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  1. If we keep Arraez, can we just keep him as leadoff instead of moving him all over the lineup card?
  2. I also advocated for this...not that my voice could be heard in the smoke-filled rooms, but I think it is a great spark plug for the pace of the game. Instead, they took the more bizarre option of forcing relievers to pitch to a minimum of three batters. Of course, it didn't work. It doesn't even make sense to me. If a reliever is sharp, most of the time, he'd probably stay in the game for multiple hitters. If he walks the first batter on 4-5 pitches, he's probably not sharp, so is it saving so much time by forcing him to pitch to two more hitters and then end up going to the bullpen anyway? Obviously not. Let's dump the goofy rule and go with the clock rule.
  3. Jimmy Kerrigan is doing everything asked of him and he is a good defender. Why doesn't he get a call up? Considering how miserable Kepler has been against lefties, he couldn't be any worse.
  4. Thanks for this. I really love this kind of practical analysis. Many in TD land doubted Shoemaker from the start, but thought Happ would be good. I too had strong misgivings about Shoemaker, especially with the idea he would be plugged in as a starter. I also had doubts about Happ, not because he hadn't performed reasonably well in the past, but because of this age and that the Yankees weren't interested in signing him. The Yankees seems to have a sixth-sense when it comes to aging pitchers and getting rid of them--we shouldn't be so eager to throw our money at their aging castoffs or anyone's aging castoffs. (Actually, it seems that 9 times out of 10 when we do a deal with the Yankees of any kind we get royally screwed...maybe we should just stop doing deals with them?)
  5. I know Gore is a converted outfielder, but was he not a good fielder and/or hitter? (My underlying question is, "Couldn't he be a two-way player?")
  6. These FanGraph interviews are very fascinating. Thanks for the link!
  7. I agree with what most everyone has said about Maeken being a reliable starter. They probably should have shut him down early in the season; however, they read too many of their own press clippings about winning the division when in fact, their pitching staff included two starters who were really bad and a bullpen that was even worse. It's easy to talk about how the Twins got screwed when when we're in the throes of a miserable season compounded by Maeda deciding to go under the knife. Baseball players, especially pitchers, get injured. Who can know whether or not if next year at this point in time the Dodgers are having the same conversation about Graterol's season-ending arm injury? Hind sight really is 20-20.
  8. We shouldn't DFA Garcia. I think he'll pitch for the all-star game next year. The home run derby is need of some good quality arms.
  9. I think that was the knuckler he threw like a lollipop. That's great!
  10. It is curious though that he didn't start for a week, missing his normal turn by 3-4 days...
  11. It's a relevant observation, but I wonder who decides that he is good to go?
  12. I agree completely with the sentiment; however, do we have to let the guy get bludgeoned before he is removed? The in-game management has been flummoxing to say the least. The line-up card is also a mystery to me. We have two of the worst OBP players on the team hitting one and two. Of course they are going to go 1-9 in a game where Boston pitchers are not exactly unhittable. And, concerning Maeken, thank you for asking the question of "Why has Maeda been pitching if he has been injured?" It's a very good question. Even in the previous game when Glavine in the booth mentions that Maeda is acting like his arm is bothering him, it seems very strange to me that no one would come running out from the dugout to ask him why he was shaking his arm. These season has been a very weird one to say the least...and frustrating too.
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