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  1. I was wondering if any other players have had this done before, but that pretty much answers that. To break a bone is one thing but shortening a bone and needing plates and screws in there could have some impact on things. Hopefully this will not only solve his pain issues but that he can regain full range of motion and not have his swing impacted. Between the prior Tommy John surgery (as an OF/1B) and this he could sure use some luck to go his way.
  2. To me Lewis and Lee are clearly the top 2. System is pretty weak on higher-end talent after that outside of maybe some lower-level younger guys. Based off Lewis' surprisingly strong performance in AAA and with the big-league club I'd put him #1 yet. Shocked at how well he came back after all that time off better than he was prior and at a higher level of competition. Lee is likely the only other player that will be in top 100 lists unless someone sneaks in at the bottom. Martin, honestly, I've never liked. Repeating AA and actually going downhill, not a good sign. Looks like a possible utility player, hopefully way off on that.
  3. Great draft so far! Great value to get a potential top-10 talent at 48 due to injury. Obviously high-risk but potential seems to be there, and he's already had TJ surgery and throwing again.
  4. I'll take it, like the pick. Pleasantly surprised he lasted this long.
  5. Better not get cute here and reach, they've gotten some talented players that have fallen into their laps here.
  6. I could maybe see it if IKF had more years of control left, but he has the same 2 as Garver, so this being a move that strengthens the future can't really be argued. He's a band-aid at SS for a team that will probably lose 90+ games anyways. They've taken an asset in Garver and traded him for a relatively short-term fix at SS on a bad team plus a fringe prospect with a live arm. Nor would he be the type of player I would be interested in signing long-term. He's a glove-first player with well below average offense. I would have rather had a couple more lotto ticket pitching prospects.
  7. I expect a couple changes but probably nothing too drastic. Bauer has sworn in the past he will only sign 1-year deals so there is a possibility there. Management is still going to see Maeda, Berrios and Pineda leading the rotation and a solid lineup. That's enough to sell their fair share of tickets and compete. Rosario will be gone, likely for a C-level prospect or not offered arbitration. They didn't seem to get much offered for him last offseason, a year later won't improve things. Other teams know who is he and also can see the Twins probably won't bring him back. If a team is willing to overpay on Buxton you talk to them. If not, you don't repeat the Hicks-type trade. I could see Kepler or Polanco bringing back something. Both are signed to affordable deals, both could be replaced in the next couple years by Larnach and Lewis. Both also seem a bit lackadaisical at times. I think they're likely stuck with Sano. Hopefully he can turn things around a bit. Let Garver and Jeffers battle it out for playing time. If they're both hitting, the other can spell Sano at 1st if he's struggling.
  8. Still TBD at this point, we'll see how those 2 turn out. Alcala could be pretty good if he can improve his command. I liked the Escobar return better at the time, still do so far.
  9. Reminds me of an Arena league football game, annoying music from the whistle to about 10 seconds before the snap. I attended one and never again.
  10. Definitely one of my favorite Twins in the recent era. Always seemed like a good guy and having fun. Was great to go from kind of a sneaky prospect to an all-star. He, Radke and probably Garver looking like some great late Twins steals in the draft. I wish him well.
  11. 10 cent beer night was always an interesting Wikipedia read, along with disco demolition night and in general Ty Cobb's page. Plenty of crazy stuff. Because he grew up in Germany, although not Bavaria the team could maybe jokingly throw out a Max Kepler Lederhosen night. Maybe a commercial for it with Max showing up at the ballpark wearing Lederhosen like that's his everyday dress. I guess I kind of miss those old Twins commercials that had a little goofiness to them.
  12. It seems pretty obvious the prior agreement was to discuss things further if there were no fans, there's a clause in the agreement, the emails point to it being discussed with the player's rep as well. Either their negotiator didn't bother to inform them of this or they're not being completely genuine in their argument that they seem to know nothing about it. Still some regardless of what's out there will be anti-owner, I just don't care one side or the other. It seems like getting emotionally involved in a salary dispute between a group of Executive VP's and the CEO. Both sides will be fine either way and neither side cares about the average guy/gal making $50k/year. I think players and owners should agree to a 3rd party accounting firm to go over the books, that way nothing is leaked specifically. Get a rough estimate of what revenue will be expected to be for this year based on those figures. Then use the ratios vs what it would have been with fans and agree to a percentage of the player's salaries being paid. Maybe that ratio points to paying the players 60% of their 82 game salaries, start there and maybe up the minimum salary a player will receive and juice the number up a bit say the players will receive 65-70% as a good faith measure. Provide enough documentation and establish good faith to show that if true, with no changes, they will lose less with no baseball and then the players get nothing.
  13. Depends how bad they want to play. Its something they should be talking about now, if they can figure it out with both the owners and players willing to do it then why not. Some my get hysterical about that, but of course I'm not suggesting they take away resources from doctors/nurses, etc. This would be planned with the assumption that the supply chain by say a 4th of July start would be much stronger and ramped up by that time. Maybe they could work something out like a team take over an entire hotel (assuming most aren't getting much use now anyways) and if willing family could stay there as well. Things appear to have peaked and hopefully by July things will be looking better-not back to normal but better. Maybe plan on a mid-June 2-week spring training and July start. Could always cancel or postpone as it approaches if things don't look like they're going well.
  14. I think we could really use something like this,.Would be nice to focus people's attention if only for a few hours a night on something besides how many people died that day, job losses, and how pathetic their 401k is looking. People could use the distraction. It would be good for baseball if they are willing to do it and take precautions.
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