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  1. I was watching a sumo tournament a few years back and there was a tight battle for the lead. One wrestler was demonstrating superior sumo right up until the final days. He then inexplicably tried a 'head pull down.' It failed as it often does because it depends on your opponent's poor balance as the key. He lost the tournament. I never forgot what one 'stable' boss said about the wrestler's attempt at the ill-fated move. 'Bad habits reemerge at the worst times when the pressure is highest.' Enter Polanco at SS. At critical times, he reverts to his bad habits. Why put him are SS? ...a position he is clearly not cut out for. I'd rather go a year with Simmons...
  2. You're missing arguably the most similar case of all--the signing of Jacoby Ellsbury by the NY Yankees after his excellent season with Boston in 2013 (but the Yankees were really dreaming of his 2011 season, which was MVP caliber and ignoring his injury-riddled 2012 season). The oft injured, but certainly fleet-footed and talented center fielder signed with the Yankees for 153 million over seven years, but they could not keep him on the field. From 2017 to spring of 2021, they've shelled out 68 million dollars to a guy who has not played a single game during that time. They are now finally out from under that contract but it was nothing short of a contract disaster.
  3. PS-He's a very good defender and not a lead-footed lumberjack either. (He swiped 26 bases two years ago.)
  4. Yes, I can't argue with your assessment. They were treated poorly (especially Nishioka), but they have treated Maeken very well, and Maeken is very respected by fans, other players and the media here. This can be used to our advantage to kind of lure him here. Seiya Suzuki is an outstanding player who plays good defense and is a very, very good hitter--a really tough out and very clutch. (He also has been more-or-less injury-free.) And, don't forget that both Suzuki and Maeda are Hiroshima Carp players. That has a lot more meaning to Japanese players than one might think. I'd love it if the Twins went all in.
  5. To quote the baseball analysts from Hobbiton. Pippin: What's he doing? Merry: He's leaving!
  6. Basically, I have no reaction. This is exactly what I thought would happen....I would have been stunned if he came back to the Twins.
  7. We didn't lose all of the away games prior to World Series action because we had home field disadvantages against Detroit and Toronto (I think). I do remember we clinched the ALCS at Detroit with a come-backer to Blyleven as the final out, but it's true during WS action that we won every home game and lost every road game. I too have fond memories of the Dome. "Off the baggie!" And as other's have mentioned, you could watch a game without having to take out a loan. The Dome provided me and my pals with many fond memories. I think that Kong once hit a ball that never came down, didn't he? Does anyone remember that?
  8. One of the worst decisions to pull a pitcher I've witnessed. He would have pitched nine innings in that game and probably not given up another run.
  9. The problem at SS does not magically disappear in any of these scenarios. The position requires range, speed, a good glove, a strong arm and mental toughness. I suppose the closest is Lewis, but his arm is being questioned in MiLB, so it seems unlikely that it will play well in MLB. As much as I disliked Simmons bat, I still liked his play at SS. He had the highest defensive WAR on the team outside of Buxton (I believe). My hope is to go get an all-star SS who can hit a bit better than Simmons, but if the plan is to stick a sub-par SS there who can hit, I think we're spinning our wheels. I'd rather sign Simmons to another one-year deal in that scenario.
  10. Look at Simmons' WAR in the field and it's clear to me that we got more or less what we wanted. At the plate, he was a disaster. He struck out quite often in key situations where if he at least made contact, it would have helped. If it means putting Polanco at SS, then, I would rather re-sign Simmons... having a minus WAR at SS does not bode well for the team.
  11. Some of the injuries may be freak things, but the migraines are not and the running into the wall seems to be a habit that's hard for him to break. I love the defense that Buxton brings but I've heard, "Next year..." so many times now, it seems like a "skipping record" (or for the youngsters, "buffering") There are players that are injury prone. I often think of Jacoby Ellsbury as a comparison because of his position and the potential upside he had as well. I hope that's not the case for Buxton and maybe next year will be the year. Let's hope, but you certainly can't count on it IMHO.
  12. I'm far more worried about Kepler, who should be much more consistent. He shows flashes in one game and then goes into a funk for three or four games. I agree that Sano can DH for the Twins and play first on occasion. Put Arraez at first. Despite his short stature, he is a much, much better fielder.
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