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  1. Kepler with the "Game-Winning-RBI", Pagan with the save. Okay, this time technically in a meaningless game, but this is still a reminder that the oft-maligned duo has contributed significantly to this team's successful push to the playoffs once they each shook off horrible starts. Keuchel has been an interesting story to watch, but it sure looks like it would be a big mistake to include him on the playoff roster at the expense of Funderburk. For my money, the rookie has made his "Mark" and deserves to given the opportunity to have an impact. Nice that they stretched him out an extra inning this time. I can understand why Buxton wants to push to return. This is, after all, contractually his team along with Correa. Guess at this point I would take him over Luplow, but not really anybody else. His struggle has been painful to watch and the team has thrived since his placement to the IL. I still think Ryan is our third-best option as a starter despite this showing. But, if he falters in his next start, how great is it to have Maeda on hand to pick up the pieces?
  2. Larnach was certainly given the first-out-the-gate chance to win a spot on this list back in April, but I agree that he has lost out to Stevenson (even though Stevenson has yet to show the offensive promise that was seen in St Paul) due to the skills that are mentioned as Stevenson's strengths. At this point I would have to agree with Larnach's exclusion.
  3. He really did make an impression with his initial call-up (from AA if I remember correctly) where he was mostly used for his speed as a pinch runner but did manage to get a lightning-fast triple as well as a double in 6 at bats. Glad he is on our side and that he has overcome two stints on the IL this year to have a significant contribution to this team's success!
  4. Not intending to take away anything from what the Twins have accomplished this series.....but my oh my what an embarassing display our opponents have presented so far.
  5. Headrick has been announced as the move to make room for Ober. Nice to have our two back-end bullpen guys finish the game pretty cleanly so that everyone else is fresh for the rest of the series. Based on Maeda's performance it would appear that Keuchel is a likely odd man out of rotation unless things go horribly for Ober for some reason. His inclusion in the bullpen is still of good value to the Twins, and he is smart enough to adjust to whatever role the Twins need him in.
  6. I was moaning about this trade (although interestingly somehow found comfort in the inclusion of a couple of low-level minor league prospects) the entire month of April. April in Minnesota may just never be Lopez's "sweet spot", but his performance heated up with the weather month by month and he has clearly shown that he is exactly what the Twins needed after last season's starting pitching instabiity. What is even more impressive is to hear him be interviewed. He is incredibly intelligent not only about baseball but health as a pre-med student in college and the son of two doctors. He projects an attitude of quiet confidence that makes you believe that he is every day eager to continue learning new things. It would not surprise me to see him evolve into a front office capacity if he would wish to do so post-playing career. Fantastic writing technique, by the way, of getting an expert opinion of the Marlins to share their perspective. Don't know if you have ever used it before but I actually find this quite refreshing and uniquely brilliant.
  7. Useful? Not particularly, other than eating a few innings here or there in the last few games strictly for the purpose of reacquainting him the skill level of big league batters again. Sherriff? Definitely not. The Twins will likely see their best return on investment with him by doing what they can to build his confidence but not expect anything beyond Barnie Fife -level duties until next season (unless maybe a little winter ball may make sense for him). But it most certainly is encouraging to have him come as far along the recovery path as he presently is.
  8. Oy vey, is there no limit to number of subtle Pablo Cruise references on this site? Some people, I guess, Don't Want to Live Without it. But, ultimately, Whatcha Gonna Do? I am just glad we have him in our starting rotation.
  9. Dallas Keuchel the strikeout master (6 in 5 innings)? Ultimately it amounted to a good enough five inning start followed by outstanding relief work. Nice call on the double steal, but what an embarassing display by the catcher and left fielder not being able to make Stevenson look like the fool he really was on that play.
  10. So, at a time when medical knowledge and technology were significantly less advanced, knees were the body area that ultimately brought a somewhat premature conclusion to Tony O's career. He may have had other body challenges as well, but none were as prominently documented as Buxton's other injuries. Everyone hopes for healing and recovery for our franchise outfielder. But knees are still a serious area that can effect everything from sleep and mental health to performance on the job. He is a fighter and wants to overcome all obstacles that get in his way of being the best he can be. But some obstacles can ultimately be too much, as we saw with Tony O. He has provided well for his family, and it may be in his best interest to "walk away" from the game while he still can. Literally. It is certainly a legitimate question to ask and I appreciate this article doing so.
  11. He has shown that when healthy, he has the promise of a long MLB career. The Twins did what they felt they had to do to get a return on their other starting pitcher investments and balance his contribution as well. It was an unorthodox, but logical approach. The hope is that it will pay off in a brighter future for both him and the team over time. I'm okay with that. By the way, the only way he can pitch for the Twins in October is with league approval due to the injury of a September 1 roster player, correct?
  12. With every start as the season progresses Lopez has shown how important it was for the Twins to acquire him. Arraez is truly special, but a quick look at across the river (along with the signings of Solano and Farmer) shows how much infield depth this franchise has which made Arraez expendable. Even Steer and ES were expendable, unfortunately the expected return for giving them up didn't pan out like Lopez has.
  13. You know, sometimes the desire for a return on investment gets in the way of making smart choices regarding the true best interests of the team. Wow, to if CC has really been playing through this much pain, it would at this point be smart choice to help him provide us with a max return on his investment by resting him so he is more ready for the playoffs. We do have competent options as others have stated. Moving him down in the line-up is also smart. His glove and team leadership qualities really make him truly a special player. Let's not throw away the potential for a good long career with the Twins for some games in September of marginal importance. Frankly, we have been down this road with Buxton before as well. If he is not able to experience good health on his rehab assignment, shut him down for this year if it means a better chance to deliver results over the rest of his contract. This is a well thought out and well written piece, Cody. As exasperating as CC's season has been offensively, he is always a battler and plays an important role in this team's success. Also, it is clear that there are young players who have emerged to cover the short comings of our key veterans' performances this year. Let's keep focusing on strengths where they exist on this team, and do the best we can with our short comings so that we can all enjoy the unique experience of October MLB baseball.
  14. Quite frankly Martin, Garlick, Keirsey, Stevenson, and Prato (who played OF to start the season in Wichita) are all overachieving expectations as well as infielders Hernan Perez, and Severino. It's pretty easy to argue that at least one of these guys should have Luplow's roster spot. In the end, most likely he will be gone when Willi Castro completes his rehab assignment and we can all go back to calling out Joey Gallo again.
  15. Interesting look at farm system rankings. If this is based strictly on prospects only, then I would buy that the Twins could rank 19th. There is no doubt, though, that the Saints offer more talent than only prospects, with much of their success coming from players with previous MLB reps or those who have never been considered prospects. But, "systems" do run deeper than the top level, of course. While the Baez deal doesn't quite approach Bobby Bonilla-territory, it certainly is looking like a sincere stinker. After seeing the Tigers master the Twins this season, it is head-scratching that the rest of their season has gone so poorly. But, the fact that they gave up on Akil Badoo and then changed their minds and decided he should be their lead-off guy is probably a good illustration of their overall limited talent,
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