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  1. I could imagine I just watched Geoff Zahn "really show up" and Kenny Landreaux belt a long ball for the game's only run.
  2. Hard to believe he's only 25. I thought Palacios was a plus defender back in the olden prospect days. There's no mention of here. For a shortstop, that's a pretty significant part of whether he has value. If he's got a plus glove and speed, an average bat seems acceptable.
  3. The incentives laden contract for Mvp awards and placing in the top 5 or so in MVP votes, getting 500 or more ABs, we're all agreed to since last season. It's hard to imagine he would be considered for Mvp if he's only playing 100 games and it seems a stretch to get to 500 ABs. I think the ABs incentives were in $500k increments. Seems a little odd to me they came up with this plan in the spring (according to Souhan) before he hurt anything, but after the incentive packed contract was signed in December.
  4. I'm with you and I said a while ago that Bundy reminded me of the Phil Hughes toward the end.
  5. Agree with rankings. Bundy reminds a wee bit of Phil Hughes and not in a good way.
  6. Memorable and bizarre night all around.
  7. I was a college freshman in the area and ended up at this game. It was a surreal evening for a few reasons. Mainly, surreal because it seemed like a tornado was hitting the dome (I'm sure I had a few American domestics in me but nothing stronger than that). Speakers swaying and then the teflon section -- I think over the right field nosebleed seats -- started filling up with water and sagging and then -- splash! I'll have to look up the game to be sure, but I think the Twins had a healthy lead going into the weirdness and then aggressively lost the game with long balls and such. The other weird part of the night was for some reason a friend and I walked back to the dorm at St Thomas. Not exactly a short walk and encountered some rambunctious folks along the way. Surreal. Okay...just looked up the game. The Angels scored 6 runs in the top of the 9th to win 7-6. Frank Viola went 8 and pitched to 2 batters in the 9th and the Ron Davis took over. RD struck 2, walked 1, and 3 hits including 2 dingers.
  8. I know we'd much prefer to still have Rogers and also somehow have Paddock, but of course that ain't how things work. Rogers is off to a good start, but he did blow a save for the Padres recently and last year converted 9 of 13 save opportunities for the Twins. Wish we still had him, but he wasn't exactly Bruce Sutter in his prime for us.
  9. Byron Buxton is getting babied and should play if he is 60%. At 60%, he would learn to play more safely. Buxton at 80% playing 80%of the time is reasonable, still productive and acceptable.
  10. It would make sense that a trade for pitching could safely include anyone other than Polanco from the players mentioned in this post and in the comments.
  11. Is there an eyes wide open, objective assessment of Miranda's defense at 3rd? Before buckets and buckets of more virtual ink are spilled considering these dilemmas, it would be good to know if Miranda can actually play a legit major league 3rd base. It seems like below average fielders get described as average until they make it to the major leagues and play 50 games and then they start getting called liabilities. I I guess what I'm saying is Please don't tell me he's adequate if he he's below average.
  12. I have always had this feeling the Yankees make the Twins throw obvious strikes because they know the umps will tend to not call the close ones when nibbling Twins like Dobber are pitching, especially at Yankee Stadium. I'm glad I wasn't watching. It would have been too painful.
  13. Remotely related question. Are some/most/all contracts -- like Dobber's with the Twins -- insured by the Twins? Partially insured? If so, if a contract isn't working out too well (possibly like Dobber's) do the Twins get some relief (no pun intended) if there's an injury?
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