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  1. Part of the answer to this problem is the club's near- to mid-term strategy: rebuild or reload for the 2022 season? Rogers will be 33 at the end of a three-year contract. If he's a piece of a smarter, faster, harder and stronger lineup for next year the answer is, "yes." In a rebuild, is he the right guy to form the core of a maturing stable of arms by 2025? Probably.
  2. Good, because he's been totally clutch of late. Fair to say it was not his best AB.
  3. It did take an exceptionally long time for him to turn it around. It is possible that his illness took far more out of him than he or anyone else really understood. Watching his performance in 2019 and 2020, there were numerous appearances when he would start strong, but after an inning or two his control would begin to fall off. The colitis was likely robbing him of strength and endurance. Impossible to say whether a more extended rehabilitation period would have made a difference, but it is clear that this season he is in far better shape.
  4. We should be happy for Gibby. Looks like he has finally recovered from that stomach bug. It is possible that Twins management gave up on him too soon when what he really needed was an extended period of treatment and rehabilitation.
  5. Borderline. Even sickeningly cheerful, sunny optimists like yours truly understand that from this point forward the Twins need to play better than they did in 2019 (.623) and hope that Chicago falls apart. Every loss is like a strike right now. Ten more games (4 vs ChiSox) to the halfway point. If the Twins drop more than three and can't get to within spitting distance of .500, they are indeed sunk for the 2021 season.
  6. Please, just let me wear my rose-tinted glasses a little longer!
  7. Let me guess, your parents never let you have a dog when you were a kid? No surprise birthday parties? 😉
  8. White Sox have cooled to 11-9 (.550) in their last 20 games. If the Twins can figure out a way to get better than four runs out of 14 hits and bring around more baserunners the Central Division might not be such a bad place to be. The last two games the chips fell their way, but if they want any kind of a chance they're going to have to grab it.
  9. Which is precisely why the Twins need to be careful in the trade and free agent market. The odds are going to favor teams with cash. It's always harder to win playing to an opponent's strength. It's easy to say, "this player should be traded" or, "that free agent should be signed," but the Twins will never be that kind of ball club unless busloads of people living on the left and right coasts decide that life is better in the Upper Midwest.
  10. Hold the trade phones just a few more days. Second City's South Side club has just dropped three in a row. 102 games left and there's just the teensiest crack of daylight peeking through.
  11. Several points: The Twins are not Tampa, Boston or Chicago We agree that overpayment is to be avoided; always know when to walk away There are always going to be trades that work well for one or both parties (the Twins appear to have gotten the better of the Graterol - Maeda deal, for example, at least in the short term), but they are inherently riskier than re-signing an asset already in the organization simply because of greater number of unknowns In terms of WHIP, H9 and BB9 this is Berrios' best season ever, why should the ball club walk away from that? Shop
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