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  1. It was a dump, but I have so many memories of going to games there that I can’t look at it any other way than fondly. All those days in high school and college when we sat in the cheap seats and had a great time.
  2. Edit: Bryan made me double post and I don’t know how to fix it.
  3. What you do is you tell Kepler and Rosario "Hey, if you see Byron going full speed towards that fence, you tackle him. That tackle will be better than him hitting the fence."
  4. Killebrew is 39 years old in that picture? You could have told me that he's in his 50's, and I wouldn't have asked questions.
  5. I work in a small office, and we'll be staying open. That'll be interesting. We work with a lot of doctors offices (dentists and pediatricians), and they are doing their best to get the message about how they keep their offices clean, and what to do if you're feeling sick. My oldest daughter's school is on spring break, and it sounds like they'll be back on Monday. That one makes me a little nervous, since they only have spring break every other year, so a lot of people head out of town on trips. Hopefully nobody brings anything back. My wife is also a teacher, but they haven't had spring break yet. They're also trying to figure out what to do to prevent everyone from getting sick. These are the types of things nobody plans for, and when you talk about them in meetings, it's when 75% space out, because "that's not gonna happen". Welp...it's happening (and not in the fun Twins way).
  6. I think it's a little early for him to get cut, but I think missing that camp time didn't help his cause. I agree that he'd definitely get some opportunities this summer, but going on Twitter and being pissed about it rarely is a useful way to go about it. Doesn't make them move you up faster, and rarely makes them trade you faster, since you won't bring back as much right away.
  7. Should have let my high school buddies work more concession stand dates. Wouldn't have had as many leftovers We worked one game and a guy walked out with 9. Ate them all. We became familiar with local gas stations on the way home.
  8. That was what I was nervous about, but I don't have a contract with Spectrum, so it worked out best case scenario. I was researching all of the different streaming services when we were going to get rid of Sling, and they were either cheap, or had what I wanted, and there wasn't much in the middle of the Venn diagram. I would use the whole year either way, though, since the two main things I watch are the Twins and the Wild.
  9. I just switched from Sling back to cable, since it ended up being about the same price to get cable and internet vs. Sling and internet (plus a better channel lineup). I don't get why the RSN's are such a pain in the ass, but the streaming services just aren't as great as they once were, IMO. When I first got Vue, it was cheaper and had all the channels someone would want. Then they got rid of 10 channels and raised the prices. Switched to Sling and they raised the prices, then got rid of FSN.
  10. Here are his Twins specific rankings: https://theathletic.com/1615856/2020/02/27/keith-laws-prospect-rankings-minnesota-twins/
  11. I'd watch any lineup at this point. I just want to watch baseball with the curtains closed, and pretend the grass outside my house is as green as the grass on the field.
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