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  1. Zero offense...reoccurring theme of the 2021 Minnesota Twins
  2. 2019...it was a magical year (regular season). 8 with 20 and 5 with 30. Both are MLB records. It was awesome...
  3. Happy for Shoemaker tonight, without his stellar 2 innings, Twins don't win. Absolutely sick to my stomach for Byron Buxton. I mean, the guys mental health has got to be a huge concern after everything he has been through. I was really looking forward to finally being able to see him play when I go to the White Sox series in a couple weeks ☹
  4. Not just referring to Celestino..Buxton catches (robs) that HR that Gordon mis-timed all day every day & twice on Sunday.
  5. 3 runs isn't a great offensive display, but if Byron Buxton is in Center Field we win that game 3-2
  6. I hope for the best with the team, players, & front office. No idea what the correct answer is, although I hope it does not require a total rebuild. I will continue watching/following/cheering/Hoping
  7. It is concerning that Baldelli refuses to acknowledge a questionable decision WITH the benefit of hindsight. The other side however is that asking Shoemaker to hold the lead & throw 2 innings isn't that unreasonable in my opinion. The guy didn't execute in the 9th, hung a couple of splitters & they did not miss them.
  8. He won't get DFA'd. He had a good 8th, but then a couple of poorly located hanging splitters along with a passed ball/cross-up spoiled his outing. I think Rocco stands firmly behind his decision to throw him there. I didn't agree with it.
  9. I have to agree about Donaldson. I wanted the Donaldson signing but I feel underwhelmed so far. He'll give you a good ab each pa & seems to square the ball up but the results just aren't there.
  10. Yeah, it's tough to continue backing this particular squad. Couple of observations Willians Astudillo is really good at hitting ground balls Andrelton Simmons' at bats are laughable Baldelli is a poor in game manager. The guy swinging the hottest bat goes down yet again with an injury. It just isn't meant to be this year.. Why does Baldelli refuse to let his relievers pitch more than 1 inning? Particularly when they are throwing well (Farrell comes to mind, Alcala)
  11. In June of 2019 we were riding high with a 10 game lead on the Indians, and the division ended up coming down to the last couple of weeks of the season. So many folks here willing to give up all hope on this season. I don't agree.
  12. Agreed. This is just DeRosa cheerleading for the Brewers here, nothing more. He loves to listen to himself say things like "mash", and "loose".. BTW, "loose"? Lol
  13. Exactly. I don't like Rocco's decision to pull Shoemaker there. He was inducing soft contact leading up to that, was pulled, then Thielbar comes in and throws right to their barrels with the bases juiced. That was the game right there.
  14. They just are not a very good team. Offense is non existent. Hitters chasing bad pitches no matter what the count is and swinging and missing or fouling off pitches that should be hit. Runs only coming as a result of walks, errors & the occasional solo home run it seems.
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