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  1. Need to get through the next half inning ASAP
  2. Since June 8th, he's batting .175 with a .442 OPS (and has 3 errors.) I don't see how it could possibly make them worse to play Polanco with Arreaz or Gordon.
  3. They already have the "we need some vets to keep us from embarrassing ourselves" cards played in trading for Gant and inexplicably keeping Pineda. This call up is ridiculous, especially with the young lefty dealing in St. Paul.
  4. I won't be outraged when they're back next year, but I've seen enough. They may be able to get the Twins back to play-off contention, but they'll never contend for a World Series with this front office. They proved that when they did nothing at the deadline in 2019. There are a lot of problems with the moves made last winter. I can forgive Happ and even Colome because both were worse than anyone could have expected. There's zero excuse for losing Wade and Badoo for the sake of Jake Cave, etc. But let's focus on what they're doing now. Continuing to run Simmons and Jake Cave out on a regular basis is maddening. Why is either one on the team? And they finally end the Burrow experiment, but who do they call up? A 35 year-old waiver claim. What is the fascination with garbage heap waiver claims. Call up some of the young arms already. Ugh.
  5. I feel sorry for anyone who spent $ on on tickets to this, only to have the team forfeight before the 1st pitch. Get Burrows, Simmons and Cave off this team. They have zero chance of being contributors in 2022. And for God's sake, IL Donladson already and get Miranda up here.
  6. Keeping Simmons on this roster and sending Gordon down makes zero sense. None.
  7. I'm not. None of the pitching they've drafted has popped. The prospects they acquired at the 2018 deadline have mostly flopped, which doesn't give hope for the ones we just acquired. The free agents they chose last off season could hardly have been worse. And the solid players they've lost for nothing (Anderson, Wade, Badoo, Latell) is now way too long a list to ignore. They waited too long and were too cheap to get Berrios or Buxton signed long term. And last but most important, when they had a shot to go for it in 2019 at the trade deadline they choked and punted, clinging to their precious, precious prospects instead. They did OK on the Polanco extension. Their drafting of position players has been decent. The Odo trade worked out OK. That's about the extent of the positive. It's awfully one-sided.
  8. And they got Simmons AND Colome for what Semien cost. It seemed like a great value!
  9. Supposedly Brad Hand was very interested in coming home this off-season. We chose Colome instead. Sigh.
  10. Did they really prioritize it? They signed him in late January and then came up with the "Arreaz can play OF" plan after the fact.
  11. That's why you move Polanco to SS. We lived with that combo up the middle for most of 2019 and 2020.
  12. Arreaz has also been neutral as a defender at 2B this year and in 2020. He was pretty bad in 2019. But saying he "can't play anywhere" is an exaggeration.
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