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  1. If Polanco learns from it we can forgive him. The guy's playing his heart out in a losing season. Sending Larnach in the bottom of the 2nd might have seemed reasonable as he was coming into third, but when watching how the play developed on video it was clearly a bad decision - Celestino's hit into the left corner was well fielded. When Upton came up throwing it was time to brake. Diaz should have seen that the relay would beat Larnach and Stassi was well-positioned up the line to take the throw.
  2. Rumor has it the Twins were really after Laloosh, but the Rays are planning to call him up in September. When asked about this possible opportunity, the young flamethrower replied, "“I’m just happy to be here. Hope I can help the ball club." 8^p But seriously, here's the best possible outcome: Nellie gets his ring. Twins sign him in the offseason as player/bench coach; MLB and the Players Association agree on a new CBA. Nellie reaches 500 HRs as a Twin in early 2023 and retires in Minnesota whenever he's good and ready.
  3. What's up with this? On July 21, 2021, Mercedes announced his retirement from Major League Baseball via his Instagram account.
  4. Jeez, what a season for injuries. Even the writers are banged up!
  5. There was a sweet 4-6-3 DP! Or is everyone too depressed?
  6. Win against the Tigers notwithstanding, the book should not be closed on Happ yet.
  7. Alternative beyond left field scenario: Make him player/captain - bench/hitting coach until he can’t turn on the fastball any more They could even trade him for rest of season then bring him back in that role next year. [Note: Twins have not had a captain since Killebrew was traded]
  8. No link, just quoted the headline. Didi is a ride-hailing app in the PRC. Maybe it's just a thing for fans in Asia. Monopolies, like strikeouts, are fascist.
  9. Recent headline in the New York Times: Why? Does he hit well against them, too?
  10. Are we no longer on the rosters of the minor league clubs?
  11. Ya think? While we're at it, try sprinkling a few on the late innings for good measure. And for those of you keeping score at home, the last time this year's staff shut out an opponent was Cleveland, back on 21 May. Right now, the Twins are food for the bottom feeders. Can't laugh at the Tigers and Orioles any more.
  12. He certainly had some observations on Kepler's batting approach. Kaat is not hostile to analytics at all. A man with his intelligence couldn't be. He balances that understanding with a grasp of pitching, hitting and fielding mechanics that enhances the spectators' enjoyment of the game. Oh, and he certainly is supposed to be in the hall...
  13. Good idea to find his replacement first. For those aching to find a bright spot, this was probably it. Oh, there was another bright spot - Jim Kaat on the color commentary through until the break. That'll keep me tuning in. This ball club needs therapy.
  14. SEASON OBER Wasn't his fault, of course. There never was much hope...
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