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  1. Truth! Never waste a chance when you're in a playoff scenario. They need veteran calmness once they get there. Correa has been there and done that. I think it's huge for the team. Next year...who knows--one or two pitchers are visited by the ghost of Tommy John and it's all out the window.
  2. Yeah what you say is accurate to be sure, but players, coaches and even other professionals tend to heap praises on their bosses and so do people outside of the organizations. It is an exceptionally rare case when a player or another professional trashes someone publicly. There is usually a price to pay for such diatribe. What is heartfelt is difficult to measure. I'm not saying that this is not how folks really feel about Baldelli; I'm sure there are plenty of insiders who do love him, but I am not sure that we can get an accurate picture of what people are really thinking until we get the 'tell all' book. It's kind of like when someone quits a company; suddenly people start saying all kinds of things about that person that no one could have guessed a week before the person quit.
  3. Yay! Actually Les Straker gave us the 5 innings he was asked to give. The bullpen disintegrated in that game against the Cardinals.
  4. What's the deal with Duran and not throwing the fastball? He threw one to Judge and then threw nothing but breakers and sinkers (11 straight pitches). If I'm any hitter, the only pitch I don't want from Duran is the 103 mph express.
  5. This! Of course, Trov is absolutely right. Game 3 epitomized exactly how we play again the Yankees most of the time. One can't sugarcoat the fact that the Twins play differently against the Yankees. If they can't figure this out, they will never go further in the playoffs. It's almost like there is this fear brewing just below the surface and it becomes exposed once the Yankees start making noise. Dare I say it is a mental block. Was there any doubt about the Yankees coming back and winning the game? (It's not other east coast teams that we have problems with; it's the Yankees in particular.) We play the Rays and no such problems, who interestingly enough have no fear of the Yankees themselves--they win some and lose some.
  6. I meant to be a little hyperbolic but intended to say 5 or 6, but 4 or 5 is more accurate, so I say touche to you. As for Duffey, I stand by my position. Let the Twins Daily crowd trash Duffey publicly all they want, but take care of the matter internally.
  7. Props when props are due. Baldelli allowing Archer to pitch into the fifth was huge. (Personally, I couldn't 'tune in' to today's game, so I didn't have to convulse during the fourth inning, but Archer pulled through, and Baldelli--to his credit--stuck with Archer through the fifth.) Good vibes all around.
  8. This strategy can be discussed ad nauseam regarding one series; however, what exacerbates the problem IMHO is consistently going to the bullpen even when a starter is looking good. If the relief core is expected to pitch 6-7 innings per outing, that naturally puts Baldelli in this situation. Also, do you think Duffey hearing Baldelli say, "Well, we're only going to our quality relief core when we have a better chance to win," helps boost Duffey's confidence? Baldelli threw him under the bus! (Even Tom Kelly was more subtle than that.)
  9. A WHIP of 1.00 without including any hits...the Yankees will keep taking the walks as long as the Twins pitchers are AFRAID to throw strikes. Besides those who walked on fewer than seven pitches, was every other hitter at 3 balls and 2 strikes? It sure seemed that way. The Yankees weren't even playing well. Who wins when committing three errors? I just want to play them like we play every other team. If we lose, so be it, but nine walks? That is par for the course when the Twins play the Yankees.
  10. Over the years, we've been very competitive versus the Jays. I like how we kept on adding to the lead, which proved to be more than necessary as it turns out. I'm not sure why Duffey always gets a long leash and some of the starters are pulled throwing fewer than 70 pitches. It seems like the number of pitches or the number of times through the order is the only determining factor rather than how well the pitcher is throwing... In any case, better get the bullpen figured out by the next series or else buy yourself an extra anti-nausea bracelet.
  11. Exactly. As I mentioned previously, if he's pitching well, let him pitch. If he's not take him out. I think most of us thought that Archer's ceiling was not particularly high, but that he could give us innings, but even when he pitches well, he is never given the chance to pitch in the 5th inning (or beyond). That means he cannot get credit for a 'win,' and this must put a drag on his psychological state, so unless he is moved to the bullpen or allowed to pitch at least five when he is pitching well, he is going to be 0-10 for the season or something along those lines--and (of course) he realizes this is the case, which has to be demoralizing. Taking one for the team now and then is something pitchers are expected do, but taking one for the team every time you pitch??
  12. Thanks for this very thorough update. I'm going to post my beef about Baldelli's use of Archer (and 'no, just because I complain about Baldelli's bullpen use, doesn't mean I hate the guy). The way Archer is being used must be demoralizing to the guy. He starts games as a part of the regular rotation and he has never been allowed to go more than four innings even when he has pitched well (even when his pitch total is fewer than 80 pitches). Under the current management, this means he has no-zero-zip-nada opportunities to get a W, and despite the purist goals of taking games for the team, pitchers still have their pride, and this is reflected getting Ws for the team.
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