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  1. I'm guessing they're still trying to tabulate Alexander Colume's 2021 rate. The 14,000 year solar calendar procession being the most accurate unit of measurement for him. Pineda has to be pretty slow too.
  2. Joe Schmuck: ok kids, I bought us all tickets for tonight's game! Kids: yay. We can watch a healthy Buxton sit on the bench!
  3. Me(off season): we can't expect Ryan to pitch the way he did in 2021. Ryan (2022): hold my beer....
  4. Third day in a row. Did I miss an injury??
  5. "Obviously things have gone better than expected." This is exactly what we're expected LAST year with Berries, Maeda, and Pineda at the top of the rotation. Right now it's Ryan and whoever isn't on the IL. Starting pitching health and the stamina of the ones that are healthy are still a huge concern to me. Let's start this tonight. Chris Archer, can you PLEASE give me 5 innings?
  6. I'd prefer Minaya over Megill...
  7. My first take was, this sucks! But once Paddock started pitching and then realizing Tingler has a history with both pitchers, knows their character, personalities, work ethic etc, it seemed like a much better deal. Even at this point, with Paddock out, I'm good with this deal. Rogers would be gone at the end of the year. Party on dudes
  8. I just want to see the ailing pitchers get healthy, the healthy pitchers start pitching deeper into games, and take 2 out of 3 in each series. Easy enough?
  9. As long as the starters aren't going deep into games the bullpen is going to keep being stretched thin. I'm of the mind that he stays until he shows he can't pitch at this level.
  10. One of the crazier thoughts I've had about the move: this will test his how he handles adversity. As if the past two seasons weren't enough. Told you it was one of my crazier thoughts...
  11. Hitting 3 homers in his first AAA game, on his birthday no less, set the bar very high. I'm also confident he'll come around, but I tend to think we need to be a bit more patient. It might not be this year. But he'll get there.
  12. This isn't Donaldson's "calf issues." Bux gets himself injured in a myriad of ways. Crashing into walls, ok those are legit. But once you've had a concussion, they tend to reoccur much easier. But let's face it, that man is accident prone. Hit by pitches because he awkwardly tries to avoid them. Sliding into bases. Eating a steak. Sure, rest him throughout the year so he's healthy for the playoffs, only to slip in the shower and break an arm... I said it in the other thread, nobody can control what happens. Someone way wiser than me once said "tomorrow isn't guaranteed."
  13. I like Urshella's glove at third, that's why I say left or first. And yeah, as much as we all want to see Miranda after tearing up AAA last year, he still doesn't seem ready and wasn't really killing AAA so much this year anyways. And as for Sano - yeah it's time to cut our loss there. If they can stay in contention without him in the lineup... He isn't really needed that much anyways.
  14. Remember when he called back just in time for the playoffs? And got beaned in the head? And missed the playoffs? "Protecting" him suggests the team thinks it has control over the universe and it's actions. You send your kids to school and hope nothing happens. Sitting him when he's healthy is no better than him being injured in the first place. If this isn't mismanagement I don't know what is.
  15. I believe Correa has a no trade clause, so trading him isn't that simple. We still have holes in left and first base. Can Lewis play either? I've been under the belief that we keep drafting SS because they have the athleticism to play elsewhere. Keep them both is my thought.
  16. What's the point of sitting a healthy guy, because you don't want him getting injured? It's just the same as... HIM BEING INJURED

  17. A bad outing for Ryan isn't really that bad. Lewis is ready, Miranda maybe not so. Houston's pitching is better at our current state of affairs. We need Ober back. We're still searching for a 5th starter when he is back.
  18. Can they send a guy coming off Covid for a rehab assignment? I'd like to see Bundy get a shakedown cruise before rolling him out in a real game.
  19. How long? Only until we find someone who can do it better
  20. Blame it on the off day messing up their rythym

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