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  1. And to me that's the most damning evidence out of all of this for the FO. If I'm Pohlad and see Cleveland make that move it speaks volumes of how bad this FO has become and the brand of baseball they have created.
  2. Exactly the question we have to hope Pohlad is asking too. If this season goes in the ditch should be all he needs to finally make a move. We'll see....
  3. The way they are playing and the roster the FO has assembled isn't going to grow the attendance. They are boring to watch, have no spark and don't have the players or the coaching staff to change any of that. At the end of the day the one thing we can probably count on is low attendance is going to get Pohlad's attention and get them all fired. Maybe it will be a 2fer and St. Peter goes too.
  4. Exactly the question that needs to be answered and the one right behind it is how come they are taking so long to change the approach. Does it really take half a season to finally acknowledge the approach is messed up?
  5. Whenever discussion about how bad Kepler has become I think back to that press conference announcing his new contract. Remember when he said something to the the effect he would play for free? And Levine's facial reaction was priceless...what did I just do? lol Crazy how that one year of the juiced ball just keeps on giving.
  6. Lewis isn't that kind of guy but if he would have gone Ty Cobb on the first baseman I can't say he didn't deserve it.
  7. Sure hope it's the case it's just a new cable channel. Streaming works for me but for my 87 year old mom it needs to be cable. No idea what % of the Twins market my mom falls into but talking to the director of the facility one day she said if the Twins aren't in the cable package the residents will line up outside her office to tell her about it. lol.
  8. But it did get the guy to third and gives you more options to get him home. The Twins played infield in, that could get a ball through that wouldn't if they were at normal depth. Gotta be stats out there by now that show the progression in extra innings as to what teams are doing. Would be interesting to see what is working.
  9. When you're the visiting team I think you have to play small ball and get that one run in because if you don't, the home team is gonna do exactly what the Chisox did and play small ball to get that run in. The other thing it does with that one run is put some added pressure on the home team to get two so maybe they don't play small ball and do what the Twins just did to lose that game. The 10th inning rule requires at least some skill at bunting from all your guys, they just need to be able to put it in play. Twins need to start putting at least a little emphasis on this and stop giving guys a pass.
  10. exactly this.."Wish one of the writers would ask him why he made that move." I keep wondering about that myself. Maybe the writers should start thinking of it as not challenging him but helping him by making him think through why he does what he does. For a team that seemingly prides itself on the use of analytics stuff like this just doesn't compute.
  11. Yes they won but anybody else yelling at the TV for Taylor to steal second after they threw over their twice? Smalley basically said something like you almost have to go. I don't get what Rocco is doing, it was early enough in the game you go for it. ugh,
  12. Caught this live on KFAN the other day, Gleeman does a nice job of highlighting just how complicated this all really is. Go to the 10:30 mark - https://www.iheart.com/podcast/139-the-dan-barreiro-show-26981004/episode/bally-bubble-burst-astros-preview--112349708/ In summary - for years clubs were getting those large multi million dollar payments because the cable companies where charging every customer for the RSN regardless if you watched it or not. That cable customer base is a much larger number than the Twins fanbase which translates into having to charge a high price to the Twins fans willing to pay for the streaming service to get to that 40 million mark for the Twins. How many fans are going to pay for that streaming service? And of the portion of Twins fans how many are going to go to the trouble of fussing with streaming services? Gotta say I love league revenue sharing as part of the answer Bonnes talks about.
  13. Also, the club faced three right-handed pitchers, but the left-handed hitter went 0-for-13 with a walk. However, there have been some positive signs among those numbers. Four of his nine batted balls have had an exit velocity over 95 mph, which might indicate more hits falling in upcoming games. ugh...whenever I see this exit velocity used to counter an awlful batting line I just don't get it. Yes it's early but the dude is 0-13. He doesn't belong anywhere near the top of the order. I can see why Rocco wanted to try him there but the experiment should be over. Put him where his actual hitting performance deserves.
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