 2-3 years with the play in Low and High A ball so far this year. We also still have some major league talent in St Paul with Kirilloff, Steer, Beckham and Cave. It will be interesting to watch as the trade deadline approaches and how we look to improve the major league pitching staff for a late season run. We have some excellent talent 2-3 years away, and we have some major league depth at corner outfield and middle infield.
  14. Good example last night. Archer better be allowed to go further in another month. Pulled after 5 innings w/70 pitches is the recipe for burning up your bullpen. Thank goodness for Griffin Jax. He is the best bridge we have to the back end. Now we just need one or two more Duran's.
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