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  1. Glad to see that Jeffers caught and Larnach played nearly a full game in the field. It is too late for them to help this season, but it would be good to have them healthy going into next season.
  2. They potentially had drafted a top of the rotation guy in Petty - but they traded his away for Gray.
  3. Lopez has been infected by the Pagan virus. What was lost in this debacle is that Palacios's K/9 fell from 27 to 13.5. How tragic.
  4. None of the "rehabers" (Polanco, Larnach or Jeffers) played for the Saints. I'm curious as to why. Might it be that they are not yet healed enough?
  5. @Sherry Cerny - Thank you for the writeups I usually appreciate your optimism, but this is too Pollyanna: "Pagan and the Bullpen Keep Twins in Games" The bullpen gave up 4 runs in 5 innings. Not exactly lock-down. The only thing they did was save the other arms in the bullpen. And Pagan continues to struggle even though he is being used in low leverage situations.
  6. Honorable mention call-out to Celestino who has helped a bad situation (Buxton's injury) not be worse. I have to take some issue with this quote as well "Rocco Baldelli’s club has seen debuts of multiple rookies this season, while also enjoying the play of superstar Carlos Correa." While the Twins are better with Correa, more was expected out of him. As a result, I'm not sure how much I've enjoyed his play...
  7. While I appreciate the optimism, I would not trumpet a good rotation yet. Too many coulds, ifs and maybes with Maeda and Paddock will be coming off major injuries, Mahle and Ober have not proven they can stay healthy, and Balazovic has been a mess this season (although he has shown recent improvements).
  8. Giolito has been bad, but his ERA is not 75.27 as shown in the write-up... Pitching matchup tomorrow: On Sunday at 1:10 pm CST, Dylan Bundy (7-6, 4.53 ERA) will hope to help the Twins avoid the sweep against White Sox RHP Lucas Giolito (10-8, 75.27 ERA) I watched the game thru the first 4 Chicago batters. Glad there was a good college football match-up to watch. Turned it back and saw it was 13-0 and I knew I made the right choice not to watch...
  9. I believe this is accurate especially since the lineup last night included Royal's regulars Oliveras and Pasquantino who are on rehab assignments with the Storm Chasers. Balazovic's outing was certainly encouraging.
  10. Miranda has been a godsend offensively to a lineup that has often struggled to score runs. I know people downplay RBI, but he is tied for the team lead after not playing the first month and playing poorly once he arrived. This is driven by Miranda's .281 RISP average on a team that has an overall RISP of .249 which ranks 19th overall in all of MLB.
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