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  1. It is highly likely that it is going to take A LOT more than this. I'd be stunned if the Buxton camp didn't think he was worth $20M+ per season...
  2. I'm glad these game recaps are just that - game recaps and not personal statements as to how the Twins need to overspend to keep their oft-injured super-star. Oh, wait...
  3. Yup - and how much should the Twins pay for 100 games per year? I'd love the Twins to resign Buck, but if he wants Machado/Harper like money THAT PREVENTS THE TEAM FROM ADDING OTHER QUALITY PLAYERS, then he should be traded for the best package the Twins can get.
  4. Yup - Buxton put together a wonderful ONE THIRD of a season.
  5. It takes two to tango, Ace. The Twins need to find out what Buxton's bottom line is this offseason. If he wants Harper/Machado like money, the Twins need to trade him for as much as they can get for him. He has the tools to be a gamechanger and true superstar when he is on the field. We all know that being on the field is not something he excels at.
  6. To answer the question in the title, I say marginally as he went for not tradable to hardly tradable. That said, it still may make sense for the Twins to move on from Sano if Kirilloff is healthy. As mentioned in the article it would allow Kirilloff more regular playing time at first and would allow Donaldson to spends some time at DH, possibly opening a spot for Miranda.
  7. Unfortunately all the Twins continuing to beat the Blue Jays means is that the Yankees are going to make the playoffs. That stinks, IMO.
  8. Poor game by the Twins pitchers as they only struck out 4 batters over 9 innings...
  9. The link to the box score in the article is incorrect. Here is the correct one. https://www.mlb.com/gameday/twins-vs-cubs/2021/09/22/632400#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=632400
  10. Agreed Mike. Balazovic has had several stinkers over the past month. On the other hand Varland has been solid, and last nights outing was fantastic!
  11. Great to see 4 of the regular 8 hitters getting 3 hits each. That type of offense has been missing most of the season. Even more interesting is that Polanco was not one of those 4. He was a brutal 0-6 with 4 Ks.
  12. Cruz is the obvious choice in Tampa, but Anderson, Chargois, Enns and Wisler have made positive contributions to the Rays bullpen.
  13. Beautiful, momentum-turning swing by Buxton in the first. Horrible, momentum-turning bunt attempt by Buxton in the 10th. Baldelli's managerial decisions are confounding...
  14. Glad to see Aaron Sano, er, um Sabato's bat heating up. I also love the uniforms the Timber Rattlers wore.
  15. My opinion is that this trade has/will work out well for both sides. Ryan certainly has a chance to be a key piece of the Twins rotation going forward. Meanwhile Tampa continues to roll, and Cruz has provided the big stick and the veteran leadership they wanted. Tampa just amazes me. They are 9 games up in the best division in baseball and have the best record in the A.L. after losing Snell and Morton last offseason and Glasnow earlier this season. Their ability to produce pitching and keep on winning is astounding.
  16. Yup. Except for Polanco not many positives when it comes to hitting with runners in scoring position this season.
  17. Indeed. I was kind of surprised Colome was used 4 days in a row - even though two of them were very efficient outings (11 and 9 pitches respectively).
  18. Glad to see Martin back in the line-up. Also great to see the solid outing from Balazovic. That said, I don't see how you can give him the Pitcher of the Day award over Barnes.
  19. Anyone know what is up with Martin? He has not played since Wednesday. Also - Strotman did not pitch yesterday, but that ugly line from his prior outing is showing.
  20. I was wondering the same thing. Are the Twins the only organization that has been impacted by a significant amount of injuries to their top prospects?
  21. It appears that Larnach brought his struggles at the plate with the Twins with him on his return to St. Paul. I hope he can turn it around soon as having him and Rooker being misses will negatively impact the Twins' ability to return to competitiveness.
  22. Players with a history if injuries when they are young rarely become more durable as they age. Yes, there are exceptions. Paul Molitor might be one example, but it is not a good one for Buxton as Molitor became a full-time DH, and if Buxton did that it would definitely lower his overall value. That said, if they can sign him to a reasonable contract (i.e. one that does not prevent the team from improving in other areas), then they should do it. If not, trade him for the best offer they can get. If another team wants to offer him a significant amount of cash to be a part-time player, that is fine with me.
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