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  1. Maybe MLB could suspend both 10 games or more.
  2. It’s great to see the Twins having fun & regaining their confidence in their ability to play and win. They are winning as a team. I congratulate the team on a great job well done!
  3. The Berrios trade was a good trade for both sides. Each team got a lot of potential. As a Twins fan I will have adjust to these types of trades. There are three types of trades (1) future potential, (2) now valve (3) past value. Two top prospects for 1 slightly above average player is a good trade. Now the next question is who is more valuable to the Twins; Martin who can play outfield & maybe an infield position or Arraez who is limited on defense but an offensive table setter hitter. Then getting a pertty darn good pitcher who ranks in the Twins top 10 prospects. With all the prospects coming up and doing well. Arraez maybe extendible for a good relief or starting pitcher with shelf life of 2 years. Let’s play ball and have fun.
  4. It depends what the market place makes available and the asking price and the willingness of the buyer to meet the price. This year and if the Twins remain in the play off race will determine how the Twins will approach the final trade deadline. Injuries and player “down turns” will also play important part of the trade decision. At this time and most of the time the need for starting and relief pitching will be considered. The price will be considerably higher because the Twins will be looking at higher quality players. These trades may require high quality prospects. It’s about a 1 1/2 months away when the market will begin to show who may be available.
  5. Excellent pitchers are allowed too have a subpar day. The Twins survived and he kept them in the game. I would rather a pitcher going 4 2/3 innings and the team win the game as to a pitcher going more innings and the team losing the game. Winning the game is the ultimate goal of the team. I’m proud that Ryan is a Twin and pitching well. I am proud of the 2022 Twins. I would enjoy watching Correa fulfill the 3 yr. contract and 3 more years. I also enjoy all the Twins players and the rookie comingup and contributing.
  6. Excellent article and philosophy. My life time of observations is they go hand in hand and are kind of like an electrical plug in. A one prong plug in doesn’t work a two prong plug will work but does have some possibilities of dangers but a three prong plug in works best in safety, efficiency and production of a good outcome. There are so many sub headings or traits that also play into the situation such as respect, humbleness, types of leadership conduciveness, timeline order, honor, genuineness, nonjudgmental, adaptability, forgiveness & meeting the needs of the individual & team. I feel this ishappening now in 2022 to the Twins.
  7. I’m not sure who is sent down but May 1st may bring about a trade or two. This would all depend what the market place has to offer and at what price and if the Twins want to meet the price? There will be about 58 other players moved on May 1st. The last 3 days of April May 1st will be interesting. All we know is after this week there will be only 13 pitchers & 13 position players on the Mlb roster.
  8. The maybe turning the corner to a very good season. Tomorrow is the 10% mark of the 2022 season. Let’s be a little patient yet. This Twin’s team is built so differently than the past years teams in a younger age, higher potential skill levels. The roster will still change so this year, injuries will happen, momentum swings will occur. The 2021 roster had too many elder statesmen on it with falling off skill sets. When a team brings young 25-30 year old players bring about greater progress than as compared to 35-40 year players. The bullpen is going thru changes but appears to be making progress. I believe the Twins will finish the 22 season with a record of 92–70 or better.
  9. Some of these opinions are beyond being comprehensible and defeat the very reason why baseball or team sports are played. A team of human robots isn’t fun to play with or to watch. If you don’t like the Twins and the moves they made since the lockout, then, maybe you should consider becoming a fan of another team.
  10. I too am a little old fashioned and baseball players are creatures of habit and like a set batting order. When hitters have momentum let them play and then let them rest a day after going 0-3. I would think the manager would figure this out and a lot of other things because he isn’t a rookie manager as he is starting his 4th season. The fans, FO, players aren’t as forgiving as with a rookie manager. The other 29 teams have books on Baldy’s managing tendencies.
  11. The Twins are about 1/2 thru April and the coldest part of the season and if there record is at near 500% or better, then it will be successful start to a good year. I suspect there will be a couple of trades before the trade deadline & that’s fine but with who, position, when, where are very indefinite because the market hasn’t shown availability yet, price or willingness to move. The market availability seems to be weak to meet the needs of the Twins immediately.
  12. I was rather shocked when I’m saw Rogers traded, but I think it will be a good trade for the Twins. I consider Paddock a diamond in the ruff. He young (age 26) has and a roller coaster career and that’s ok at age 26. He can now settle in with some consistency and be Twins winner. Pagan will bring value to the bullpen too. At the end of the 2022 season, I feel Paddock will be more valuable to the Twins than Rogers would have been. Rogers was too fragile to handle the 2022 season. That’s why game is played.
  13. Wait a minute as it is to early to send him down give the kid a chance. Too small of a sample!
  14. not so fast minuses, even though the Twins have a 159 games to play in 2022 yet and saying the Twins will not having successful season.. l liked Rogers too but he was only a part time closer because his skills & stamina dropped considerable. I believe the pluses will prevail and Twins will be successful. The management & ownership seem to have turned the corner in evaluating risk & moving in a timely fashion. GO TWINS! YOU CAN DO IT IN 2022!
  15. My grandpa told me this a long time ago “If you live by the numbers, then, you will die by the numbers.” There a lot of truth in that statement because they also generate a contra set of data of predictability to neutralize the first set of numbers and defeat. I too often feel that Rocco doesn’t develop a contra situation or game plan. This is also called “thinking-a-head.” It easy to be 20-20 after the event has happened. In baseball going 162-0 is impossible to do, and in fact no team has finished a season with a 750 winning percentage. The gold standard in baseball is finishing at or above 600%. I agree a win in the first month of season is worth as much as a win in the last month of the season. There is another unwritten rule in regard to “hitter momentum “ versus “ mandatory regular day off”. Because “momentum “ is so fraudual it’s best not to interrupt with the process of “momentum “. I understand why rest is so important but the “process of momentum is generally a limited duration of its own time”. This unwritten rule seems to have a greater effect on average or below skilled players. That’s why we play the game.
  16. It seems like this trade has an equal number of (+) and (-). I have enjoyed watching T. Rogers the paste few years, however, he had some short comings and his injury to his finger may cause future problems. Paddock has his own short comings. Therefore is Pagan more valuable than Rooker? I feel there are some excellent prospects closer to fulfilling the closer position than a starter pitcher position. This 2022 roster appears to be one of the better rosters the Twins have fielded for the past several years. The 2022 roster has some ??? but are more easily fixable than in the past. Now all that’s left, is production and injuries.
  17. I could see another trade with Orioles for Means or the “A”s for Montas and the Padres who could provide a couple of different trade options. My Oakland trade is wild & expensive for 2022; Twins offer of Arraez, Rooker & Vallimont for Oakland’s Montas, 2 years $5.5 m, Trevino, 1 year $3m, & Piscotty, 1 year $7.5 m & 2023 buy out of $1m. Including Piscotty should help to entice Oakland desire to make the trade.
  18. I am assuming the management feels the Twins prospects are further down the road to the majors than the fans think. Or management didn’t believe that Manaea could carry the Twins far enough in 2022 to win the peanut. Apparently the ‘A’s’ felt more value in Padres #12 & #26 prospects than the Twins #12 & #26 prospects. Sometimes, I too feel management disappoints me by moving too slow, too fast, to irresponsible, make dumb deals, make a good deal and then a surprising excellent deal. Like my grandpa would say “there are more fish in the lake” than Manaea or Montas. There are 28 other teams in mlb besides ‘the A”s, who have some pitchers similar talent at a more reasonable price. Target Field isn’t forgiving as Oakland Col. I would be ok with Montas & even Manaea and several other starting pitchers.
  19. I made a mistake the Twins record should be 90-72 and not 90-62.
  20. Nobody is going to win 90 games this year according to the née sayers. My feelings are: Twins 90-62, Sox 89-63, Detroit 83-81, KC 80-82, Guardians 78-84. It will be a tight race for 1-2 places, 3-4 places and not far behind 5th place. During the off season the Twins got better and younger, Sox stayed pat and got older and peaked in 2021 and slight decline, Tigers got older limited improvement, KC got older & modest improvement, Guardians are status quo and getting older. The Twins will make in season roster adjustments by call ups from prospects and the capability to make a worthwhile trade or trades .
  21. I think the Twins are in a very good position to retain Correa because they have set a definite value of $35.1 m. till 2025. If the market determines Correa’s value is (example) $40 m. , then, the Twins could extend Correa and offer to increase another $5 m per years remaining years of contract and increase the length of years. What’s most important is the relationship building between the Twins and Correa. The market place will remain limited because of economics and philosophy. I congratulate ownership on its motto “we will participate in big dollar contracts are fine but on a shorter term of years”. The “Correa deal” is proof of their ideals. Now on the current situation of pitching to go either trades verses prospects is philosophical and that’s ok. The question is where do we put our trust? The Twins history of prospects making it to the big leagues every year is lacking consistency. But trades don’t always work out either. Another question is do we trust another rookie until Maeda comes back when he ready? Do we wait until the trading dead line to trade? Do the Twins make the trade market or wait until the market comes comes to the Twins? How & what value do you assign to prospects? What is the Twins plan of priorities? A facts we know now is the Twins are lacking in left handed starting pitchers. Manaea (A’s) or Means (O’s) would appear to fill the void adequately and Montas (A’s) would fine. We have to remember the age differential is only 3 years between prospects & trade candidates. The trade candidates salaries are within Twins assigned budget values. Candidates ages are 28 & 29 which are +++. The question is re-sign ability of candidates at market price? Therefore, I prefer a trade route over promoting a prospect.
  22. when to promote a prospect is hard to determine when the prospect is ready. It’s not an exact science. It’s depends on the player’s maturation, skills ability, motivation skills, psychic approach, and communication and observation skills. Past indecaters show only historical values. Baseball is played in the now and not in the past. The past has no energy because energy because energy is developed today.
  23. The Twins and Correa should be congratulated on doing a great job. A+++. This Correa deal may be the type of contract for the future of baseball. This type of contract has benefits for both the player and ownership. This may be the only way small market teams can compete in the future for talented players. Furthermore, I go to ball games is to watch the team win with talented players. I don’t go to games to see a team lose with lower or lacking talent. The highest costing players are the ones who can only perform at a low level of skills because of declining skills or lack of ability either physically, or mentally. Less we not forget that Correa is a dam-good player and at the top end of the current pay scale and that’s fine too. Cueto is far overpriced and seriously on the decline. Montas isn’t overpriced and the “A’s” asking price may or may not be too high. I think if the Twins offered Duran, Sands, Arraez & Larnach to the “A’s” for Montas, Manaea ,Trevino (rhrp) & Piscotty(lf) would get the “A’s attention.
  24. The Padres may be ready to move Paddock, Snell & Clevinger (1 year in recovering from TJ. surgery)& Lement. But there are injury concerns. Tampa Bay may have interest in trading pitching for prospects.
  25. The Texas-Yankees trades were a great job and accomplished much and now sign Story and sign Pineda and 2 relief pitchers
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