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  1. Latest year's performance is most likely indicator [notable exception: Max Kepler, 2019], but Urshela's mean performance should still be a keeper.
  2. I'll take Gio Urshela's mean. And the latest season means much more than the seasons that precede it.
  3. Cross-post from Gio trade article. Looks like an offensive downgrade for the sake of a paltry $3 million. :-( So is Farmer (not Gordon) the new infield utility guy? Starting at 3B? At SS? Admittedly it's early, but frustrating not to be able to see a master plan here.
  4. Nothing wrong with "Twin Cities," it's where they play, and more inclusive than just Minneapolis. North Star emblem is a fine idea. 1987 "M" was better. Bombo sez, "Anything but those powder blues."
  5. Cross-posting from another topic on the subject in the forums. Adding that until we see how the rest of the hot stove season plays out, it is too early to understand the full context of both moves. However, if Farmer is to be on the Opening Day roster, then today's actions mean that the Twins have downgraded the left side of the infield to save $3 million, which is really not big money even for their payroll size. Pay the difference for the better player, and find another way to save the money. Or better yet, just bump your payroll from $140 to $143 million, and sit back and watch a winning ball club.
  6. No club is built around stars at every position. Teams need players that perform consistently, and Urshela does that. Now he'll do it for another team. It is a safe bet that next year we'll see Urshela contribute to a Twins loss at least twice with a clutch hit or a whiz-bang snag for an untimely out.
  7. Surprised at how many comments are undervaluing Urshela's contribution to the club in 2022. He is decidely _not_ average. Why dump a guy who overperformed and retain so many players who underperformed last season? If Correa does not stay, and is not replaced with someone of similar talent, what have the Twins just done to the left side of their infield? Urshela is worth what he's going to be paid this year. Shame on Twins management for not being the ones to pay him.
  8. The 2023 question will be, who do you have ready to back him up for the 70 games he will not play?
  9. Of this group, to date (147 games), only two of those position players have appeared in 80% of this season's lineups - Arraez and Urshela (smartly swapped for in the Donaldson giveaway). They are joined by Correa and Gordon as the only Twins players consistently healthy enough to play four of every five dates. Players cannot constitute a "core" if they can't contribute to the team's results. These players injury histories were known, save for Sano and Larnach's new abdominal muscle ailment. Although they built in considerable depth, it's clear management put too much faith in their ability to keep their starters healthy. They will want to revisit this question in the off season. If there's going to be another attempt to 'reload' with Arraez, Correa, Celestino, Gordon, Miranda and Urshela in a 2023 core, we should expect the Twins to add a left fielder with a clean medical sheet and a hefty slash line, plus a catcher/DH with some pop and a good eye at the plate (assuming Jeffers returns), and a shortstop if Correa doesn't stay. Platoon contributions from Buxton, Kiriloff, Larnach and Polanco would then complement the new group, If Kepler recovers from his wrist and hip issues, he can hold down right field and bat eighth until he either finds his stroke or someone better comes along. Bottom line: The 2023 positions player core will look considerably different than group we have been riding since 2019.
  10. Pennant drive sputtering... Frustrating and heartbreaking as it was, it's impossible not to admire the fight the lads put up in the night game. Though we continue to hope for a turnaround, a glance at the lineups shows why there's no betting on it. Both games' batting cards featured just four of nine Twins starting hitters who began the season at the major league level. Likewise, three of nine pitchers only came up to the big club in recent months. Injuries have long since blown this season's established depth to smithereens. With the number of freshmen the Twins are running out against opponents' varsity squads, it's frankly surprising our record isn't much worse.
  11. It appears that the new clock is supposed to start immediately when the pitch is delivered, correct? This works fine for strike and ball results. Is it completely clear when the clock is supposed to start after a ball is put in play, or in cases of a wild pitch/passed ball with runners on base? Does the timekeeper start the new clock after the umpire calls time? What happens to a batter who gets on base but can't get elbow and shin guards off, or oven mitt on, in time? Perhaps a friend can point to a published process for how this is working in the minors. Not getting good hits hits for, "When does the pitch clock start?"
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