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  1. The only player's face I can see in those rags is that of Ron Davis. Gag me with a spoon.
  2. Who else besides me did not know that the starting pitchers pick the days colors? How long have I been following this ball club?
  3. Well that was no damned fun. Good day to argue the merits of a mercy rule. It has to rub Astudillo the wrong way to be asked to throw an inning when he's the only guy who put up any runs tonight. Couldn't they find anyone more deserving of the honor?
  4. We'll link you up with the Twins Crisis Hotline. Mr. Falvey and Mr. Levine have probably come to terms with who they are as human beings.
  5. Two updsides: Kepler and Sano appear to be grasping how to hit oppo We are deep in the Scarlet Stockings bullpen for the remaining two games of the series
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