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  1. The rebuild needs to start. The time for this wave is shot. Start by offloading Buxton, Sano and Berrios.
  2. Time to bring up the kids and set this season aside. Get what you can for any of our assets.
  3. He is the least of our worries by far.
  4. How come some of the poorly performing players can't be the ones getting injured instead?
  5. He makes the entire outfield accept for Buxton(when available) look like reserves. Mature hitter who should take over first base IMHO.
  6. He looks more professional in the batter's box than at least half of the active roster in my opinion. Maybe more.
  7. Ron Davis says Colome is deserving of more tries.
  8. Nice to see a veteran pitcher step up and pitch a game like this. It was badly needed.
  9. You try with all your resources and effort to win the contest you are currently participating in. Until you show a willingness to do that your squad will be complacent and lack urgency. Go ahead and tell them to not worry about today's performance and focus on the process. That's a great way to earn a certificate of participation.
  10. I will need to see some consistency before I get too excited.
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