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  1. I doubt I have the knowledge to sort out this conundrum but it’s apparent the the team has too many bat first corner players. Someone has to go. My first move would be Sano, his SO rate simply overrides his HR talent. Moving him would allow a rotation of Garver, Kiriloff at DH and 1B, and have a back up catcher on Garver. Thus allowing the two better defensive catchers to go behind the plate. Jeffers and Rortvedt. (Sp). I would prefer to move Sano, but if you can’t Garver seems the odd man out. His inability to block balls comes close to wiping out his offensive output, just as Sanos SO rate d
  2. I agree with this, but as usual there is a but! Yes try and sign him if you can, but if it’s apparent you cannot, then move him this year for the best deal offered. Reusse likely has sources we don’t. And if he doesn’t want to play here money won’t do it, he can get that anywhere. I agree, he is one of the best players in the league when healthy. But those days are so few and far between. That does mitigate his overall value, to both us, and others.
  3. I for one hope the Twins weren’t cheating. Because it the results we have seen so far are "cheat" assisted then I shudder to think what it will be like when we don’t? That said, if the rest of the league is using sticky stuff, what makes one think the Twins won’t? Just cuz Donaldson says not to? I doubt a pitcher who’s paycheck doesn’t come from Donaldson really cares what he thinks. If the baseline is sticky stuff, I can’t believe Twins pitchers aren’t on it. Despite the results so far! 😢😢😢
  4. I agree, Audra asks more in depth cutting edge questions than others do. Seems to cause Rocco to talk more freely about how he views the players, the season, and the future. Other interviewers seem to get the spreadsheet Rocco
  5. A local told us Joe’s was the place to go on a trip through KC to see our daughter in AR. He didn’t tell us it was in a gas station. We got to know the area well while driving back and forth. But the food was worth the U turns!
  6. "A lot of fans were hoping that 13 games against the Orioles and Royals would ignite this team into the playoff contender they were projected to be. Unfortunately, the Twins end up going 6-7 over that stretch and now face Yankees and Astros for six games at home after an off-day on Monday. I’d imagine these last two weeks were the figurative “nail in the coffin” for even the most optimistic fans." I just looked at the standings. This morning we are 6 games behind the Royals, meaning we were 6 games back when we pulled into KC. I would think that would be an indication to the fans that the
  7. 8 hits, 3 walks in 6 innings, 2-8 RISP = 2 runs. 2=11 RISP for the game. Yet I keep hearing that RBI’s are an outdated and meaningless stat?
  8. Strikeouts aside I was also a great hitter! Well maybe not great, but if it weren’t for them and the fielders I would have been a lot better! 😉
  9. Why is La Tortuga not on the relief pitching usage chat? And, if you take the S out of RISP, is it still a pertinent Twins stat?
  10. RBI’s and BA don’t mean anything. There are all kinds of ways to get on base besides hits. Like walks, HBP, or when the catcher misses that 2 strike slider outside the other batters box you swung at trying to hit a 5 run HR. As for RBI’s the runners should be able to figure out how to score without someone else’s help.
  11. I think the points about the 2019 season and the 2020 season have some validity. The Twins schedule for the 2020 season would have been perfect if the Little Sisters of the Poor had been added to that schedule. As for 2019 that was a combination of a FO loading up on all offensive players, and the league cooperating by supplying them with helium filled baseballs. Yes everyone played the same season, but you take the air outa those baseballs and the Twins definitely would not have that much regular season success. And some teams that focused more on defense would have been more successful.
  12. Since the topic is 2021 not 2019 or 2020 I put down the players and the FO. I do wish there had been an "injuries" box to check. The players performances are fairly obvious. Even the uninjured have performed subpar, and many of the injured haven’t been exactly stellar before they got hurt. There seems no doubt the FO has not been developing high caliber young pitching talent, at least not any that has played in a Twins uniform. I don’t think Rocco is fault free, but some of problems have filtered down by the FO attempts at using reclamation projects for the bullpe
  13. I had the same feeling over the positioning. You are a sitting duck. At least in the more traditional way, you have some protection unless the ball comes up off the dirt!
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