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  1. Scenario A is, to me, what's going on here. I think it also signals the end of Gordon as an infielder. Until injuries make that a need.
  2. Back to card sorting season. Here's an '81 Carew
  3. I'm good with Jeffers. And a sidekick. Bigger bases. More steals. I'm failing to see the logic that being 3"closer together means more stolen bases. It also means 3" less the catchers need to throw. It evens out.
  4. I'm still high on this kid. Clearly his middle season numbers coinsided with his covid and return. It lingers. A good changeup could do him wonders, try to get away from the curve he likes to keep hanging.
  5. Like everyone else is saying, I don't see them getting value return. He needs to get back to swinging at first pitch strikes like he did in '19. His contact is team friendly and until these others can prove their ability to stay healthy, we kind of need him out there.
  6. What if... What happens to Miranda if the trade had never been made and Donaldson had a good year? Another way the twins won today trade...
  7. I always thought the trade was made with very strong input from Tingler because he managed them both. And that Pagan want going anywhere because they had another year of team control. New pitch or not, the improvement in stats could also be due to the change in roles, from high leverage to mop up. Year to year - relief pitchers have to be the least predictable players on all of sports. Sample size is just too low and circumstances change all the time.
  8. Is there a thread somewhere that lists all the players contact status (length) ? I've been looking forward to an article like this since July. I always keep an eye on the long-term outlook, as though I owned the team
  9. Another point, even if we knew 100% that Lewis was coming back good as new, he's still not getting there until May or June so we have to waste a roster spot for an interim SS. Assuming Correa isn't coming back.
  10. Sign him for the year. Until Kiriloff proves he can stay healthy you can't count on him.
  11. Last year's team, for me, was defined by a game in Oakland where Buxton did everything he could to win the game and Blankenhorn, Donaldson, and Araezz blew the game. This year it was a Friday night game in Cleveland in which Buxton could not even pinch hit in a tie game
  12. $59. Eventually I'll put them into sleeves. My kids will sell them when I'm gone
  13. Kepler, Mahle, Contreras, and Buxton walk into a bar...
  14. Tonight in Jacksonville
  15. Anyone else having an issue where bally suddenly jumps from the Twins game to women's beach volleyball?? Then I have to switch over to the opponents broadcast, and they all generally suck
  16. Miranda is already outperforming Kiriloff and Kiriloff has had problems staying healthy. I'll keep Miranda.
  17. The idea of trading him "so we don't lose him for nothing" doesn't appeal to me because we a) got him for nothing and b) I think they knew when they signed him that he could be one and done. They did their risk analysis. C) his trade value with the contract he has can't be that great. Ride him out for the season....
  18. A month ago I was ready to trade him for anything better than a bag of balls. I was also against sending Celestino down. Today, bring him up (but still looking to trade) and Celestino needs to go to St Paul, play everyday, and get his groove back. And take things day by day.
  19. Sounds like our usual approach. Draft a SS knowing he has the athleticism to switch to another position in time. Let's hope it's a good one.
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