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  1. Knee jerk, but not really. Encarnacion-Strand has literally picked up where he left off last year. Same thing he did transitioning from Oklahoma St. to Fort Myers. He's flat out a hitter w/pop. I'm excited to see this guy climb through the ranks.
  2. Good digging. I tried, and I couldn't find a list that included these two throwers. I'd probably move Montas down my list of wants after know that though. Who knows, maybe it fully worked for him. I had no idea Kenny Rogers had it done. Didn't even know it was a thing back in 2001. Again, good sleuthing. I remember the days of plays not being able to return to form after TJ or ACL's. Those days seem to be behind us and players coming back stronger. Hopefully this type of surgery gets to that level.
  3. Not a bad signing. Not a great signing. Give me a list of players who have successfully returned to form after Thoracic Outlet Surgery. There isn't one. However, he may give us sufficient innings to hold us over to the trade deadline. Maybe more will be available at the deadline than right now.
  4. Well done Seehafer. Good read. We're poised for another big move. There's a possibility we could make the move for Montas, Manaea, or Castillo w/out losing Martin & Lewis. If you see what the Mets gave up for Bassitt, it's possible. That said, I see us dealing Martin before Lewis. Lewis is 1 ACL tear and two years removed from the game. Calling him a "key" piece in trade would probably be insulting to the A's or Reds. Down side is it will cost more pitching. Sending Woods-Richardson doesn't seem likely. Neither would want to be the 4th team on his young career. On top of that, I'd feel bad for the kid. I think we can do it with a departure of Winder, Duran, and maybe a flyer on a low-A guy. Maybe Canterino over Winder or Duran, which I'd hate to do. I LOVE WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE TWINS RIGHT NOW!!!
  5. Waaaaaaaay too much data against this kid that has nothing to do with this kid, yet is completely relevant. I digress. However, I've mentioned this before. Petty reminds me of J.B. Bukauskas mixed with a Michael Kopech, but with a slider. I'm excited. Post-Royce Lewis, I haven't been terribly impressed with ANY first round pick off the bat, but quoting the great Larry Hockett, "This kid has some serious $H*%."
  6. This part bothered me... "I’m just so ready to be a Minnesota Twin. I want to be a Twin, and I’m hoping they want me just as bad. It’s always hard to tell as a player because they don’t necessarily voice those things sometimes, but I want to bring this town and this city a championship soon." Hey front office, way to make a guy feel appreciated. Not that anyone needs smoke blown up their %$@, but come on. He clearly wants to be here, and has been NOTHING BUT openly appreciative of the Minnesota Twins organization. I'm excited for him and have been since the first time we saw him in Cedar Rapids. I pray his talent matches or exceeds his charisma and drive. He's a special talent.
  7. Miranda's 2021 season reminded me of Kirilloff's 2018 season. Great thing is that Jose's season happened at AA/AAA instead of A/High-A. Rave reviews on both, but completely different paths and approaches to success. I'm excited. Louie? I love it. It's fantastic. Rodriguez? Maybe I'm jaded, but signing guys at the age of 16 is a COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP SHOOT!!! Yes, baseball is culture in the Dominican & Haiti. Yes, there is such thing as pedigree, but geez. Look at the amount of players who have made it off of minimal signings vs. max signings.
  8. 100% speculation at its finest. I agree when noted that Miller doesn't have any of the loud tools. I'm good with him, but just doesn't seem all to heady as a prospect. Especially after coming out of Wisconsin (pandemic season). Maybe we drafted on pedigree. Petty reminds me of a mix of Michael Kopech and J.B. Bukauskas. I really pull for the former. With the resume and build, it's almost a given we don't see Petty in the MLB until after a T.J. surgery. I hate saying that, but look at all those who can throw as he can. Then look at who made it w/out a surgery.
  9. There will be minor league ball. Investing in the minors will make anyone fall back in love with baseball. Aside from that, I'm at a loss for words. I could belligerently air my grievances about owners, but it renders useless. Frustrating. Thanks for the updates!!!
  10. I'm a BIG Canterino guy. I'm excited for all he brings to the table. His energy is phenomenal. Especially on his off days. He's out there joking and playing around with the boys. He amps them up and seems to always be positive. Those are intangibles I love to see in top tier talent. Royce Lewis shares the same type of energy, if not more. All that said, it's hard to deny Joe Ryan's resume right now. Not complaining. I love it. Baseball talk in January-February during a lockout??? We need this.
  11. PLEASE don't banish him to the bullpen!!! Who cares if he's well aged in high A. I still don't see the rush to chuck him in the bullpen when he has shown such potential as a starter. Maybe as the September call up, but I'd rather see him as a bonafide starter at 27 than a bullpen arm at 25.
  12. Thank you for this. During the winter months, this just absolutely hit the spot.
  13. Favorite Twins pitcher by far. There are HOF'ers below him on the list, which is sad. He was dominant as they come.
  14. Hopes for Canterino are higher than the bullpen. Who cares that he's 24. Let him develop and by the time he's 26, let's let him roll. Hopefully, he excels and it also would coincide with the Twins excelling.
  15. Agree with others who think he can play 2B well. His numbers compared to Polanco were rather similar, if not better in some defensively. It’s the range/athleticism piece, but he has fantastic instinct. The other part that is annoying is that so many thought he came out of nowhere, or very little gave him respect as a prospect. If you follow the Twins minor leaguers at all, no way could you have missed his hit tool and not known about him or consistently ranked him so low. He is a gamer who is just as fun to watch at the plate than anyone in the league, in my opinion. His at bats are so entertaining. Watching him scan the field, evaluate every pitch like the game is on the line, fight pitches, smoke liners to all parts of the park with runners, etc. GREAT ARTICLE!!! LOVE WATCHING THIS KID PLAY.
  16. Berrios is going to require a great deal to retain. I'd love to keep him. However, I'd love to see the Twins making some moves that will improve our future. We're going to be good next year, but not "top of the division good". That'll be the White Sox. If the Sox could get Dylan Cease, Eloy Jimenez, and two more prospects that haven't panned out for Jose Quintana, we should be able to nail down two top 100 guys for Berrios from the Jays. I'd throw in a hometown guy from the Jays as well in Rodning, who has potential to be a Caleb Thielbar type. All that being said. Berrios is very important in the long term with the Twins.
  17. Last paragraph summarized it very well. This kid hits. Even the layperson would say he's getting robbed out there. His hits will drop, and when they do, it's going to come in droves.
  18. I always hate doing this to myself. Looking at who was drafted after and how could we possibly miss on that talent. Going further, I think you're even underselling Trea Turner. Kid can play baseball.
  19. Let Akil enjoy the moment. We all know it's too early. But call a spade a spade. Kid's hot as Hansel in a walk-off right now.
  20. In today's market, wouldn't $100+ be about right for Berrios? He's a sub 4.00 ERA guy who strikes people out. He's right in that Zack Wheeler range. Buxton? He knows more than anyone else that he NEEDS to stay healthy to get the payday he wants. He knows what he can do when healthy. He just needs to convert. However, an aging Buxton worries me.
  21. LOVE that Baddoo is off to a great start. Hope he keeps it going. Wouldn't ever have happened, but just imagine that stepping in instead of Cave right now.
  22. I hate this because I want the Twins to win. However, over/under of Donaldson playing 40+ games? So many raved on the signing. We literally gambled $92 million on the front end, and HOPING he has something past 2021. Not logical with his history. Sucks.
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