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  1. The rebuild needs to start. The time for this wave is shot. Start by offloading Buxton, Sano and Berrios.
  2. Time to bring up the kids and set this season aside. Get what you can for any of our assets.
  3. He is the least of our worries by far.
  4. How come some of the poorly performing players can't be the ones getting injured instead?
  5. He makes the entire outfield accept for Buxton(when available) look like reserves. Mature hitter who should take over first base IMHO.
  6. He looks more professional in the batter's box than at least half of the active roster in my opinion. Maybe more.
  7. Ron Davis says Colome is deserving of more tries.
  8. Nice to see a veteran pitcher step up and pitch a game like this. It was badly needed.
  9. You try with all your resources and effort to win the contest you are currently participating in. Until you show a willingness to do that your squad will be complacent and lack urgency. Go ahead and tell them to not worry about today's performance and focus on the process. That's a great way to earn a certificate of participation.
  10. I will need to see some consistency before I get too excited.
  11. I think expecting your guys to play major League baseball trumps pulling them in perceived risky situations.
  12. I am a coach myself for many years. So I don't say this from a standpoint of pure emotion. The 25th guy on the game day roster is not interchangeable with your top 9. You need to pair down to your top talent and ride them while allowing them time to developed continuity. Your reserves are guys fighting to overtake a top 9 spot. Thus, they are working hard and fighting for playing time while pushing your top 9 to defend their starting spots. This philosophy of inerchangable pieces in the offense and playing matchup over continuity not only promotes complacency it encourages low sense of urgency. I'm in favor of being patient and trusting a process. But I Am not in favor of this process. Two years ago we had stupid good hitting which trumped any process. Now it seems like a non team building process. I doubt interchangeable pieces will net any future playoff success. Your top dogs go to battle. Not this seemingly intramural society.
  13. Pulling Donaldson for a pinch runner when you have shown you are not thinking small ball in extra innings was and turned out to be a poor decision. If Donaldson is available to play, play your top assets until they show otherwise.
  14. Colome at no point looked closerish to me. He does not seem to have anything that seems filthy or nasty. Just seems to toss it up there and I cringe as the hitter loads up for a swing on seemingly batting practice services. When you stretch his stuff beyond the one inning we were lucky to get out of it seems just like a poor decision in my mind.
  15. Covid is no joke. It's not the flu or some ailment with predictable results. It's dangerous. It makes the rounds through people's bodies differently from person to person. I encourage everyone to get vaccinated for themselves and their fellow humans.
  16. How many games have we played again? Was there some sort of time warp that I missed? So many conclusions and judgcements here it surely must be July.
  17. Being someone who has been critical of Sano, I have made a decision about how I think about him. I find myself falling in to this "I told you so" funk. To the point where I almost enjoy his failures. I've been almost wanting him to fail so I can be right in the eyes of my Twins Daily peers. I'm not going to do that any more. It's no fun to not pull for a member of our team. He has not been good lately. That is an understatement. The sample size in not tiny. However, he is on this team. I think it would be better to protect him around quality hitters in the meat of the order as opposed to requiring him to somehow kick start while surrounded by hitters who are sort of less established. I've also been a proponent of a more consistent lineup because as a coach I believe in continuity, rhythm and flow. So, here is my every day lineup. Buxton Arrias Cruz Sano Donaldson Kiriloff Kepler Garver Simmons Thoughts?
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