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  1. Great story! There are a few more Minnesota baseball personalities such as the Appleton flash, the manager, the 2 catchers, several pitchers including the Shockapee reliever who the Twins could sign and the announcer from Dumont. It’s great to read about Minn. native baseball players.
  2. First things first let’s get this lockout over with. The lockout will be 1 of three options for the Twins 1. No change 2. Positive change 3. Negative change. What if the 2022 season is aborted?
  3. It was for many a year the economics of baseball were dependent on the fan, the player & the owner. Baseball doesn’t drive baseball any more. It’s the other revenue venues market that drive baseball. The revenue from fans ticket sales doesn’t drive baseball anymore. It’s driven by the TV Rights (advertising), radio, an many other types of media, the company store using player name recognition to sell at impulsive & insulting prices, partnership advertising. & many other marketing products, & concessions to name a few. Baseball suffers from the past sins of abusive power of owners. They don’t like the idea getting caught with their hands in the cookie ($$) jar. Baseball owners though baseball would be (king of the hill) because baseball controlled the lion share of leisure & sport $$$$ budget. But football, basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, track & field, other sport venues have overcome collectively baseball by a wide margin.
  4. I have no problem with this draft pick and being a local kid should help draw fans.
  5. Starter going 9 innings, starter going 5-6 innings. starter going 1-3 innings. it’s 6 of 1 or 1/2 dozen of the other what is the difference. The goal of the 1st inning is to hold the opponent too zero runs or the lowest runs possible. That’s the goal of every inning for the pitcher. What’s the difference if a pitcher goes innings 1,2,3 or goes innings 6,7,8 and both pitchers are successful. What’s the difference the skill set, the mental maturity, chronological age of the pitcher and the team’s ability, and dollars. The revolution of pitching staffs size is a remarkable history; let’s start with; 4 starters & 2 relievers, total of 6 pitchers on roster4 starters & 3-4 relievers total of 7-8 pitchers on roster 4 starters & 5 relievers total of 9 pitchers on roster4-5 starters 6-7 relievers total of 10-12 pitchers on roster5-6 starters 6-8 relievers total of 13-14 pitchers on roster. How has this change come about 1. Science & research 2. Stats 3. Player & team concerns 4. Supply & demand. 5. Dollars Cardinal rule of pitching is. ;weak starters require a very strong bullpen; average starters require average bullpen. .strong starters require an average bullpen. The relief pitcher market price has started to catch up to the starting pitching market price. What affect will this have on the future budget.?
  6. I believe Lewis, Canterino, Durham will make it to the 26 man roster of the Twins in “2022”. They have the skills, maturity and the desire to make this year. I believe at least 1 will break spring training with the Twins. If spring training is delayed because of the lockout,then, the changes improve for the remaining two.
  7. Garver, is more than a 1 tool player, as he can play c, 1b &dh. How about signing him to a 3-4 year contract @ $9m-$10m per year. He will most likely have his injuries. That,s the risk of playing baseball as a catcher.
  8. High school baseball for over 70 years baseball has never been a high revenue or a crowd attention sport. Many times only the players, coaches and umpires are the audience. It’s a sad situation. It’s amazing that baseball has survived as well as it has.
  9. Will 2023 be too late to maximize value in trades or is 2022 be the the year maximize value. What is the risk factor of injury in comparison between 2021 & 2022? What will the market be for Arraez in 2022-23 and what will the market offer for Arraez in 2022-23.If a trade of Arraez for a better asset who surpasses Arraez’s production, then it’s good to do it in 2021-22.. Then if the new player improves the Twins record to 85-90 wins! Then why not make the trade in 2022? I think there are a couple very good starting pitchers that have trade value equal to Arraez’s trade value on the market now and fill the hole between the starting rotation and the prospects on the farm and improve the Twins record by 5 to 12 wins next year.
  10. M. Givens, H. Strickland are two who could be added to the list. Their stats are reasonable. Givens has some closing experience. Bradley is another reliever that could be added to the list but may end up to expensive.
  11. I like Montas because he is 28 yrs. old &with good stats, with 2 yrs. team control. Andrus is 32 yrs. old, his last couple years stats seem to be deteriorating, he being paid out on 8 yr. contract with a player 1 yr extension that could be expensive. I think there are 3 ss on the FA list Story, Simmons & Ingeles who are equal or better than Andrus. I agree Story would take a long term commitment & big time money. When I look at the facts of what Twins/Donaldson contract looked like. Then, look at facts of signing Story for 5-6 yrs at $23m-$25m per year is reasonable. Twins ownership is talking out of both sides of their mouth.
  12. Greinke as a bullpen starter day may work well and in Baldillo schim may work with starters going 5 innings. Then, he could used as a pinch hitter on off days. But what kind of salary ($8-15m) will it take to sign him and will he put the Twins on his trade list. Does the mlb limit 14 pitchers on the 26 man roster? There is too much risk for me to feel comfortable with him. A Greinke signing would require a stronger bullpen than the Twins may have.
  13. I’m feeling the Padres have a couple of potential pitchers within Twins budget range Paddock. & Clevinger . There is some risk with Clevinger coming off TJ surgery & may be July of 22 before he makes the mlb. Paddock had a down year & he is young. The Twins could trade Larnach & Vallimont. Clevinger is 30 yrs. old, FA in 23, salary $6m. Paddock is 26 yrs. old, FA in 24, salary $2m. The Padres may be interested in this trade as the Padres are near about $20m from the luxury tax line.
  14. I wouldn’t because I want to keep the Simmons- Woods - Richardson as he is very young, & has outstanding skills. I would make the trade Arraez, Dobnik, Sands, Vallimont, Rooker & Thorp for for Montas, Andries
  15. Not at time as the caliber of the minor leagues don’t seem to have an over supply of mlb players ready to be promoted to the mlb.
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