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  1. With the exception of Vatland and Duran none of them yet. The farm system has not produced any significant front of the rotation pitching or every day starting position players. Most of these prospects have not performed well over any significant period of time, been injury prone, or both. Whether they can stay healthy and pitch well enough over an entire season to justify keeping them in the rotation will determine the direction of the team for the next5-7 yearsGiven how few starting. Pitchers the farm system has produced since Falvey and Levine took over I am not optimistic.
  2. The base problem with the 2022 Twins is how the front office constructed the team, especially the pitching staff, and it’s failure to develop pitching in its farm system

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      I agree wholeheartedly on the "FO constructed the team" part. And they could do better on the development of pitching. Winder, Ober, Woods-Richardson and maybe Balozovic plus Duran and Moran could mitigate that evaluation.

  3. Falvene were hired to create a farm system that could produce position players and front line pitching. They have been in charge for at least 5 years. Overall, their player scouting and development operation has produced almost no front of the rotation starters or everyday position players. They have to often missed on the prospects and players they traded for. The rate of injuries throughout the farm system over an extended period of time is a growing concern. As we end this season we don’t have established everyday players at catcher, first base (unless that is Miranda’s position next year), shortstop (assuming Correa opts out), third base, and all three outfield positions. With the exception of Ryan we have no real front of the rotation pitchers and the bullpen needs a lot of work. Covid certainly played a role in where we find ourselves. That said, Falvene also bears some responsibility for where the team finds itself. I’d welcome a reasoned discussion of how responsible they are for where things stand.
  4. The Twins lost to the White Sox last night and are on their way to losing to them again tonight. The players have not quit and continue to give it everything they’ve got in every game. But maybe it’s time to acknowledge that the Twins offense is not good enough and not good at all for long stretches. The pitching staff, as built for this season, was never good enough to contend, even in the worst division in the American League. The team has some good players but has no everyday players at catcher, first base, third base, right field, and left field. Kiriloff and Lewis may or may not be able to play or play well next year. Shortstop may or may not become a problem, depending on what Correa does in the off season. Byron Buxton has the heart of a champion but his body will never allow him to play for any extended period of time. Thus, the need for someone who can start in center field for long periods of time. It will take more than one season to adequately address these issues and put a team on the field capable of not only winning the division but competing in the post season. The front office is, ultimately, responsible for the current state of the team.. Falvey and Levine were hired to improve the farm system in general and develop starting pitching in particular. During the time they have been in charge the farm system has produced few, if any, everyday players and no front of the rotation starting pitching to speak of. Perhaps it’s time for a change in the front office?
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