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Report From The Fort

photo courtesy Expedia    Day 3 at the fort. Haven’t ventured to Lee County ballpark yet. Do intend to do so, probably Monday. Thus far have been to the beaches, the pool at the Airbnb, 6 mile slough, has a great meal at the Mucky Duck on Sanibel. enjoying the escape from the cold of NW Wi. it’s currently 85 degrees and Sunny   day 4: lakes park in the AM, off to the Swimming pool for the PM. Currently 82 and sunny on deck for the weekend: heading up to Orlando. U

MLB Accessibility

I went off on a tangent in mikelink45’s extremely well written and thought provoking post “When Baseball was King”. But started thinking about why baseball isn’t king. In my mind a significant shift happened in the late 70s and early 80s. The sport that I think was a major contributor was the NFL and not just that the NFL broadcasted it’s games to wide regional audiences scheduled to minimize overlap and put premium matchups in prime time, there was one man… If you’ve been watching NFL game


It’s Thanksgiving week and in that spirit, I’d like to ask our community, “What are you thankful for?” I’ll start: I’m thankful for all of you, our Twins Daily community. You give me so much food for thought. You give me an outlet to discuss my passions, my fears, my skepticism. Our community makes Twins fandom great, and I haven’t found another one like it. I’m thankful for our moderation and community leadership team, we get to work together to help make this site as conducive t

Sconnie’s 2022 Twins Off-Season Plan

In this scenario the new CBA adopts universal DH. Because of the higher demand for DH, Cruz out price’s the Twins budget. This also makes Sano’s 9 mil and some change contract valuable in trade. Twins trade Sano and his full salary to an NL team for prospects. 130 is a hard budget, no wiggle, including prospects called up and mid-season trades. 2020 and 2021 were challenging for cash flow with much fewer in-person attendees at Target Field. There’s only 1.7 available, it’ll be snug. If some

Write-in Campaign for Chris Colabello for All Star Team

Per http://blogs.twincities.com/twins/2014/04/24/twinsights-overlooked-again-chris-colabello-was-left-off-the-all-star-ballot/   Chris Colabello will not be on the All-Star Ballot.   It's not too early (well, OK maybe just a bit) to start the write-in campaign.   Being elected by the fans to the All-Star game would seal the deal on a Disney inspirational sports drama starring Mark Walberg.   Who's with me?

Richie the Rally Goat

Richie the Rally Goat

The Twins Way

It has been written several times this season, that this Twins clubhouse is the quietest any of the beat writers has experienced. During Spring Training Rob Antony came out with a fired up speech denigrating lackadaisical players and imploring for someone to please step up and be the man.   Is this "The Twins Way"? Is this the new "Twins Way"?   Where's the coaching staff in all of this? Where's Joe Mauer? While I'm sure the listed parties provide leadership in their own way, it seems that the f

Richie the Rally Goat

Richie the Rally Goat

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