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  1. I have a huge issue with not even trying in 2022. Especially if there are going to be 12 or 14 play-off teams. This offense is good enough to get a play-off spot and you are wasting a prime year of Buxton, Polanco etc. and the last year of Donaldson. The unwillingness of the front office to be aggressive in pursuit of pitching is maddening.
  2. All of this. Which is why if I were Pohlad I would be going all in on trying to make one of the 6? 8? play-off spots next year by signing Buxton and 3 starters instead of letting my GM dither and do nothing.
  3. They'd rather be the Rays/A's than anything. So I agree, let them go elsewhere.
  4. Can't pay over their "calculated value" or it's not a "win" for the FO.
  5. Pretty much this. The next best option is to root for them to crash and burn hard so either Falvey is fired, the team is sold, or both. Gutting things down to a $50 million payroll might be the only way the can break even with the 8K average attendance they'll have.
  6. I know many bemoaned the Mauer contract. I never did. They had to sign him. They had no choice. They could not let him walk one year after Target Field opened. But they are closer to the same reality now with Buxton then they realize. Let him walk and you alienate a lot of your hard core fans. You already have terrible attendance last year and terrible TV ratings. The lockout will alienate them further unless it's resolved quickly. If you're trading Buxton and going back to a cheap rebuild, I'm out. I don't think I'm alone. The Twins will be relegated to Wolves territory for me. I will spend $0 on you and wake me when you make the play-offs. Until then., I don't care.
  7. If the options are sign Buxton for 7/$100 million (or even 5/$100) or trade him for the return we got for Berrios, I'll take Buxton any day and it's not close.
  8. Getting the Berrios return when you could have Buxton for what is being reports is still a terrible decision.
  9. Exactly this. Not only do they have $0 committed past 2023, but who are they going to keep who's expensive. Donaldson will be gone. Sano will be gone. Maeda will be gone. Kepler will be gone. Maybe they keep Polanco. But who else is going to be expensive in 2024, 2025, 2026? MAYBE Kiriloff and Joe Ryan if we're lucky. Even if we're going to truck along at $120 million payrolls, which is lower than it should be, we STILL can easily afford Buxton.
  10. Then Falvey is incompetent and should be fired immediately. It makes no sense that he will give Josh Donaldson $23 million/year and balk at giving Buxton $15 much less $20.
  11. If the reported #'s are even within 50% accurate there is ZERO reason not to have the extension done already. The only answer is the Falvey is too arrogant/incompetent to finish a slam dunk or Pohlad is squeezing the purse strings super tight and they're planning to have a $70 million payroll. The former is far more likely the case. This is beyond frustrating. It's disgusting. Enough to be done with this team until either Falvey, the Pohlads or both are gone.
  12. Perhaps you can tweet at Dave St. Peter. Beyond that, the later.
  13. It's not, but they still have to deal with the fallout. One way to weather it is not trade your two best players and go into full rebuild mode for no good reason.
  14. 5/$110 million isn't breaking the bank. They have basically nothing committed to anyone past 2023.
  15. Not off-hand. Doogie mentioned some at some point in Spring 2020. It seemed very low but I don't recall specifics.
  16. By July 2021, he probably wouldn't sign under any circumstances. But they could have signed him much earlier. Instead they tried to low-ball him into a team friendly bargain and ticked him off. Now they are trying to do the same thing with Buxton. And know this isn't a Pohlad edict. It's Falvey being too smart for his own good.
  17. I think "find a new team" will the minority. Most will just tune out MLB altogether. And many of them will never come back. MLB has big issues long-term. The Twins have even bigger ones.
  18. A terrible FO. Trading away the young stars. Games many can't see on TV and a looming lock-out. Some fans still leery of going downtown. What's not to love? If I was Pohlad I would give Falvey an order in this instance. Just get it done.
  19. 5 years $110 million base. $5 million/year in plate appearance incentives on top. A two-year team option for $26 million/year that would make it 7 years. They can buy it out for $10 million. So the minimum compensation is either 5/$120 or 7/$162.
  20. The ONLY player they've kept long-terms since Target Field opened is Mauer. That's it. It's pathetic. They already traded Berrios. If they trade Buxton too, they are giving the fans a giant middle finger. I won't spend another $.01 on them until at least one of the Pohlads are Falvine are gone.
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