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  1. Even though the A's are a bad team right now, it is really nice to get a win in Oakland given that it has been a house of horrors for the Twins over the past several years. Lets hope that continues against Kaprielian tonight as he pitched well against the Twins last time he faced them. According to the box score the attendance was 3,138 for the game. That is what happens when you have a dreadful team playing a week-night home game while school is still in session at a below average stadium.
  2. Based on the small pitch counts for the Twins relievers, the Indians Guardians must have been swinging early and often in the count. This was a huge benefit to the Twins, especially with Smith and Pagan pitching three days in a row.
  3. Count me in the camp of enjoying a good pitching duel (although it was frustrating to see the Twins make Kaprielian look like Cy Young). Surprised that the game still lasted nearly 3 hours. Worried a bit about how Duran's arm will react to his longer outing. Hopefully he will be fine and be ready to pitch again in a day or two. Glad that Royce looks solid in the field and not overmatched at the plate. VERY worried about Buxton's health. Hopefully he can get a few days off and recover. If not, maybe he could use another IL stint to fully heal.
  4. He got passed by a few guys on their way to the bigs, but I would really love to see Balazovic have an outstanding year and be an option for a call-up if needed.
  5. Congrats Jose Miranda on making your well deserved big league debut. Glad to see Jax succeeding in a high leverage situation. Hopefully he can continue his success to reduce the impact of the loss of Alcala. Enjoying the streaking, everyone!
  6. Enjoying this (surprising) run. Congrats Cole Sands on making your major league debut! Also glad seeing the offensive success with Big Whiff sitting on the bench. IMO he can take all the time he needs to "heal".
  7. According to MiLB.com, he was on the IL because of his wisdom teeth (glad it was not arm related). He was activated yesterday (30 April).
  8. Cave has grown a beard and it is full of gray! Really makes him look like one of the senior members of the team in St. Paul.
  9. Grossman was so stunned that Sano actually hit the ball that he reacted poorly. When I saw the replay I thought it should have been an error, but like you Dave, I'm old school. Kepler makes that catch most of the time, IMO.
  10. I know it won't happen but I would welcome the Twins cutting Sano as one of their roster drops. I also know that Kirilloff needs to prove he is and can stay healthy for that to happen...
  11. Another lottery ticket doesn't hurt. It will likely be several years to determine who "won" this trade. Right now I know the Padres are very pleased with it given Rogers has been lights out so far this season. 5 appearances, 5 IP, 1 hit, 1 walk, 5K, WHIP = .4 and 5 saves.
  12. Great recaps as usual, Seth. Thanks for doing it. Unfortunately the links to the box scores are not working or are to the wrong games.
  13. I had to do a double take of the photo of Raya. Lets hope he is as successful as the guy his photo reminds me of...
  14. 4 hours ago, Nate Palmer said: A Cleanup Spot Garlick Tater Rocco is a genius. Takes a player who wasn't on the 40 man roster 3 days ago and bats him clean-up and he hits a big first inning home run. Doesn't bunt Larnach with 2 on and nobody out in the 8th. Larnach has an awful at bat and strikes out, but the Twins still score 4 runs. Just a genius...
  15. I am right there with you Dman! I am opening myself up to a whole heaping pile of crow if Bundy keeps this up. However I am not building up my appetite for crow just yet, as I remember J.A. Happ's first 5 starts last year were very good before the wheels came off... https://www.baseball-almanac.com/players/pitchinglogs.php?p=happja01&y=2021
  16. Should read... The Twins are 3-5 and are not good...
  17. Totally agree Top. If Kirilloff was healthy there is no doubt that Sano should be benched. a significant chunk of his at bats this year have been against lefties so at best he is a platoon. Other teams make adjustments as to how they pitch Sano and it seems to take him a long time to adjust. In general I'm tired of seeing Big Whiff flailing away at the plate and killing rallies.
  18. The Bundy the Twins are hoping for... The Bundy they will likely get...
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