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  1. Senga has very good stuff and he is tough. He never gets rattled!! He is one of the reasons that when it comes to playoff time, everyone fears the Fukuoka Hawks....the other being their manager Kudoh, who seems to be able to elevate his teams in the playoffs even when they get into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth (too bad that he retired--for Hawks fans). PS-I wouldn't want Thor. Sure the reward potential is high, but the risk potential seems even higher. It would be nice to have a couple of starters who weren't injured or half-injured for 3/4 of the season.
  2. There are a lot of questions, but some questions cannot be answered by simply getting a bigger and better battleship. Here is what two Astros players have just said: "These guys here, we've never been afraid of the brightest lights," Verlander said. "Obviously New York brings the brightest lights, the most attention. More than anything, it's about not being afraid. I think we embrace it and we bring our A-game and we play our best baseball." Here is the second: Mancini said, "You just want to better yourself every day. These guys prepare better than anybody I've ever seen." I think we need a bigger and better battleship, but if we are leaking oil because we didn't prepare properly or we don't have the right mindset, the battle is lost before it is even fought. There are intangibles in baseball. I'll go to my grave saying that...
  3. Ohtani-san is loved in Japan and by my wife in particular, but the Angels are terrible as usual, so it has to go to Judge for that reason alone IMHO. On the other hand, who would I rather have on the Twins? Ohtani-san because of the dual threat...I'd take Judge though in a heartbeat. BTW, Ohtani-san is an excellent outfielder, but even in Japan, they limited his appearances in the OF once he became a regular player for Nippon Ham.
  4. I finally had a chance to watch the Twins. Way back in June/July, I was kind of hoping to be able to watch them in their "clinching the division" mode when the Angels came to town. Unfortunately, only games 1 and 3 were on J-Sports 3. Game two was on a different J-Sports channel. Not that it really matters but here are my impressions of players who I haven't seen or haven't seen much: Player impressions: Megill: He pitched well in game 1 and terribly in game 3, but even in game one, I told my wife that despite his ability to throw +100 (he did it on several occasions according the Angels announcers...who I like BTW), his fastball has very little movement. I was not impressed in either of the games. Henriquez: I liked him a lot. He moved the ball around and his pitches had very good movement. I think he's legit. Varland: So-so. He has potential, but he looked like a AAA pitcher to me. He made critical mistakes to dangerous hitters. Pagan: He pitched well. I think when he can find the strike zone early in the counts, he can be a decent pitcher. Miranda: He's a pretty good hitter and he'll get better. I like his approach. Gordon: He's a hacker, but I like him. He's hard not to like. He's not an outfielder though--not yet anyway, but who knows. He could become great as he has the speed. Contreras: Send him back to AAA. He's has a long way to go. He made the pitchers look good. He looked decent in centerfield. Celestino: He could be a decent hitter, but when runners were in scoring position, he became very impatient (every time) and swung at the pitcher's pitch. He is a competent fielder. Wallner: He already looks very polished at the plate, and he played very well in the field in game 1. I like him a lot. Hamilton: He hit a homerun when game 3 was out of reach, but he appeared completely overmatched in every other at bat. I don't know very much about him, but he looks like a minor-leaguer to be honest. Urshela: He looked like a professional both at the plate and in the field. Palacios: Sorry, but he doesn't seem to have a clue. He made a few bad decisions in the games that I watched, including the "'no-look" throw into left field, but even on the routine plays, he made mistakes, such as letting the runner on second go to 3rd on a groundout hit directly at him. That's a high school-level mistake. His plate appearances were brutal. In game 1, he never was offered an actual strike from the pitchers but he still struck out. He offered at pitches that were a foot off of the plate early in the count. In game 3, he wasn't much better. I doubt he'll be ready for primetime anytime soon. General impressions: The Twins are a very sedentary team on the bases. The Angels announcers referred to this quite often, noting that if you don't have to throw over to first because you know the Twins aren't going to run, it helps you as a pitcher to 1) relax and 2) save your arm for pitching. (Despite all of the baserunners that Twins had in the two games that I watched, the Angels pitchers NEVER threw over to 1st base--not once!!) Twins hitters constantly expanded the strike zone when runners were in scoring position. Perhaps this explains why they have such abysmal stats with runners in scoring position. They seemed to be thinking launch angle and were very impatient in general. The Twins made a number of mental errors in the field. Of course, this resulted in runs. I mentioned Palacios, but Bundy failing to back up the catcher on a throw home? Those kinds of defensive tactics should be instinctive, but they need to be practiced...I wonder how often they are practiced... OK! Let the poison arrows fall from the skies.
  5. I like it. How about a 12-man rotation? Baldelli might even let someone pitch into the 6th inning on occasion ;-)
  6. In that case, we should have a fantastic team next year....until everyone is injured again.
  7. 2-10 against the Guardians in 1 or 2-run games. We can blame it on injuries but you can't field a groundball with a clipboard.
  8. That elephant was beating on the door with his trunk before the first pitch was ever even thrown. Don't blame the elephant--blame the elephant's trainer.
  9. I thought the game had finished when I checked ESPN for the score....it hadn't. There was a runner on first and one out in the 9th and Fullmer was pitching (I wondered why it wasn't Lopez to be honest) to Hicks. My first instinct and probably the right one was to check my email or get ready for the day ahead, but once Fullmer got ahead on Hicks, the temptation was even stronger to keep my eyes glued to the little dots on the screen. A two-strike double? It was if I was watching Evel Knievel at Cow Palace knowing by the lack of enough speed due to the cramped quarters and then his trajectory in the air that he couldn't quite make the jump, but I couldn't turn away. After the free-pass to Judge, I assumed the game would end on something really weird, like two consecutive walks or a groundball error, where it would be hard to even walk off the field. I still couldn't look away. I voiced this aloud and rather nonchalantly, "The Twins are going to lose in the ninth." My wife said, "He could strikeout," when Torres was at the plate. I laughed a "Nelson-style" laugh. I went to the restroom and left my phone on the breakfast table. I came back and two-outs? I did a double-take on the score. "Hmm...it didn't say Twins 4 Yankees 5 Game Over; it still said Twins 4 Yankees 3. Torres was gone. Now came K-F. Considering that he had been a Twin all of 24 hours, it would be a cruel irony indeed if old K-F beat us once again. My wife again threw out some encouraging words about getting the last out or some such nonsense. On the 2-1 pitch I followed the red line indicating that the ball has been hit as it moved toward the right side of the diamond fully expecting to see the little circles move around the bases in the way that they do in our electronic world, but instead an "X" appeared meaning a groundout to second. "They won," that's all I could say.
  10. I know, I know, I know...we do the same thing as Tampa Bay and have the same strategies and philosophy. Then, I wonder why Tampa Bay never plays the Yankees like we do? Good gracious. They just took the Yankees to task in Yankee Stadium.
  11. A tip of the hat if they do. You called 3-7 after the sweep of the Giants. I didn't want to like your prediction but I thought you were right on the money. Someone has to give the Yankees that motivation that they have been missing for weeks. Maybe we can get some playoff money from the Yankees as a present or something...
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