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  1. Is there an eyes wide open, objective assessment of Miranda's defense at 3rd? Before buckets and buckets of more virtual ink are spilled considering these dilemmas, it would be good to know if Miranda can actually play a legit major league 3rd base. It seems like below average fielders get described as average until they make it to the major leagues and play 50 games and then they start getting called liabilities. I I guess what I'm saying is Please don't tell me he's adequate if he he's below average.
  2. I have always had this feeling the Yankees make the Twins throw obvious strikes because they know the umps will tend to not call the close ones when nibbling Twins like Dobber are pitching, especially at Yankee Stadium. I'm glad I wasn't watching. It would have been too painful.
  3. Remotely related question. Are some/most/all contracts -- like Dobber's with the Twins -- insured by the Twins? Partially insured? If so, if a contract isn't working out too well (possibly like Dobber's) do the Twins get some relief (no pun intended) if there's an injury?
  4. Huge Twins Daily fan and am grateful for the great work you all do. Sometimes I wonder why photo captions don't include the name.of the person in the picture.
  5. Could be we're unofficially tanking? How else can you still have Shoemaker playing.
  6. This game was like a card game of war when your highest card (relief pitcher) is like a 7. No aces, no kings, no queens, etc. Pitchers were completely and hopelessly overmatched.
  7. Picked up my kindle in bed, saw 5-3 bottom of 9th, 0 out, in the ribbon scoreboard on ESPN, tapped it. I must have missed the first few pitches to Polanco, because what seemed like about 2 minutes, single, homer, single, homer. I wonder how much time elapsed between the pitch Polanco hit for a single and the Cruz homer?
  8. I listened to bits and pieces of this game. When Buxton pulled up in the 9th and his obvious replacement would be Cave and then I saw the final score, I thought this is a stick a fork in it type of game. With Arraez out, Kiriloff out, Sano presumably out of shape and closing in on a 50% SO rate, Thielbar pitching in a close game (Waddell pitching in a close game two days ago) and Buxton pulling up with something and Cave is his replacement...it does feel like it is not in the cards this year. Reusse is describing the AAA pitching staff as mostly never were veterans and you can't help but think there needs to be profound reset on the roster. Give us something to hope for. And let some of these guys pitch 6 - 7 innings please. There's nothing quite like an oldish, not very good team to make you think about going to the driving range and Gophers football and start speculating about unrealistic trades for young, affordable aces. Sano, Cave, and Astudillo for Glasnow? I'd say they shoud sign Berrios, sign Buxton, sign Arraez and create some mild optimism and Big Mike, Nellie, Happ, and maybe one of our new relievers can get back on track for a few weeks and send them out to someone who has a chance.
  9. All is forgiven. Rocco is great. Garver ... probably be an all star with that fool-proof, short swing. Dobber is worth every penny. Happy happenings with Happ.
  10. 45 strikeouts combined for Twins and opponents in the last 2 games.
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