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  1. I just can't stand how a stolen base is looked at so minimally. Definitely reflects the game. You don't want to work too hard for your bases once you're on because we're either going to score on a double or a dinger. In the past 5-6 seasons, the only teams that are consistently in the top 5 each year for stolen bases are Kansas City, Miami, and Texas (in no particular order). Not really playoff pushers.
  2. It's not what I want to point out, and they're too different people, but Kopech is making the transition this year. Had a fantastic year as a fireballer out of the pen last year. Huge strikeout numbers, 4/1 walk to K ratio, but really wanted to be a starter yet. His fastball took a big hit, his K numbers went from 100 in 70 innings to 98 in 110 innings, and his injury history is much different. Big difference is their secondary pitchers. Fast to slider for Kopech and fastball to curveball/splitter for Duran. I am big on allowing starters to prove they're starters until they can't, but man Duran is special out of the pen. Truly special.
  3. We've developed Josh Winder, Bailey Ober, and Randy Dobnak. Those are the pitchers who have even come close to staying on as major league starting pitchers. Ober and Dobnak were completely off the radar for those who don't follow the minors. Dobnak definitely looks to be bullpen, say he even comes back to help at all. Varland is seemingly close to defying the Falvine odds of a minor league starter making a big league rotation. I know they only took over in late 2016, but developing starting pitching, thus far, hasn't been Falvine's forte. However, Developing a Major League bullpen? My hat's off. It's their blessing and curse. In my amateur mind, they're giving up on top of the rotation talent far too early, to a point where they barely get to sniff out a chance after getting all the way to AAA as a starter. Then, they must see something they don't like, but love in the short innings. So they chuck them in the pen and they do great. Long story short, LOVE Duran, but for the love of PETE, please develop us a TOP OF THE ROTATION STARTER!!!
  4. I love this fodder. We can't lose with either Duran or Miranda for team ROY. I could care less about the AL ROY. We all know it'll be Adley, Witt Jr., or Rodriguez. They can have it. I'm beyond excited we have all three of these guys (Ryan is a straight up gift from Tampa). We NEED to take a page out of Atlanta's playbook and start signing these guys to some deals. We tried with Polanco and Kepler and it's going well, but look at Atlanta's payroll. They develop and sign. It also shows the loyalty that is so overlooked in professional sports now days.
  5. Knee jerk, but not really. Encarnacion-Strand has literally picked up where he left off last year. Same thing he did transitioning from Oklahoma St. to Fort Myers. He's flat out a hitter w/pop. I'm excited to see this guy climb through the ranks.
  6. Good digging. I tried, and I couldn't find a list that included these two throwers. I'd probably move Montas down my list of wants after know that though. Who knows, maybe it fully worked for him. I had no idea Kenny Rogers had it done. Didn't even know it was a thing back in 2001. Again, good sleuthing. I remember the days of plays not being able to return to form after TJ or ACL's. Those days seem to be behind us and players coming back stronger. Hopefully this type of surgery gets to that level.
  7. Not a bad signing. Not a great signing. Give me a list of players who have successfully returned to form after Thoracic Outlet Surgery. There isn't one. However, he may give us sufficient innings to hold us over to the trade deadline. Maybe more will be available at the deadline than right now.
  8. Well done Seehafer. Good read. We're poised for another big move. There's a possibility we could make the move for Montas, Manaea, or Castillo w/out losing Martin & Lewis. If you see what the Mets gave up for Bassitt, it's possible. That said, I see us dealing Martin before Lewis. Lewis is 1 ACL tear and two years removed from the game. Calling him a "key" piece in trade would probably be insulting to the A's or Reds. Down side is it will cost more pitching. Sending Woods-Richardson doesn't seem likely. Neither would want to be the 4th team on his young career. On top of that, I'd feel bad for the kid. I think we can do it with a departure of Winder, Duran, and maybe a flyer on a low-A guy. Maybe Canterino over Winder or Duran, which I'd hate to do. I LOVE WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE TWINS RIGHT NOW!!!
  9. Waaaaaaaay too much data against this kid that has nothing to do with this kid, yet is completely relevant. I digress. However, I've mentioned this before. Petty reminds me of J.B. Bukauskas mixed with a Michael Kopech, but with a slider. I'm excited. Post-Royce Lewis, I haven't been terribly impressed with ANY first round pick off the bat, but quoting the great Larry Hockett, "This kid has some serious $H*%."
  10. This part bothered me... "I’m just so ready to be a Minnesota Twin. I want to be a Twin, and I’m hoping they want me just as bad. It’s always hard to tell as a player because they don’t necessarily voice those things sometimes, but I want to bring this town and this city a championship soon." Hey front office, way to make a guy feel appreciated. Not that anyone needs smoke blown up their %$@, but come on. He clearly wants to be here, and has been NOTHING BUT openly appreciative of the Minnesota Twins organization. I'm excited for him and have been since the first time we saw him in Cedar Rapids. I pray his talent matches or exceeds his charisma and drive. He's a special talent.
  11. Miranda's 2021 season reminded me of Kirilloff's 2018 season. Great thing is that Jose's season happened at AA/AAA instead of A/High-A. Rave reviews on both, but completely different paths and approaches to success. I'm excited. Louie? I love it. It's fantastic. Rodriguez? Maybe I'm jaded, but signing guys at the age of 16 is a COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP SHOOT!!! Yes, baseball is culture in the Dominican & Haiti. Yes, there is such thing as pedigree, but geez. Look at the amount of players who have made it off of minimal signings vs. max signings.
  12. 100% speculation at its finest. I agree when noted that Miller doesn't have any of the loud tools. I'm good with him, but just doesn't seem all to heady as a prospect. Especially after coming out of Wisconsin (pandemic season). Maybe we drafted on pedigree. Petty reminds me of a mix of Michael Kopech and J.B. Bukauskas. I really pull for the former. With the resume and build, it's almost a given we don't see Petty in the MLB until after a T.J. surgery. I hate saying that, but look at all those who can throw as he can. Then look at who made it w/out a surgery.
  13. There will be minor league ball. Investing in the minors will make anyone fall back in love with baseball. Aside from that, I'm at a loss for words. I could belligerently air my grievances about owners, but it renders useless. Frustrating. Thanks for the updates!!!
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