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  1. Call it "fireman" or whatever you want. The bottom-line is that Rogers was our best reliever last year and probably would be this year as well. Bottom-line is that I don't think trading your best reliever on opening day with no viable replacement to add a sixth starter who's at best going to be your #3 was a good move for a team trying to win in 2022. The injury risk only made it even more questionable. We gambled and lost. Badly.
  2. I expect a Buxton to DL move by Thursday to be honest. It's the same basic injury he had last year and missed 6 weeks. Even if it's a lesser version of it.
  3. I believe 12 months is still the realistic return time (rather than closer to 18 previously.) Maeda had the "new" surgery last August I believe and he might be available in September. So I'd be surprised if Paddock in the rotation before next June. Certainly in terms of how I'd approach next off-season, it would be with the assumption of nothing from Paddock. Anything he does in 23 is a bonus. Further, the track record of guys the 1st year after TJS isn't great. So while he may give us innings they may not be great. And he was a reclamation project to begin with. The early signs this year were positive. If he an be a solid #3 in 2024 that is about all we can hope for now IMO.
  4. I never said the entire bullpen sucked. They have done well overall. But they have no closer. And the grace of the baseball Gods is the only reason they don't have at least 2 more blown saves.
  5. His ERA is 0.00. Do we need the chart to know that he's guaranteed to regress?
  6. True, but we won the Division. His play-off start was excellent. Still counts.
  7. At this moment, a closer takes precedent, IMO. We still have 6 starters (though Bundy may have to go soon) and turning to Smelzter or later Belezovich for a handful of starts to get into July if necessary is not the end of the world, IMO. I don't think we can wait that long on a closer. Getting anyone to trade now will require the Twins to over-pay.
  8. I thought the new rule was you could only retroactive for 2 days? This says Correa back to May 6th. Did they change the rule? If not, he could be back next Monday.
  9. Covers the rest of the year: Falvey, Levine, Dave St. Peter.
  10. Graterol wasn't our closer and we didn't make the trade on Opening Day with no back-up plan to replace him. As Chief said, this trade is not one a team serious about contending would have made when we did.
  11. One year of an All-Star closer and $6 million is still worth more than 1.5 seasons of unknown starting pitching. I would count on him zero for next year. Anything he gives us is a bonus. Maybe he will be good in 2024. Sure, all starters are injury risks. His risk was known to be much higher. We gambled and lost badly. Despite this, starting pitching takes a back seat to desperately needing a closer (which is why this was a bad trade).
  12. At least we got a career year from Maeda in 2020. Unlikely Paddock will ever give us a season like that.
  13. Another bad move by Falvey. The trade itself was questionable. The timing awful. Now we'll be lucky if we get one decent year out of him and will suffer more losses from the bullpen this year than he will ever make up.
  14. Ryan Gray Ober Paddock Winder/Archer (I suspect he will be hurt/in the bullpen by then though.)
  15. I wouldn't say at the earliest. 6 weeks is probably the best case which would be ~June 20th.
  16. Doc Roc's handling of Buxton is driving me nuts. In 25 games, he's now played 12 in CF, DH'd 4, had 3 Doc Roc days off and been out with an injury for 6. Just taking the 19 games he was healthy, that translates to 162 game averages 102 games in CF, 34 at DH and 26 days off. We have the best CF'er in baseball but we're only going to play him there 63% of the time. Ridiculous.
  17. I don't care about the cost. I have DirecTV and watch almost every game on DVR and never live. Last time I checked, you couldn't get to the game in the Bally App without seeing the score or a story about the game on the way there. That alone is a deal breaker. Further, the functionality of the app for fast-forwarding also sucks. I fear this will lead them to play hardball with the few remaining providers that carry them so we're all forced to the God Awful app. I will probably just watch illegal streams from Europe at that point.
  18. I know Columbe was bad his last outing but that was after like a 12 day layoff. What is the argument for Thielbar pitching ahead of him at this point?
  19. It's why you don't trade the closer on Opening Day. There's no moves left to make at that point. I don't hate that trade in December but I hate it when it under the circumstances.
  20. Great win. But this team needs a closer. The Rogers trade nearly bit us for the 3rd time in 2 weeks.
  21. Can't leave all those runs on the field. Duffy is cooked. Have now kicked away two games we should have won. Get Minaya up here. "IL" Duffy.
  22. No it's not. Especially since Rocco still considers him the "closer."
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