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  1. When the Twins" catcher is on deck, will we be Waiting for Godoy?
  2. Forgot to mention Ted Lasso. Great first season. The second season I thought was still quite good but not as good as the first season. Still looking forward to a third season.
  3. Better Call Saul has returned and I couldn't be more thrilled. I've said it before in this thread but to me it's the best show on TV and I'm going to miss these characters once it wraps up. Looking forward to HBO's Barry season 3 starting on Sunday, Hacks season 2 next month also from HBO and of course the final episodes of Ozark later this month. Just to comment on some of the shows mentioned since I last posted.. There was nothing else like The Good Place on TV. Made you laugh and think. Just fantastic. Murderville was enjoyable. I would watch more if they made more. The only let down, and let down is maybe too harsh, was the Annie Murphy episode. Maybe improv isn't her thing but that one felt a little stiff. Space Force was a rare series for me in that I gave up on it after 5 episodes. It has such a strong cast so maybe it's more that it didn't meet my expectations. I'd be willing to go back and give it another try. Mrs.Maisel is probably my favourite active comedy. Tony Shalloub should get every award that exists.
  4. Goggins doesn't get as much screen time in Gemstones as he did in Vice Principals but you sit up and take notice every time Uncle Baby Billy is in a scene. I don't think he was in the first three episodes of season two but he's been featured quite prominently since. Also Edi Patterson kills it in Gemstones. I guess years of improv is the only way someone could deliver the lines she has with a straight face. Thanks for the kind words and back at you. I will give Murderville a look see.
  5. If you're not watching The Righteous Gemstones you should probably do something about that.
  6. Yes it is. Great writing, great cast. Tony Shalhoub as Abe has been my favourite character since the start.
  7. Andrew Albers has been assigned to Baffin Island of the Arctic Independent League. Good luck, Andrew. P.S....bring a coat.
  8. Starting to look like Albers won't be the opening day starter next season.
  9. All teams have bandwagon fans when they're in a playoff race. Now imagine an entire country of bandwagon fans who couldn't name two players on the team. It's pretty nauseating around here when the Jays are doing well. I certainly wish Berrios well, though.
  10. Feels like we need a word filter for "service time" Make it happen, Boss.
  11. My favourite Edgar Garcia moment would rank a bit behind my favourite Nick Vincent moment but ahead of my favourite Beau Burrows moment.
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