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  1. And tonight, to add to the shame of the Twins '21 season, Hansel Robles gets ALCS exposure. I feel like Steve McQueen - "What the hell happened?!?!"
  2. Even though we know Eddie could not have saved the '21 Twins season, and letting him go was the right thing to do, watching that performance must leave every fan and former teammate simultaneously cheering and shaking their heads. P.S. Nice to see Ron Washington continuing to flourish. He should be given another crack at a managing job.
  3. 28 W - 28 L since 1 August. Would we have been happy if they had gone .500 all season? Given the promise that we thought '21 would have, mediocrity would have been just as bitter as the poor performance we've just experienced. Let's be happy to put this one behind us. Wait'll next year!
  4. We have become the GREATEST NATION for hyperbole.
  5. Well, if we win our last four games, we could tie Detroit and Kansas City for last place in the American League Central Division. How about that? They are finishing better. Just hurts to think where they might be if they hadn't made a beeline for the Earth's core in the first half of the season.
  6. Apparently one has to enable scripts and turn off ad blockers to for the videos to play. Is there a way in which the content could be displayed without all the unwanted extras?
  7. Nice to see our future beat our past. No walks is the most impressive number in Ober's line. His WHIP is down to 1.20 now. Oh, and my grandma can bunt better than Andrelton Simmons.
  8. He has improved considerably, and no reason to think he has reached the limit of what he can learn. He's also tough as nails. Not many guys would go back for more of the punishment he has received.
  9. You have a talent for understatement, Mr. Scwerzler. In 2019 the Target Field vendors were out of Garver jerseys when I visited. I settled for a Kepler shirt, and have been mildly disappointed ever since. Indications are that Garver can be every bit as good in '22 as he was in '19. Hope we get to see that come true.
  10. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready for another big helping of Garv-sauce next year!
  11. The only player's face I can see in those rags is that of Ron Davis. Gag me with a spoon.
  12. Who else besides me did not know that the starting pitchers pick the days colors? How long have I been following this ball club?
  13. Well that was no damned fun. Good day to argue the merits of a mercy rule. It has to rub Astudillo the wrong way to be asked to throw an inning when he's the only guy who put up any runs tonight. Couldn't they find anyone more deserving of the honor?
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