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  1. Could be we're unofficially tanking? How else can you still have Shoemaker playing.
  2. This game was like a card game of war when your highest card (relief pitcher) is like a 7. No aces, no kings, no queens, etc. Pitchers were completely and hopelessly overmatched.
  3. Picked up my kindle in bed, saw 5-3 bottom of 9th, 0 out, in the ribbon scoreboard on ESPN, tapped it. I must have missed the first few pitches to Polanco, because what seemed like about 2 minutes, single, homer, single, homer. I wonder how much time elapsed between the pitch Polanco hit for a single and the Cruz homer?
  4. I listened to bits and pieces of this game. When Buxton pulled up in the 9th and his obvious replacement would be Cave and then I saw the final score, I thought this is a stick a fork in it type of game. With Arraez out, Kiriloff out, Sano presumably out of shape and closing in on a 50% SO rate, Thielbar pitching in a close game (Waddell pitching in a close game two days ago) and Buxton pulling up with something and Cave is his replacement...it does feel like it is not in the cards this year. Reusse is describing the AAA pitching staff as mostly never were veterans and you can't help but think
  5. All is forgiven. Rocco is great. Garver ... probably be an all star with that fool-proof, short swing. Dobber is worth every penny. Happy happenings with Happ.
  6. 45 strikeouts combined for Twins and opponents in the last 2 games.
  7. Rosario getting picked off first cuz he's not paying attention and then hitting the dinger. Classic combo.
  8. I think the winner of the World Series this year is going to have a sizable asterisk. All the uncertainty with the schedule, injuries league wide, possible shut downs from COVID, no fans, 7 inning double headers, potential neutral site playoffs...it's hard to imagine going all in being a prudent risk. I might be a little down because of the recent slump, but feels like we should sort of ride this baby out. If someone comes up with an offer you can't refuse with a good pitcher we can control for a few years -- take it. Otherwise, let the chips fall where they may on this oddest of years.
  9. Whatever the solution, I think we need a plus field at either first or third -- one of the two at a minimum. I don't think Sano at 3rd and Garver at 1st does this. If Sano's at 3rd, we need a 1B good enough to mitigate Sano's problems. If Sano's at 1B, we need a 3B good enough to take pressure off Sano at 1B. The only exception might be if Kiriloff comes in a has the potential to get better defensively quickly. I'd put Kiriloff into intensive 1st Base boot camp ASAP.
  10. This was such a mismatch, I was surprised to see the Yankees celebrate the win. I expected them to slap hands and give each other a look like, "Well, preseason game against the nearby DII college. Good thing we dominated."
  11. Chiefs coaches bid a determined Peoria to not go gentle into that good night, but Dylan Thomas came out and got the final two outs of the eight inning and all three outs in the ninth frame.
  12. The jury is in and obviously Laweryson made a case for the next level. He represented himself very well!
  13. Random observation. The Twins have 7 guys with OPS above .800. The next highest 3 guys Cron (.790), Schoop (.757) and Gonzalez (.752) have combined for 51 homers and 156 RBI. That is a deep lineup.
  14. I was watching the game at a party with the sound off. What happened when the dugouts emptied? Or maybe someone put something in my drink.
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