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  1. No need for exaggeration. Shoemaker hasn't even been given as many chances as Sean Bergman got.
  2. itstimetotakeit had him for 0 points.
  3. The Twins playoff losing streak is now old enough to come up here and have a drink with me.
  4. And it didn't spill a drop.
  5. This. Maeda has a no-hitter through eight and the Twins are up by 3. Fast forward to the bottom of the ninth. Wait? What? Lol.
  6. Looking forward to the day when we can all gather together again and enjoy our favourite Beatles tribute band.
  7. I think we'll let people do their own search for this reference.
  8. Finally, an article on this site that speaks to me.
  9. Better Call Saul has been, and continues to be, the best show on TV. That is all.
  10. Same here. I'm not normally the kind of guy that gets emotional about a celebrity, famous athlete or musician passing away but this one just feels different. The Folk Festival here this summer probably wasn't going to happen anyway but he was on the schedule to perform. I hadn't had the opportunity to see him live in some time and now that's gone for good. I know music taste is subjective and most people probably have a favourite that they feel everyone should like the same way they do, but how could anyone not enjoy John Prine? The man could write clever, witty and dark, sometimes all in
  11. John Prine, 73. This sucks big time, one of my favourites. Enjoy your cocktail, vodka and ginger ale and smoke that 9 mile long cigarette. RIP.
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