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  1. Scoring mostly via the HR is boom or bust….. and good opposing pitching often turns it to bust. The lack of respect for the RBI stat is misplaced. True, you need runners in front of you to drive in. That said you also need to do that driving in. Best way to retire the Twins this year? Walk the bases loaded, then let the next three guts screw themselves into the ground trying to hit a 5 run HR!
  2. Totally agree. In one post it was stated that 94% accuracy was an acceptable level for a MLB ump, that’s fair. It surely exceeds the success of players in most aspects of the game, not to speak of the front office in trades, drafts, etc. Frankly I wonder if 94% of the fans can remember where they parked their car after the game?
  3. Seriously, does everything have to be a conspiracy? Sheesh!
  4. The only thing Philadelphia and Pittsburg lineup have n common is the letter "P”!
  5. It’s doubtful that my technical knowledge would surpass that of anyone that works for TD, ergo my input would have any effect. I noticed a comment from someone else on here of the same iPad issue? Maybe it’s just iPads?
  6. It has become absolutely impossible to follow TD, not to speak of a GT on my iPad. Kicks me out, ads over flash during typing, sometimes it simply kicks me to the message, "something g went wrong"! Yesterday I had a paragraph typed, and it disappeared, this missive has been interrupted twice. It’s simply unusable. Ps: iPad shows me current on updates.
  7. That’s because you can’t understand a word they say!
  8. I think the FO has a little more input into on field decisions than would be normal on many teams. If that’s the case Rocco has my sympathies. If I am going to be the one getting the heat for lineup decisions then I want to make them myself. But I suspect in reality, he is just a good "team player"? Analytics have a place, but it’s possible the organization has gone in a little overboard. It’s 2023, not 2019. The baseballs don’t soar like they did 4 years ago, it’s time to cut down on some of the wild 2 strike swings? Lastly, if Rocco is doing such a good job, and who knows he may be, then why the secrecy of the extension? No press conference, no free cookies and coffee? And obviously no shouting from the roof tops in an attempt to boost ticket sales?
  9. Platoon

    Are we... TOO good?

    Thought this was a Randball article? I myself think we should continue to swing for the fences! Go for it! Nothing is more exciting than a solo home run almost every game, except the tension that builds when the Twins have the bases loaded with no one out. Will that medium deep fly ball get smacked (exit velocity 78, launch angle 120) with less than two outs? Or will it follow a SO and pop up foul of third? Tune in tonight.
  10. So far this season I have saw Buxton slide awkwardly on his back twice, once into second, once into third. Once again into second slamming his face into the ground. Now he runs into the second baseman on a ground ball. But I have never saw anyone do it that far in front of the bag. What the hell was he doing running in that spot? He woulda missed second by 6’.
  11. Getting more and more frustrated with replays in all sports. The college basketballs being the worst.
  12. This! Never understood pulling the ball either. If it’s a strike, you don’t have to pull it. If you do, it’s a ball. Now framing is a little different. Framing is catching the ball, with quiet hands, while exposing as much as the ball in your glove as possible. It also requires the pitcher to hit the side of the plate you sat up on. You can’t "frame" a pitch off the other side of the plate. It takes great hands, see Joe Mauer type hands, to successfully frame pitches. Soft quiet hands.
  13. Watch some YouTube videos of his Korean at bats. He feasted on big round hanging curve balls. Those pitches don’t exist in MLB. There are tons of guys like him in American baseball that can hit that pitch, but can’t catch up to the fastball, or the good slider. Someone in the Twins organization didn’t do their homework.
  14. "Jeffers has a classic backup catcher prototype, lots of power with little contact, and a good defensive reputation. However, the current and some inevitable rule changes could hinder Jeffers' value this year and moving forward." Not being able to throw and not being adept at blocking would seem non conducive to a "good defensive reputation". It takes a lot of framing to recover from a missed steal or a passed ball. And no one ever talks about the trepidation that pitchers have for throwing that down and out 1-2 slider with men on base to a catcher who is not adept at blocking balls. Don’t get me started on the one legged catching with men on base!
  15. Sadly TD only allow one like at a time! I never umped MLB, but balls and strikes are still balls and strikes. When a catcher "pulled" a pitch (pulling is NOT framing) and whined when not given the strike call, I would sometimes ask, "if it was a strike why did you pull it 6”?" Never got an answer to that question!
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