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  1. In a game where Happ and Shoemaker combine to pitch 6+ innings in a game and yet the Twins can still walk away with a 'W,' now that is some positive news indeed.
  2. Thanks as usual. I've also noticed de la Trinidad just keeps hitting and hitting.
  3. I thought it was ironic that Shoemaker, who was pulled from the role of a starter because he couldn't get through two innings, was to come in for Ober so that Shoemaker could still assure the loss by pitching the final two innings instead of the first two...I was under the impression Shoemaker was pulled as starter because he wasn't good, so why would he be brought in during an even higher leverage situation? I have trouble processing that, sorry...
  4. Polanco is excellent trade bait--a good hitter with flexibility as to where he can play and team control. I'd like to trade him for some upside prospects considering this baseball garbage is about to be jettisoned into space for this year. I'd like to do the same with Kepler, but I am wondering what kind of return we could get considering he has yet again disappointed,
  5. It seems like Rooker really is an all or nothing in every at bat. Four more Ks and a double--it's very Sano-like. Thanks for the update.
  6. I know that hindsight is 20-20, but I wouldn't really think that Shoemaker had earned a chance in such a high leverage situation. He can't get out of the first inning when he starts a game. I was thinking of him coming into games when the Twins are losing by 6-7 runs. I'd have much preferred to see Jax in such situations, Why not? We already know what we don't have in Shoemaker. If Jax lost the game, we could chalk it up to experience, but for it to be Shoemaker........I think there is every reason to DFA him, and the sooner the better. If he miraculously turns out to be great, all the power t
  7. It was home run derby all over Twins Territory tonight I guess. Maybe they secretly switched back to the juiced baseballs... It was nice to see all of those home runs, but the ERAs definitely took a hit for quite a few of the pitchers.
  8. Only Gamedayed the first four batters of the game and the last four--the worst and then the best. I can only say, "Shocking!" Do you think this will break this kind of mindset we have against the Yankees? We can hope!
  9. Thanks for this. It really exposes a number of troubling aspects. The stats about Buxton, however, don't really fly for this season. He may be a powerful presence, but it hasn't been a winning combination this year; the Twins are 9-15 when he has played. That's not meant to denigrate his play; it just points to the impact of the other points you've made.
  10. I also misremembered no balls being hit hard. The double in the first was ripped come to think of it.
  11. Dobnak was pretty bad in today's game and he pitched much better in the game 2 playoff against the Yankees. As I recall, he had two outs and the bases were loaded, but only one run had crossed. The Yankees had not hit a ball hard to that point in the game (two groundball singles and a walk in that inning I believe). I wasn't happy to see Baldelli come and get the ball in that game. He handed it to Duffy as I recall who promptly hung that knuckle curve of his to Gregorius and suddenly it was five runs.
  12. How about some Haiku: Dreams arise oh Twin Green fields and days of glory, Ah, nightmare depart.
  13. They don't believe they can beat the Yankees, so they don't. The sense is almost palpable. Interestingly, it is the newcomers who really gave the Twins all of their runs (Jeffers and Refsnyder) and really kept the Yankees at bay (Farrell). They need to learn that this is not acceptable behavior when playing the Yankees. I'm sure they'll regress with more experiences playing the Yankees. They just need more time to develop their fears.
  14. The Yankees always feast on the Twins because they take a lot of pitches. Their big innings against the Twins inevitably include a couple of BBs and the occasional wild pitch and then comes the bomb This inning is a case in point. I'd say they escaped this inning unscathed. I was thinking 5-6 runs to be honest.
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