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  1. If this is adding a guy to back up 2 or 3 positions in the infield, it’s a good trade and I like it. If it’s a trade for a guy to start somewhere all season…oofda. (I think it’s option 1)
  2. Does this mean Miranda is the full time 3B now? Or Arraez? Heck, if they sign a SS, is Lewis going to 3B? Urshela was solid, but not solid enough to hold other people back. You can get similar production from someone younger and cheaper.
  3. My wife is giving me $20 to spend on parking at the SCSU women’s hockey game. I’m pretty sure that it’s free. If Carlos accepts, I’m willing to act like the parking really did cost $20, and give him the money. I’ll risk it. I’ve been in trouble before.
  4. Thanks to everyone at Twins Daily for the reports all season. It’s a nice way to be familiar with people when they eventually make it to the Twins. Also, my wife would karate chop me in the larynx if I got milb.tv. Watching more baseball, and with granier picture, probably wouldn’t pass
  5. $20 is just way too much. $10 is pretty much the sweet spot, and that’s after adding the Twins. There’s just nothing on there worth watching besides Twins and Wild games (for me). No point in cancelling cable and getting 10 different streaming services that add up to the same price as cable. I used PS Vue and Sling, but it cost too much for limited content.
  6. Credit to both him and the Twins. The Twins are smart to platoon him like they do, and his effort and ability to make himself an option at multiple positions has been impressive. He made himself from a guy that might not make it, to a guy that’ll be in the league still in 5-7 years.
  7. People are hustling to call “no dibs” on the minor league report writing the next couple days.
  8. They’ve definitely upgraded their pitching today, which is nice to see.
  9. Hate to give up such solid prospects, but you can’t get decent pitchers for free. Miranda doing so well helps, too. Hopefully it pays off. Also, the rotation for next year is lining up to be pretty solid.
  10. I think he’s great for what his role is as a utility fielder. If you can get 3 or 4 years out of him in this role, that’s really solid. Obviously not ideal for a 5th overall pick, but you could do worse than what you’re getting out of him. I don’t think he ever takes anyones starting spot, but he’s going to get in a lot of games at a lot of spots going forward.
  11. It was a dump, but I have so many memories of going to games there that I can’t look at it any other way than fondly. All those days in high school and college when we sat in the cheap seats and had a great time.
  12. Edit: Bryan made me double post and I don’t know how to fix it.
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