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  1. Let Correa do what he is being paid to do (so very well). This kid will be back in the bigs very soon.
  2. Are more batters being hit by pitches in the past five or ten years than previous decades? Need to run some numbers, because getting plunked used to feel like a rare, or deliberate occurrence. HBP seems to be in every box score these days...
  3. A 12 - 9 April is a real achievement, particularly given where we were last year, but also historically. Relying on memory rather than checking years previous, but usually this club started slow in the first month, then broke out in May and June in many of their best years. 15% of the season is not enough to tell where the club is going just yet, but they are red hot right now with considerably more upside than down. It would be fair for critics to say they would have done things differently, but if this success holds, management should get considerable credit for this off-season rebuild.
  4. There is now little reason not to believe Derek Falvey's statement that this team will compete this season. Results so far support it, with room for improvement, of course. This infield defense is going to keep us in many more games than 2019 and 2020, and should be better than 2022, as well. Kepler's OPS up .240 in two games. I'm Maxxxing out!
  5. There's a lot of looking gift horses in the mouth here for a team that has just posted its first winning record of the season. Are we having fun yet?
  6. Dear Byron, Caleb, Emilio, Gio, Luis, Miguel and Ryan, Today's loss was a team effort. Please follow Doctor Bombo's ten-point prescription to prevent further downers like this game. Neatly fold your rain-soaked, muddy uniforms Stack and place them in a heavy duty, 2-ply trash bag Put the lineup card and box score on top of the stack Collect all game balls and put them in the bag; do not use for BP or sell in the gift shop as "game (ab)used" Seal the bag tightly with duct tape Place the bag in the Target Field dumpster Secure the dumpster lid tightly to deny carrion any access Turn 180 degrees, walk away from the dumpster without looking back Have someone drive you home, sleep at least eight hours Enjoy a big, hot breakfast with your loved ones Stick 'em tomorrow! One more item 11. for Miguel. The next time you see Roy Smalley in the ball park, chat him up. Bring Max with you.
  7. I could learn to love this year's model. Not great at every position, but solid, with room to grow.
  8. By the end of the year, every guy in the 'pen will give up two runs in an inning at least once. Let's get over this.
  9. Understand the pinch, and not suggesting anything. It's the call of those of you who own the site. Without uniform user data privacy laws in major jurisdictions it's a devil of a choice to make. There is no going back to the days of internet advertising without scripts, trackers and cookies (how many people remember hit counts?). Now that I understand that "caretaking" = subscribing as an alternative to ads, I'm inclined to subscribe. See you at the ball park!
  10. Thanks. I did not see that part. Please have a like. Unfortunately, I also missed, "Caretaking is subscribing to the site..." Misunderstood that term to mean that it was just a supplementary form of income to the ads. One or the other is an improvement. Subscriptions and no ads for all would be the ideal state of affairs, given the corruption in online advertising. However, that is a call for the people in charge of this sites books.
  11. Bump with a question - Could Twins Daily do better with subscribers and minimized/no advertising?
  12. Today's pitchers should be proud of their work. 4 - 29 at the plate, however, recalls the anemic offensive performances of the first half of the 2021 season - not a place we want to revisit. This was a fun game, in any event. Close enough to make us believe that better days are coming.
  13. Indeed. But let's also keep in mind that a solid defensive infield makes every pitcher that much better.
  14. That's not redemption. That's just another season playing with the rest of the cheaters. Nevertheless, it would be nice to see that kind of a line on the Twins charts.
  15. Two things: 1. He's gotta redeem himself from his past cheating 2. Twins have gotta acquire more pitching to make this move pay off If both of the above happen, this is gonna make every game with the Yankees fun, and Central Division eats Twins' dust.
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