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  1. This was a just ok OP, until I got to the Christian Ponder part at the end! Nailed it!
  2. Fundamentals? This is a horrible team fundamentally. Fundamentals won’t overcome poor talent, but they will help make a average team very difficult to beat. Talent? Is it possible that fans, and media overestimated this group. My thought on this is somewhat driven by constant references to 2019, a year of career years for some on this roster. Also, a year where the roster and the baseball in use made a perfect match. This allowed a very productive offense to cover up some inherent flaws in the roster, such as the aforementioned fundamentals, defense, and an overall lack of pitching talent.
  3. Whether Maggi ever gets back or not, this was totally classless and as usual clueless by Rocco. It would almost have to be intentional. And his completely BS statement about how emotional and difficult it was to send him back down just makes him sound more out of touch than most days. I have no personal investment in Drew Maggi, but this was crap. The Twins have been toast since May. For those who think you should always play two win? The Twins should have worked harder on that approach during last winter!
  4. The Twins win when they go on a HR rampage. They lose when they don’t. Obviously you will win more games when you hit more dingers. But, that won’t ever be the route to the WS or a WS ring. In baseball it’s virtually impossible to win consistently in the playoffs with offense. Pitching rules late in the year.
  5. Is there a dissonance between managers and FO people on call ups? In a season like this there is no reason not to let Maggi play. I don’t say that because I think he is an improvement on anyone else on the roster. He is a minor league lifer. This is his shot. Whether the Twins lose 90, or 91 won’t make any difference to me. Molitor used to do this also.
  6. It was a running joke around our house, how do you get Hunter or Cuddyer out? Intentionally walk the bases full, and throw them 3 breaking balls off the outside corner. The more men on base, the harder they tried to hit that big HR, and usually the less they succeeded. Both good ball players, but the tendency to chase on "clutch" situations kept them no more than that.
  7. "That said, when Sano makes contact, a lot of good things happen, so I for one would certainly love to see him make more contact." And therein lies the problem. Contact. To me the saddest? thing about watching him hit is that when he gets 2 strikes, the only thing keeping him from striking out is whether the pitcher can locate that breaking ball just off the bottom corner of the strike zone "box" off the outside corner. I know it’s coming, he knows it’s coming, and by now my wife knows it’s coming. And he still swings at it, while pulling away, over and over and, well you get the picture. Yup, he can ruin an opposing pitchers day. But while he does that, there are few that wouldn’t want to face him in close RBI situations. Few runs are driven in with a K. But lots are with a deep fly ball, or even a GB.
  8. Nothing ups the click count like a good Twins Yankees game, and some questionable calls by the plate ump. I hope that if they go to Robo Umps everyone will be happy, and there won’t ever again be any whining over balls and strikes. But I highly doubt that, just as I doubt that the change will improve the Twins chances against NY.
  9. A better idea for today would have been for the Twins and Yankees to have simply not played. The Twins take a forfeit and have a nice day with the families. Rocco gets to change the babies diapers. The teams then take all expenses associated with said game and donate that sum to reputable charities! Idiotic you say? Foolish Pollyanna babble you say? If you think the Twins spending many thousand of dollars, and a full day of travel to go to NY is rational I heard that bridge in Brooklyn is still for sale. The only competitive question left to be answered in this "rivalry" is exactly how many runs would the Twins need to lead by that would allow them to eek out a one run squeaker?
  10. Some of this can be explained thusly: In 2019 more than several players had career years, especially offensively. In 2021 many did not. Basing your hopes on a best case scenario is most often a loser. Basing it on a worst case scenario often leaves you pleasantly surprised. The injuries didn’t help, but much of the hype and hope for this team was based on offense. Definitely the hardest talent to repeat and replicate.
  11. Actually the game threads years ago were a hoot, especially when the team sucked. Discussion ranged from music, to old movies, to where to get the best burrito in Chicago. Gallows humor reigned supreme. It sort of changed when the Twins started winning in ‘19 and posters started treating this like a baseball discussion. We got too serious, expected too much, and got to critical.
  12. I meant will bringing him up affect his service time, ie cost the Twins a year of control?
  13. Sano reminds me of a guy who used to play for me. He swung in the same place all the time. If you were unfortunate enough to throw one in that area, small as it may be, he could really kill it. Keep it out of that zone, and he would just keep flailing!
  14. No matter what the final outcome is remember this. If the MN Twins make a decision on who they will call on to play SS for next year, you can guarantee one thing. They will bleep it up! I was all for signing Simmons, and somehow we turned one of the best fielding SS’s in history into a blah player. Or I should say he turned himself into one, probably because of the lack of interest due to being out of the race on April 7th? Be that as it may, an infield of Polanco and Arreaz should make baseball purists flock to MLB to watch!
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