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  1. Pagan has shown he's plenty good. It's the person who told him to toss nothing but sliders who needs to be taken to the woodshed.
  2. By the powers invested in me by the state of Twins Fandom, I now pronounce Dylan Bundy officially rehabilitated.
  3. "Carew’s career .328/.393/.429 slash line..." Very difficult to maintain this level of performance over 18 years.
  4. Box score shows one error. Should be three, but apparently you can't charge both E6 and E4 when a batter only gains one base. Why would you ever spot the Yankees an out, especially when you know the umpires will always find a way to handicap them one? That communication gap is going to have to be smoothed out in the manager's office. Middle and late inning ABs got hasty again. Needed to transition from ambush mode to patience mode. Faulting the pitchers against that lineup of "savages" is misplaced effort. We all saw how well they worked the count. The Twins had them on the ropes, and the defense and offense should have kept them there.
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