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  1. I was talking more about the inevitable slide to bat first catchers. Yes not having to contort yourself into that ridiculous one legged stance will help, but poor hands are poor hands no matter how you sit.
  2. For what it’s worth, framing is not cheating. Also framing is not pulling the ball. Real framing is catching the ball in a manner to show it in the best possible angle to an umpire. Sure, let’s try the robots! What could go wrong. Look how instant replay and analytically driven changes have improved the game experience. We now have 4 hours of watching guys hit fly balls or strike out. Add in station to station baseball and 12 pitchers per game, and at least you get to bed earlier! The good news is that if nothing else action will increase what with a bunch of hit first catchers flagging away at the breaking balls off the corners.
  3. This is obviously a very generational question….. and in my generation it was Harmon, hands down. In another era it would have been Carew, and in this era Mauer.
  4. Actually a wonderful idea. Now all we would need is to identify one of each and then shell out the cash and sign them. And therein lies the problem……
  5. My "baseball" son and I just discussed this just yesterday. It’s one thing to come in in the 7th or 8th in a 1-2 run game and give up the lead. Your team gets at least a couple more at bats. Now, come in in the 9th and give up those runs and you may get an at bat, or you may have to walk directly to the dugout with your glove covering your mouth, watching a bunch of opponents pouring Gatorade on one of their teammates. Being a closer takes a different mentality. Lots of confidence that you are unbeatable, and an extremely short memory if you aren’t that particular day. Not everyone has it. We discussed LaTroy Hawkins as an example. I am sure the game is filled with reliable middle inning relievers who couldn’t bring that to the 9th inning?
  6. Well, their ability to make large, noteworthy, move the bar decisions remains unchallenged!
  7. I would keep Garver and Jeffers much as it pains me to keep a catcher who can’t catch. The robo ump would help Garver somewhat, since he could abandon that idiotic one legged stance and block a few pitches. While this will help him, I imagine it will help every other catcher also, maybe him more as his athleticism is wanting. Come trading g deadline time would be the time to decide between Jeffers, Garver and Rortvedt. Our place in the standings, our end of the year needs, and our future would direct which way to go. Normally I abhor hitters who can’t catch, and prefer a mediocre hitter, who is an excellent defensive catcher. NeitherRortvedt or Jeffers qualify as mediocre. So it is what it is. That said unless the FO does the unimaginable on the SP front, I doubt little of this matters anyway.
  8. Well deserved by both. And about time. Plus, both stayed in the game for years afterward and still are in one form or another. Oliva is virtually a walking talking Mr. Baseball and Kaat is easily the best baseball analyst the game has known.
  9. I have never been able to understand union members who stay at a job (or 5 jobs) and dislike unions. Maybe it’s the above average pay, security, health care and generous paid time off that’s so aggravating. There’s lots of "at will" jobs available, and lots of people who would love to replace disgruntled ex union members. As for the owners, it’s truly hard for me to feel sorry for someone who makes as much money as they do, and has, in the first place, the wherewithal to buy into a franchise that for many is both, at a minimum, an asset that will appreciate dramatically and entry into a pretty exclusive good old boys club. Finally a word to the 75% who think with "hard work" they can make it into the 1% bunch. Really? You got to be kidding me! It’s thinking like that that not only keeps you out of the upper 1%, but likely keeps you in the lower 50%. Wealthy people love thinking like that.
  10. Good hitting may get you to the playoffs, but poor pitching will take you right out of them. A question on the opening argument posed by debater A. I assume the pitching ranks for the teams listed were for the teams pitching, starters and bullpen. As I assume were the hitters. That said, very few of the teams "drag down team stats" pitchers were used in playoff series. But they were used in a regular rotation during the season. If it was two starters not used, 40% of the SP were not used in key playoff situations. Whereas on the offensive side, the opportunity for bench players to drag down numbers would seem to be quite a bit smaller since they likely represent a smaller percentage of playing time during the year. And in the case of an offense only PH, may actually increase offensive teams stats. Point being, the pitching staff you see in the season is not the same you see in the playoffs. They cull the bottom 40% in effect. On the other hand, baseball does not allow you to leave the bottom 40% of your batting order on the bench during the playoffs.
  11. I never miss it….. he has had better years than this one, and maybe the fact that the T Wolves have been so bad for so long that this years pick was mundane. I liked his take on Buxton. Buxton is getting on 28, his reliability factor is fairly ingrained. I know baseball has changed, but I trust Reusses’s take on the game. It was honed with hands on experience for decades, and is enhanced by his following of different levels of the game, not only the professional version
  12. Remember if you trade Buxton for prospects, which are an unsure thing, you are trading an unsure thing for them. Basically with Buck you have a 50/50 chance of playing Buxton, or Jake Cave, a fourth OF carried for insurance. I like Buxton, and have always believed in his talent even when he struggled, but since everyone uses stats on this site, here’s a stat: he only plays half the time. I am not sure if Cave and the other fill ins have a negative War or whatever you call it, but it should be subtracted from Buxton for the the CF value. Signing Buxton to see him play is one thing, signing him to win is another. As good as Buxton is he won’t make a team a winner that has two? SP, and basically no SS. Mike Trout can’t move the Angels, and they don’t have near the problems the Twins have. I like Buxton, you want to sign him so we can maybe watch him play fine I am good with that. If you are signing him to make the organization better in the long run, then it’s a mistake.
  13. I don’t know if players care, or even should care about how they are perceived by fans. As you stated everyone LOVED Kirby. But for some inexplicable reason many fans felt animosity towards Mauer. While many made his contract a point of contention, I also think his low key, and private nature also played into the equation. I have always thought that how an athlete spends his personal time is his own thing, and as for the contract, I couldn’t care less how much of the Pohlad fortune Mauer or anyone else manages to receive for their talents. Regardless of their talents during their careers Kirby seemed bigger than life, and in comparison it could be said Mauer was "smaller" than life. But in the end, it ended up exactly in reverse.
  14. Both arguments were persuasive, and well articulated. My vote was more for the player than for the "arguer". Mauer. The "who had the most championships" theory falls somewhat flat when you consider that putting Babe Ruth on some of those Twins teams wouldn’t have moved the needle. Both players were excellent in their own ways. But Mauer played the second most important position in the game, and the most difficult with a talent very few have ever brought to that spot. And he did it for quite a few years. As for the injuries, well Puckett also suffered his own, simply later in his career. Neither were injured at a time of their choosing, and both got to play long enough to determine a fair assessment of their work. Finally, as far as pure physical baseball talent. Mauer could transition to an IF spot, it’s doubtful Kirby could have. While the Twins moved Mauer to 1B, I always thought his arm and glove would have played well at third also. And as for those who don’t think a good glove is important at first base, have you saw Sano play there? I rest my case!
  15. I think the DH should be "universal"! There should be unlimited DH’s for any team, as long as you have a roster spot. Need a elite defensive SS that can’t hit? No problem. He plays SS and some 38 yr old veteran stick hits, and rumbles around the bases. Your entire bench could be full of DH types, and if the guy he is hitting for goes down, just insert the DH in the field. Or maybe limit DH’s to 4 per lineup and increase rosters to 30? Who wants to watch Simmons or Sano hit? Think of the offense, think of the dingers, think of the complaints cause your pitching staff has a collective ERA of 12.6?
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