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  1. Tony O. was the one. My grandmother knew him and he came to my house. Have a picture with him when I was about 5. So awesome! Such a great person.
  2. This should answer some questions. https://youtu.be/kI9_wnlOx0Q
  3. Love the site and the content. No need to go anywhere else for Twins info. Unless I want some Koolaid and I'll go to the Twins site. Thanks for all you do!
  4. This plan is totally realistic and has as much chance to win in the playoffs as any other team. I hope this happens. Only way to make it better is to sign Strasburg or Garrit Cole on a contract they could opt out after 3 years.
  5. Again I agree. Not happy with the way they lost in the playoffs but understand what was done and not done at the deadline and mostly agree with the FO on most decisions. They have access to way more than we, the fans do. I just would like to keep moving forward with the good parts that are here.
  6. I agree with this analysis. We need to build from here and target pitching that can win once we get in the playoffs. Don't mortgage the future but improve what is here.
  7. "...is it up to Joe Mauer to change who he is or for us to realize that our expectations aren't going to be met? Have you ever tried changing who you are? It's not easy." This, TOTALLY this.
  8. Would Bert be a good guy to consult on which curve to use? Bert could also probably give Hughes some insight on when and how to throw the curve.
  9. Could this value you talk about be what the Twins value in scouting? (Pun Intended)
  10. This struck me as bad also. I hope the Twins continue to move forward and build their baseball operations department. The days of the Twins out scouting other teams are over.
  11. This makes way too much sense and sounds like a platoon. We don't do that in the Twins Nation. Sink or swim!
  12. Raspberrying A. It's great to have something to get excited about after suffering through the "being competitive" rebuild.
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