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  1. I’m also down here in the Fort at what was supposed to be a ball trip, Went to the Gopher game yesterday. Saw Rocco and his big floppy hat being chatted up by a rando outside the team store. Saw Mike Hermann wandering the concourse. That was the extent of our celebrity sightings. No activity anywhere else in the complex.
  2. Hard to call a stadium that's a Soler HR (does he still hit those?) away from a major interstate "the middle of nowhere", but if the point is that it's surrounded by acres of parking lots, then point taken. In that same vein, since you ended up Ubering to the park, this omission is understandable, but for those actually driving to the park, because of the acres of parking, the tailgating experience there is another part of the environment that's great and something we just can't really replicate here for really any sports since the Met was turned to gravel, with the possible exception of Gopher football, but even that can't be replicated. They're good fans down there, and with the Twins fans mixed in, it turns into a "community" feel quickly. #SharedBeer
  3. This. Trevor's trying to get a foot in the media door doing work with Stadium, and he's been pretty good. The Winter Meltdown built on that. He might be a good combo of Morneau analysis and Blyleven personality.
  4. If they even sniff at Grandal, the faith Falvine has earned since their arrival will start to erode. This implication that this would even be something to be considered this offseason given the price tag that he's sure to command with 4/5 of a rotation needing to be filled would be irresponsible at best and bordering on silliness.
  5. Babytown Frolics is the name of my favorite rockabilly band.
  6. Just the opposite. It helps identify inefficiencies in the delivery and provides an opportunity to clean it up.
  7. I don't know if I'd say this "great" news... Or bad news. It's just news. I still feel incredibly itchy and uncomfortable with the whole situation.
  8. Uh, I was told that not only does TD fully endorse HRL Twin Cities, but that the league would have a feature story done and given primo placement on the front page of the site on Twins' opening day... gratis. I don't know where all of this noise is coming from.
  9. Howdy. I'm looking for a wiffleball team. We are HRL Twin Cities, the largest adult wiffleball league in Minnesota, and this upcoming season will be season #12 for us (we're no fly-by-night organization here people). We have 16 teams (well, I'm here looking for #16), we play double headers on hockey rinks in Eagan and Hopkins on Thursday nights (possibly an occasional Monday), and our season runs from the first week in May through the weekend after Labor Day. We play a total of 36 regular season games, and you have an option to play up to 39 total by scheduling 3 extras on your own. Teams are made up of 5-7 people aged 21+ (city booze permits, ya know), with 6 being able to play in any one game (1 pitcher, 2 fielders, and all 6 can hit). Talent is not required - we run the gamut in that area. We have guys who never played past youth baseball on up to one former MLBer (if 4 appearances counts). We use the original yellow bats, original holes-on-one-side wiffle balls, pitch speed limit is (supposed to be) 60 MPH but the mound is 42', bases 45'. On our website, we keep pretty comprehensive stats for such a stupid game, but hey, the people love it. Here's a link to our 2012 "Lowlight Reel" to check out and get a taste of how we do it. It's a dumb kids game, and for the most part, we treat it as such. Click around on our YouTube channel a bit more, and you'll find more of our "intense" gameplay as well. So, there it is. The slot we're looking to fill is in EAGAN. There will be a couple of trips up to Hopkins for inter-league during the season, but this is an Eagan based team that we we're looking for. So, if you can get a gaggle of your buddies together, we'd love to hear from you. E-mail us at hrltwincities@gmail.com, and we'd be happy to answer any questions and fill in more details.
  10. Looks like butt. I think what's really getting me is that there's no number on the front. Makes it look like some kind of cheapo shirsey.
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