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  1. I find it impossible to discuss the full list of drops without knowing the full list of "need to protect from the Rule V" You have the obvious drops and you have the fringe. Well, if you have to add x number of players, you need to drop enough to make room. This is the difference maker for the Garlicks, Astudillos, Gordon's of the world.
  2. I really enjoyed this exercise and look forward to seeing how many of these pan out as predicted
  3. Seems like a good move. Wade was getting buried in depth quickly. I hope he has a long career. Anderson seems to be a decent get for someone not destined to get much of a chance here.
  4. These are the same guys that traded for Odorizzi a few years ago and Maeda a year ago. Don’t give up on the possibility of some horse trading before Spring Training starts. Memory tells me both trades were quite late in the off season
  5. So looking at the trade simulator, Sano has a Negative trade value so trading him is probably not going to get you what you think it will and also probably means many of us (including me) value him more highly than most of the baseball world.
  6. Trade Sano to build your bridge to 2022? No, No, NO, NO, NO!! We are in the window of winning and going for it now. We are not in Bridge Building mode anymore. Just, No!! We go out with a plan to win for the next few seasons and build bridges when we need to build bridges. We don't need bridges, we need Pennants, Trophies and Rings. Trade Sano? No! WIN now.
  7. I would happily give up Balazovic for Castillo as the center pieces with Castellanos contract reducing the additional pieces. If we still need prospect filler, Larnach, Gordon, Dobnak, Rortvedt, Astudillo, (I could go on) Load them up with second to third tier prospects that we just don't have room for. If we really are looking elsewhere for a potential shortstop, we can also be looking at adding Polanco or Arraez to this mix and possibly gaining one or two of their relievers while were at it. We have the resources to make a blockbuster trade.
  8. I remember when Wade first joined the Twins organization and the report on him was high floor, low ceiling. Does all the little things right but does not have the all star potential. He seems to be fitting that description well and players like that are useful. On this Twins team moving forward, I see Wade as insurance. Cave is coming to the end of his time in Minnesota and will be priced out of the 4th outfielder role soon though maybe he is still affordable next year for his role. After 2021, Cave is not going to be around (might not be here next year) Wade is controllable and provides that depth insurance. Meanwhile Rosario has gotten expensive and Larnach, Rooker, and Kirriloff are clamoring for their turns. There is a good chance Rosario's time is coming to an end but these young guns are going to have learning curves and will likely be up and down a few times.Wade is a better defender than all 3 of them and could be a pinch runner/defensive substitution type as well. If they do not pan out, we need a back up plan on the train back and forth from Rochester (or St. Paul) and a good person for that is Wade. (And there is no rush to start burning Celestino's clock while waiting for him to be truly ready) What if Buxton goes down and we don't have Cave anymore? Kepler moves to Center (we have seen plenty of that already) and Kepler's corner is easily replaced by one of the 3 prospects or Wade. I expect we will see Wade as quite useful over the next 3-4 seasons and then he will likely fade into Twins History as his Arb years run out.
  9. Tortuga scores the winning run! Great to see that flowing mane rounding third once again.
  10. On a positive side, the abomba Squad HR record will remain safe for another season.
  11. My understanding is the active Roster will be 30 in July, 28 in August and 26 in September. More active players to start to allow more games played but paired down as offseason approaches... I’m open to correction if I’m wrong
  12. The kid sounds pretty sharp and in tune with the Twins coaching. Wish we could see him put this all into practice.
  13. This list made me realize how much greatness is fromoutside the US. Omitted from the post are Bert Blyleven, Tony Oliva, Rod Carew andJohan Santana Twins bests from Cuba,Panama,Venezuela and Netherlands. Also some of our biggest names ever.
  14. THANK YOU!! Last year was such a special season no matter how it ended and the fact the HR record is ours and will be next year at this time is awesome. Now to get that Bomba Squad to the World Series next Fall or early winter....
  15. The word at the Spring Training complex among the local media was that this would carry into a delay in the start to the season as well.
  16. I heard that Randy Dobnak brought Gleeman to the hospital. Just a rumor?
  17. I did not mention 3B and SS based on his light usage at those positions in 2019. He only had 18 innings at 3rd and did not appear at SS last season
  18. When ranking depth, players in the minors that are close should also be considered more than you did in this piece IMHO. You included Jeffers and several for DH but I see several that could be added at other positions. SS-At the bottom of your list should be Lewis who I would have left off if not for the AFL experience and ST invite and experience. He may be closer than many of us think. OF-Additional depth pieces in the Corner OFs in no particular order are Kirilloff, Larnach and Wiel. None would be any help to CF depth, but Lewis has been given some time there as well lately. 1B-Has lot of potential call ups. In no particular order: Rooker, Kirilloff, Larnach, and Wiel are all close and could be called upon if there was a Sano injury. At DH I would definitely have Sano as depth because of all the 1B options. If Cruz went down I could see Sano splitting time at DH and 1B with a call up just to keep his bat in the lineup while giving the call ups fielding experience. EDIT: And then I missed Blankenhorn as depth at 2nd/Corner OF as well....
  19. I have a Byron Buxton Cedar Rapids Shirsey... The Dilemma, do I wear it and enjoy it (which I do sometimes) or try to keep it pristine by taking it out, looking at it from time to time and putting it back on it's shelf for fear of wearing it out (which I do sometimes)
  20. I suspected the Twins were doing well in the Walks per 9 and had improved in the K per 9, but had no idea they were doing that well in the K per 9 category or K per Walk. Thank you for sharing!
  21. Win a playoff series and don’t end the season at the hands of the Yankees. I want to say World Series or bust but that is always a tall order and takes a team peaking at the right time.
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