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  1. This play is simply indicative of what has happened to MLB the past 10 years or so. A lot of it is caused by the administrators of the game. But some of what they decree is also caused by us the fans. We are the ones who expect perfection from human beings. We think umpires (or referees as someone posted) should be flawless. We want instant replay for everything with the exception of the players scratching themselves in the dugout. When it takes ten minutes and 14 looks at a play and it STILL can’t be clearly determined, then that’s what the umpire is for. An arbiter. BTW, it’s not easy making your living deciding whether a 92mph slider nipped the lower outside 3/8” of the plate. The two plays shown, here and Pittsburg were similar. Obviously one was called wrong. Which one? Who knows. The rule is so stupid that’s it’s almost impossible to consistently enforce. Frankly I agree that the play was correctly called by the plate ump. The catcher had to be in position to catch the ball, which he was, and he made the tag. Same thing in Pittsburg. But it’s not the call that was bad, it’s the rule that is stupid. . Make it so a slide into a catcher with intent to knock him over to jar the ball loose is an automatic out. It won’t be any more confusing than this, and it allows the catcher to be a catcher. One last thing, enough with the umpires and big wigs in NY hate the Twins. Sheesh! While I am pretty sure most umpires could give a rats behind who wins, I can guarantee the wheels in NY love the Twins. Think about it!
  2. Fortunately nothing else happened in the three plus preceding hours that changed the outcome of the game!
  3. Would not pulling the starters even earlier simply cause the bullpen more stress. Years ago Bill Clinton said "it’s the arithmetic". Whatever your SP doesn’t pitch your pen does. In another context if you had a group of starters consistently going deep into games, you would either drop a relief pitcher, or end up with rusty ones at the end of the pen bench!
  4. It still doesn’t make sense to arbitrarily pull a SP at a set time. Maybe the stats say that jerking SP in the fourth is working on an average? But surely individualizing this decision has to be part of the process. Nolan Ryan removed for Caleb Thielbar? Or Joe Ryan for Joe Nathan? Slight difference. The game requires x amount of innings by x amount of pitchers, the less innings you alot to your better ranked pitchers, pitchers able to get through a lineup at least twice, the more your lesser ranked pitchers, good for an inning, have to pitch. If you had a longer pen this might work. But in the current situation, you are throwing cannon fodder out there towards the end. You want to shorten the leash on a SP that’s one thing, but preplanning his inning limit seems more like scheduling than managing.
  5. If he would have pulled that pitch any farther it woulda hit the batter in his unmentionable areas! Lol
  6. It’s 93 here, trust me there are no snowballs forming!
  7. Remember these teams are only partly competitive. They share enormous pots of revenue, you can’t completely use your own specific financial advantage to overwhelm the other franchise members in company. To some extent, yes, but there are limits. Think of it as a McDonald’s The appearance of competition is more important than the actual thing. If you simply go along with the rules and follow the program you won’t lose any money. Everyone gets a place at the trough! Ask JP!
  8. In Little League softball and baseball they will sometimes put a parent at the backstop to retrieve the endless balls that get buy those 8 yr. old "catchers"! This could be the solution to our problem. Guys from my era like Jim Thome and Tony O could have transitioned behind the plate. Since it’s been statistically proven that wild pitches, passed balls and allowing throw out rates on stolen bases that would get most VFW catchers benched, (not to mention not having to learn how to hide your pinkies between your legs for all those confusing little sign thingies) all our elderly transitional players would need is a little 3 legged stool to sit on! Yes, they would have to promise to remove it for a slide play at the plate, but maybe since the umpire has extra time he could help out?
  9. Baseball is getting confusing. So catching has now become an offensive position for a player who can "frame" pitches? Passed balls, non blocked wild pitches, and base stealers running Willy nilly mean nothing. Defensively turning a walk or single into a double is fine? At the same time turning a singles hitter into an extra base guy is celebrated ? Letting someone get another base is a defensive liability regardless. Add on the fact that no pitcher wants to miss with that 1-2 slider down and away to a one legged pitch framer would seem obvious. I have never been a fan of Robo umps. But maybe it’s time for us to get what we deserve. We have turned a wonderful, albeit slow, game into a dreadful slog! Replays to determine a call which require measurements that would make a NASA engineer proud. That stupid tv box which makes every fan an umpire, and every umpire wrong. I think it’s time to bring on the bots, and finish the job. A statistically perfect game, that maybe a couple of analytical professors at MIT will watch over lunch?
  10. Reusse knows more about the game of baseball than most of us on here. Note I said the game of baseball. His interest and his knowledge and his history of the game go past the current iteration of MLB. He will delve into town ball, high school ball, and college ball, where others only know what they see at the MLB level. Beyond that, are the stories and the recollections. There isn’t another like him in this market, nor will there be. Curmudgeon he may be, but long live his career.
  11. Bunts, stealing, the hit and run, and old baseball adages are highly frowned upon in the analytical age.
  12. Is the "dead ball era" the problem? Or is it the possibility that baseball sold itself out to launch angles, exit velocity, and going for the long ball even when behind on the count? Basically you are playing the long game with a dead ball. Maybe admitting the Bomba Squad wasn’t as much Bomba as the ball was Titleist would help the team and fans see baseball in a more realistic light?
  13. I would never miss a Twins game when Garlick bats cleanup. Brings back fond memories of Harmon, Hank, and the Babe!
  14. The real question should have been: Would you rather watch Miguel Sano strike out se see Pete Rose hit a baseball consistently! FTFY
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