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  1. For reasons too lengthy to get in to, I had to watch a great deal of Twins games this year with the opposition broadcast. Let me tell you there are some BAD broadcast teams out there. I'm going to miss Mr Bremer.
  2. I don't know how they factor defensive metrics, but I can't look at errors and think it's the end all of stats. Let's say I'm playing SS. I'm 62 and not very quick. I might never make an error unless they hit the ball right at me because I have no range. CC on the other hand, is going to dive for balls I have no business getting to, but he's going to make a few errors because he's getting to stuff most of us can't get to. Plus, there's fielding errors, throwing errors, and mental errors. Maybe they need to split those up in the stats. In short, CC has better defense than me, despite my idiot little league coach who put me there.
  3. I'm getting some thumbs down on another thread about it, but I think this was his career year.
  4. This is going to go over like an iron dirigible...
  5. My approach would be build a roster as if BB does not exist. Anything you get out of him is a bonus. And I'm not ready to bank on Royce until he can stay healthy for a full season. I wish this more than anything ...
  6. I'd pass on Castro for 3.6 - I'd rather have Gordon at 1. I'd take Alcala at 1. I really don't expect to see him hit 100mph again but 1 million is chump change in today's baseball. Everything else I'd agree with Ted on. Didn't they send the AAA catcher to AFL? I'd wait to see how he does before deciding on Vasquez. Vasquez's experience may be more valuable than numbers reflect, but if the kid has a breakout like Lewis and Julian have in AFL ...
  7. Going into the season I was not happy with the decision. Ending the season - yes the pitching staff done well. Now let's see if his results are repeatable.
  8. Replacing Sonny is not going to be an easy task. Pablos contact didn't exactly break the bank, maybe they can do something similar? A bounce back by Miranda (at first) would be a great stroke of luck. Castro & Taylor both over produced. I'd bring Taylor back. Can Lewis stay healthy for a full season? Bullpen help. I'd love to be optimistic but that's a lot of ifs for the off-season and I haven't even mentioned the bullpen. Until now. *Oops. I already mentioned the bullpen
  9. Obviously when your say "best lineup" you mean batting-wise. His defense warrants him being part of the best lineup but, yes, he needs to be moved down. If he turns it around and produces from the bottom of the order, all the better. That's how good teams win. I'm all for seeing Walner and Lewis moved up. I'm also all for letting Walner & Julian hit against lefties. How do you learn if you don't get the chance?
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