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  1. While watching the game the other day, with Arraez playing 2B and Kirilloff at 1B, I floated out the idea to my 15 year son that we could consider trading Polanco. I like Kirilloff a lot, as well as Arraez obviously. My son thought it ridiculous, as he looked at it as if we would be getting rid of a long time very solid player for a player that has not really proved himself yet. I tried to explain that from a line-up/roster standpoint, we'd have a better team with both Arraez and Kirilloff playing, and we may be able to sell high on Polanco for much needed pitching. Am I right or my son?
  2. Possibly the worst move was having righty Duffy intentionally walk righty judge to pitch to lefty Rizzo. Obviously Judge is the MVP right now, but statistically that was backwards thinking. As an out- of-towner who watches on MLB.com, I can can choose to listen to Bremer or the opposition announcers. I'm not a fan of Bremer, so I listened to the Yankees guys. They pointed out the lefty/right stats for Duffy said he is better against righties, which is typical. Terrible move by Rocco, even though I do think he's doing an overall excellent job juggling this team.
  3. I'm a native Minnesotan now living in CT. So I need to subscribe to MLB.com to get the games. 90% of the time I listen to the opposition's announcers. I have no doubt he's a good person, and he has possibly the best library of Twins knowledge. I just am not a fan of his announcing style. It grates on me. Maybe too much of a homer.
  4. Maybe they plan one starter to go like 4-5 innings, then one of the others the rest of the game? Basically like a long reliever of the past. 5 days in between starts to throw 5 innings is silly.
  5. I could see the Twins having 1-2 bullpen games in lieu of 5 starters.
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