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The Twins Way




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It has been written several times this season, that this Twins clubhouse is the quietest any of the beat writers has experienced. During Spring Training Rob Antony came out with a fired up speech denigrating lackadaisical players and imploring for someone to please step up and be the man.


Is this "The Twins Way"? Is this the new "Twins Way"?


Where's the coaching staff in all of this? Where's Joe Mauer? While I'm sure the listed parties provide leadership in their own way, it seems that the front office has taken notice that this type of invocation isn't coming from the individuals closer to the players that need it most.


I'm sure we've all seen the prank Gardy pulled on Pelfrey with the aid of Perkins. Is this Good Cop/Bad Cop, or a passing of the guard? Are the M&M boys being replaced by Perkins and/or whom? Who is the standard bearer of "The Twins Way"? What does the Twins Way now look like?


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Twins way= easy does it, don't get too wrapped up in the challenge at hand, think long term, relax, no pressure, it all comes out in the wash, think long haul and big picture. Mauer by the way albeit a great player ain't your team leader.


Somebody please kick over a water cooler or chew someone's arse for today's failures and show some urgency and emotion.

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