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  1. Agree with others who think he can play 2B well. His numbers compared to Polanco were rather similar, if not better in some defensively. It’s the range/athleticism piece, but he has fantastic instinct. The other part that is annoying is that so many thought he came out of nowhere, or very little gave him respect as a prospect. If you follow the Twins minor leaguers at all, no way could you have missed his hit tool and not known about him or consistently ranked him so low. He is a gamer who is just as fun to watch at the plate than anyone in the league, in my opinion. His at bats are so entertaining. Watching him scan the field, evaluate every pitch like the game is on the line, fight pitches, smoke liners to all parts of the park with runners, etc. GREAT ARTICLE!!! LOVE WATCHING THIS KID PLAY.
  2. Berrios is going to require a great deal to retain. I'd love to keep him. However, I'd love to see the Twins making some moves that will improve our future. We're going to be good next year, but not "top of the division good". That'll be the White Sox. If the Sox could get Dylan Cease, Eloy Jimenez, and two more prospects that haven't panned out for Jose Quintana, we should be able to nail down two top 100 guys for Berrios from the Jays. I'd throw in a hometown guy from the Jays as well in Rodning, who has potential to be a Caleb Thielbar type. All that being said. Berrios is very important in the long term with the Twins.
  3. Last paragraph summarized it very well. This kid hits. Even the layperson would say he's getting robbed out there. His hits will drop, and when they do, it's going to come in droves.
  4. I always hate doing this to myself. Looking at who was drafted after and how could we possibly miss on that talent. Going further, I think you're even underselling Trea Turner. Kid can play baseball.
  5. Let Akil enjoy the moment. We all know it's too early. But call a spade a spade. Kid's hot as Hansel in a walk-off right now.
  6. In today's market, wouldn't $100+ be about right for Berrios? He's a sub 4.00 ERA guy who strikes people out. He's right in that Zack Wheeler range. Buxton? He knows more than anyone else that he NEEDS to stay healthy to get the payday he wants. He knows what he can do when healthy. He just needs to convert. However, an aging Buxton worries me.
  7. LOVE that Baddoo is off to a great start. Hope he keeps it going. Wouldn't ever have happened, but just imagine that stepping in instead of Cave right now.
  8. I hate this because I want the Twins to win. However, over/under of Donaldson playing 40+ games? So many raved on the signing. We literally gambled $92 million on the front end, and HOPING he has something past 2021. Not logical with his history. Sucks.
  9. We have too many "if healthy" verdicts. Don't like that. This would be even more fun to read if Twins Daily collaborated with the Sox writers again. Much like a brewery collaboration. Then see the how the Sox conclusion tally would end up.
  10. Love hearing the pop in a small/not to capacity minor league stadium when you watch these guys throw in person. I really hope Colina gets a good bounce back appearance or three this year. I'm in no rush to see Duran or Balazovic in MSP this season unless we have a long-term injury for a guy in the rotation and the likes of Thorpe, Dobnak, Shoemaker, Smeltzer, Sammons, or Barnes can't handle it.
  11. Seeing pitches doesn't have the same effect in dugouts when scouting and statcasting are where they're at, but wearing a pitcher down hasn't lost its luster. It's not a surprise to see Arraez see 10 pitches in an at-bat. I could just imagine pitchers rolling their eyes when they have to see him a third time in a game. He's a spark at the top of the order that Kepler clearly isn't capable of. For this reason alone, I'd rather have seen Polanco adjust to the utility role. Arraez's defense IS NOT AS BAD AS PEOPLE SAY.
  12. With only reading the title, and not the article, I will agree whole-heartedly. I'll check back in after the article.
  13. I love watching Buxton when he's on just as everyone else. His inability to stay on the field vs. what he does when he is on the field and playing great is the reason I don't see either side coming to an agreement.
  14. I could care less how meaningless everything is right now. I know the best 9 will be on the field come opening day, minus Arraez. I love seeing the videos. Keep them coming. So much fun to see updates popping up on my phone from the games. I like Vanimal's Thorpe theory. Seems like we push top prospect power pitchers to the bullpen with barely any innings logged in The Show (Graterol, Romero, Duran whisperings), but we absolutely extinguish every avenue for others before putting them in the pen, such as Duffey, Rogers, May.
  15. I agree he should make the Opening Day roster. However, you're on an entirely different level of thinking and number crunching. Let's just hope he moves to first base, where age 29 wouldn't be as detrimental.
  16. I was waiting for this shoe to drop without knowing it. About time. Donaldson said it perfect. Just emphasizes the distrust with front offices.
  17. What a savvy draft pick (and '18 draft for that matter). I loved seeing Jeffers perform in Elizabethton and Cedar Rapids to start his career. He didn't slow down. He only ramped up with each level. I loved his Hot Stove interview when talking about being a physics major, "...I've always been smart." Haaaaa, he left out confident. He is very confident, and it works for him. You want that behind the plate. His work ethic is fantastic. Another plus, is how many innings he's logged with our pitching prospects. That'll definitely ease their transition when they make it up. The only knock I have (it's not even a knock really) is why is his pitch framing said to be so good? When you watch him, you can see him pulling the ball into the zone quite easily. I'm an amateur umpire, and I'm FAAAAARRRRRR from perfect, but one thing you definitely notice is pushing and pulling of the pitches by the catcher. One thing I'm consistently astonished by are MLB umpires and their ability to call the zone correctly at such a high percentage. Long story longer, no way are MLB umpires unaware of his manipulation of the zone.
  18. I'm just glad that someone brought up that Max has competition. I feel as though, many people just assume Kepler is the guy because of his contract and ability to back up CF. I really hope Kepler stings the ball this year, but I'd hate to trade Larnach in a deal, watch him hit .300 and hit 20 HR's from afar, and us keep the Kepler that bats .220-.250 and hits 20 HR's.
  19. ...which is exactly what he did last year until everything was shut down. 21 AB's 2 Doubles 2 Dingers 4 RBI .429 BA 3 SO ...only 1 BB though I would hope the Twins put the best player available at the position and compete for the right now, and chuck service time out the window. However, service time is going to be completely redone on the next CBA, so maybe they'll want to grandfather him in under the current terms. The logjam spoken of needs to be addressed. Too many cooks in the kitchen.
  20. I was definitely looking forward to Durham coming to town, but oh well. The hotbed of minor league baseball is in your back yard out there. It's why our annual MiLB roadtrip always hits the Southeast. MiLB IS BACK!!!
  21. LET IT BE SPRING IN THE BASEBALL WORLD!!! I LOVE watching the high number guys get their at bats. That's not sarcasm.
  22. I always thought that using our wealth at a position should be our valuable trade pieces. I thought that they'd hold more value. Would Larnach, Rooker, Sabato, and/or Wallner really get much of a return because of their defensive limitations and age? Probably not. Even the Padres had to give up arms to get arms. After the lack of movement on any trades, I'm thinking our front office likes our young arms too much to offer them up for the guys that were moved (such as Darvish or Snell). I just hope we're able get some value for some of these guys before it is late.
  23. In good faith, San Francisco could've returned Kai-Wei Teng from the Sam Dyson trade.
  24. Summed it up. Wade was buried. Hope he finds great success in San Fran. I'm always excited about pitching acquisitions since we've seen what Wes Johnson brings to the table.
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