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  1. Andrew Albers has been assigned to Baffin Island of the Arctic Independent League. Good luck, Andrew. P.S....bring a coat.
  2. Starting to look like Albers won't be the opening day starter next season.
  3. All teams have bandwagon fans when they're in a playoff race. Now imagine an entire country of bandwagon fans who couldn't name two players on the team. It's pretty nauseating around here when the Jays are doing well. I certainly wish Berrios well, though.
  4. Feels like we need a word filter for "service time" Make it happen, Boss.
  5. My favourite Edgar Garcia moment would rank a bit behind my favourite Nick Vincent moment but ahead of my favourite Beau Burrows moment.
  6. He's only been previously cut by sixteen teams. Give him a chance.
  7. But if they pull him now we'll never know if someone can set a new record for exit velocity.
  8. Come on WP/PB/balk. Those are the only realistic choices, right?
  9. Beau Burrows has pitched so bad. How bad was he? He was so bad he didn't even earn having his name spelled correctly in the title of the thread regarding his demotion.
  10. Meanwhile the Sox's non 13+ ERA pitcher hasn't given up a hit. Weird.
  11. You can't spell Beau Burrows without DFA. Go ahead and try.
  12. Apparently there is no end to the Beau Burrows experience.
  13. Are there? I honestly don't know what they would be. I agree with the rest of what you said. It does just make the amount of the boring less rather than address the issue of time of game. Hockey was able to shorten their games that were starting to drift into the 245-3 hour mark without shortening the time of the game with things like no line changes on icings and rules for lining up quickly on faceoffs. It's quite rare for an MHL game to go past 2:30 now.
  14. Unpopular, firmly in the minority, possibly risking a banning opinion coming up. I prefer 7 inning games. Make them all that way. I just don't have nor do I want to commit to 3 and a half to four hours for a game.
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