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  1. I'll say # 1 and 3. Plus, in July they trade a few of their best prospects for a frontline starter and bullpen piece.
  2. With Marwin's ability to play infield they don't necessarily need Blankenhorn, and an extra-inning speedster might make the most sense.
  3. well thought out, and you might be right. It only takes a couple extra-inning close plays at the plate to be worth the roster spot, and we'll generally have a good hitter or two on the bench to sub in if it doesn't work.
  4. How about, once every 4 years, we get a 60-game season and a World Cup/Actual World Series.
  5. I'd like to see what happens when the season starts. Let's not forget Eddie has stretches when he carries the team.
  6. If they add Balazovic to the 60.... that likely means he's getting traded. I hope he stays off of it this year!
  7. Teams know this trading issue when making their 60-man roster. I think a bunch of huge trades will go down.
  8. 48-12, and they'll break a bunch of records (with asterisks of course).
  9. I really like the 30-man roster. This team is going to have an attitude and they will be hard to beat. Let's hope a couple of the new relievers work out.
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